Vanilla Lumps

Chapter 1

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! How exciting!" Melody squeaked as she finished reading the letter. Her roommate looked at her above his guitar, giving her a puzzled look, that became into a deeply disturbed glare as she started jumping up and down, her fat belly and jelly hips jiggling and shaking.

"Good news?" He asked, trying very hard not to stare at her.

"Oh, Frank! This is so exciting, I won the toss! The one of the ice cream factory and the Vanilla Lumps band?"

Oh, Frank knew. Melody, who was the average fatty already when he moved over couple of month ago, had began to pack more and more weight lately as she ate jug after jug of vanilla ice cream that lead that campaign. It's like frank didn't like Vanilla Lumps. He was a musician himself, and admired that band – but he was also sane, unlike melody. He ate one jug and sent the cover of it in the mail with his details. Melody have sent… God knows how many, and she ate all of them. And it showed.

She was a very pretty girl, he thought to himself. She had very pleasant features, big golden eyes with long eyelashes, short cherubic auburn locks pale and flawless skin that stretched and stretched itself to it's limits on the soft mountainous amounts of flesh and fat. If she was thinner… Frank kept thinking. But maybe it was for the best. At least that way Melody didn't steal all the hot guys away from him.

Frank was gay.

"So you get a whole day of a date with one of the band members, right?" he said, a bit envy. "Wow if I were you, l would totally take Alex, he is so hot… with those blue eyes and that amazing voice…"

"Well, he is kind of hot…" said Melody in a dreamy voice."I just prefer his twin sister Ursula, she is beautiful just like him, and she so mysterious and talented… I saw some videos that show her when she plays the flute, and I wanted to cry."

"Really? I thought you would totally go for Alex or Victor."

"Victor is just a pretty face; I think he is only there because the girls like him." Said Melody. She stared at the letter again, big smile on her face, and started to jump all over again. "oh my gosh I WON!"

"So you are going to LA?" asked Frank, not only with envy, but also in great need for her to stop jumping and jiggle. Her flesh made him think about great big pudding. God, that girl was such a big fan; she looked like a Vanilla Lumps herself.

"No! They are coming over here to take a shoot of my apartment!" she screamed, and frank jump up,


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Jackgreenfella 14 years
I like that you're taking your time with your characters and trying to give them some emotional depth.. Do keep going.. Don't rush the story!
Ssaylleb 14 years
I'm enjoying this, keep it coming
Sofia 14 years
Thanks, I'm working on itsmiley