Truly Queen Sized

chapter 1 the temptation

I watch my mistress Queen Elizabeth struggle to get up from her throne.Her belly and breasts jiggle as she pushes herself up to a standing position.Just the mere sight turns me on.It wasn't always like this you know.Once the queen was a 110 pound waif.A timid little girl.No where near truly queen size.At least until I was appointed to wait on her...On her first night as queen;we had a banquet to celebrate our new ruler.She stared at the dishes of food placed in front of her in wonderment.Like a child at Christmas.I could tell that she was not used to eating and seeing so much food though she was a privileged aristocrat since birth.She beckons me over to rescue her."What should I do?".She whispers into my ear,gesturing towards the feast laid out."My lady you are the queen.A true queen eats until she is truly satisfied.Until her belly touches the edge of the table in fact."I advise her."Is that why every queen I've ever seen is so...well fed?".She asks."Yes my lady that is the reason.A well fed queen is round,strong,healthy,and truly feminine.The health of the queen affects the health of her country."
I notice she looks thoughtful."If that is so then I will try".Try she did.She shoveled meat,potatoes,pastries,cakes,and sweets into her mouth hour after hour without stopping.Except to guzzle goblets of wine and cream down her throat to wash the food down.All that food has caused her belly to round out nicely.She reaches out a hand to rub it,moaning slightly.I notice her buttons have popped exposing the white flesh.She really looks six months pregnant.I wish I could touch the tender flesh and feel the mass of food and wine sloshing inside.The hour has grown late.I help her out of her throne,placing my arms around the small of her back to help balance her stuffed belly.When we finally reach her bedchamber she collapses into an overindulged sleep.Unknown to her I gently rub her belly to relieve some of the massive pressure I can feel and hear going on inside her.She belches loudly several times without noticing.I have a feeling that there are are going to be many more nights like this.I wipe a smear of cream from around her lips as I go to help clear the tables and prepare for bed myself.
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ChubbyLoveGirl 8 years
Thank you x
QuebecFA 8 years
This is such an erotic story! I hope you'll write more I'm the future! :-)