Village Life Chapter Four

Chapter 1 - village life chapter four part 1

Now in her fifth month Lisa had grown considerably, it was evident Flow and the others had been taking very good care of her, had she not been pregnant she could easily be considered on the upper end of the chubby metre, now weighing in at 172 pounds she carried her heavier self with an air of pride, embracing her womanhood and pregnancy. Her jaw line and cheek bones were now covered in a slight layer of fat and a mild double chin was slowly developing, while she was far from being fat, it was clear from her overall appearance that her entire body was feeling effects of Flow's heavy serving hand.

Her arms were less defined, the flesh looked soft yet tight, Flow couldn't help comparing them to full, round sausages, Lisa's tattoo just seemed slightly larger now, as if the leaves of the ivy had flourished and grown with her increased mass. Her breasts were certainly larger now too, not just growing in front of her, but also to the sides as well, and Bach's masterpiece that ran along the tops of her breasts had stretched slightly, taking on the appearance of being a longer piece of music than it actually is. Though Lisa remained oblivious of her weight gain, she couldn't deny the jump up in sizes the twins had made, easily in the high E cup range they were fuller and rounder than she imagined them ever being. A canyon of cleavage was visible in any top she wore that didn't rise to her neck and she showed it off with joy, as equal evidence of her impending motherhood to her rounding belly, which had certainly taken the lion's share of her new gain. It bulged out from her pubic bone and rounded out now past her breasts, obscuring her feet from her own view. Her belly button still hadn't popped yet, in fact it actually looked a little deeper than it was a month ago, on account of the weight she had gained. Her rose tattoo was also showing the strain of her gain, stretching out and distorting slightly, looking a lot wider than any rose should. The words that ran across the top of her pubic area had also stretched, the letters elongating and widening from the added fat to her abdomen. Her skin was silky soft and plush to the touch, when walking faster than a simple stroll her entire front gently hopped and jiggled, often causing Lisa to feel the need to place one or both hands on her lower back for support.

With Flow's help Lisa had certainly been filling out the new clothes Flow had purchased for her a month ago, more form-fitting or snug than tight, the skin of her ass was entirely in constant contact with the material of almost every pair of pasts she owned. She was currently sitting red faced in a seat at the diner having worked her way through a sizable amount of a Sunday lunch Flow and some of the other village residents had cooked for her. With almost a full roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a variety of vegetables that had been fried, practically cancelling out their potential nutritional value. While the diner wasn't open for business, it was open to a select few that had been invited over for lunch, which in truth was more of an excuse to feed Lisa to the gills. Numerous dishes filled the table brought by the invitees as polite offerings, the size of the servings on everyone else's plates paled in comparison to that which was on Lisa's, which had been refilled twice already by smiling faces encouraging her to eat her fill for the good of both herself and the baby. She gladly accepted the extra servings, totally unaware of how tight both her belly and her clothes had been drawn, three buttons on her navy blue, stretchy button up shirt had already opened under the pressure of her expanded girth and her belly bulged heavily over the waistband of her black cargo pants, the button of which was hanging on stubbornly while the waistband grasped her tightly, causing a serious muffin top to develop.

Polishing off her third plate she sat back in her chair rubbing her belly with a content smile on her face and stifling a series of small burps, "Oh my god, that was so good, I feel so full though. I can't believe I ate all that."

Marjorie, one of the other village residents piped up, "Well I hope you're not too full, Lisa dear, there's still dessert to be had. I brought a delicious peach cobbler that you absolutely MUST try."

Suddenly the other people around the table started chipping in, "I brought a blueberry cheesecake, surely you'll want a piece of that", and "I brought a black forest gateau, I'm famous in the village for it", "I came with a tiramisu you can't miss out on", "Oh what about my chocolate mousse?"

Lisa rolled her eyes and tutted playfully, "I suppose I might be able to manage a little of everything."

Flow leaned into her ear and whispered as the other guests chatted amongst themselves, "You can unbutton your pants if you want, sweety, they're looking a tad uncomfortable", she smiled and winked. Lisa's hands slid down and over her belly, searching under her belly for the straining button and struggled to unhook it through the hole and pulled down the zipper. With her pants open the flaps spread to either side of her belly like an open flower, and her tummy gently bulged forward, rising like dough and rolling the waistband of her female boxers over on itself. She let loose a long, but silent sigh of relief as the feeling of her now unrestrained gut expanded to fill the space.

Lisa smiled and mouthed, "Good point, thanks." With that a serving bowl was passed around from dessert to dessert being added to along it's journey, with Lisa looking on, licking her lips and saying at each stop, "maybe a little more, bit more, that's great". When the bowl finally arrived at its final destination Lisa looked upon it with wide-eyes and a big smile on her face, "Wow, this looks great", she said rubbing her hands over her belly.

"Are you sure you can manage all that, Lisa? We don't want you pushing yourself too hard", Flow said faking concern, fully aware Lisa would tackle the mammoth dessert and probably go for more if it was offered, looking over to Agatha she winked, the skin lotion for Lisa was certainly doing its magic. A few other guests had served themselves miniscule portions of the desserts so as to not make Lisa suspicious about being the only person eating, but really all eyes were on her as she devoured the serving bowl's contents at a pace that surprised even them after the amount she had already consumed. Everyone was all smiles when they saw her spoon hit the bowl with a shrill ring once she'd finished.

Marjorie spoke up once again, "Seconds, Lisa? There's plenty left."

Lisa looked across the table quietly contemplating, "Oh I don't know if I should", she paused for a few seconds, one hand under the table gently palpating her full belly. "Ok, why not?" She passed the bowl to Marjorie who added another large serving of the cobbler to it, as Lisa extended her hands to receive it again her eyes went wide as she saw it being passed from one guest to another, large servings of each dessert added to the mix all over again before it came back around to Lisa. While she would have been happy for another serving of the cobbler, she hadn't meant servings of all the desserts again, but now in front of her sat a heavily filled serving bowl with seven different desserts again. She looked at it nervously, "Hehe... it's a good thing I'm hungry, huh?" She looked around the table at all the other guests' faces, all looking at her with expectant faces, picking up her spoon again she began eating all over again, but was surprised by how easy she found it to continue eating, as if the tightness in her full belly had been relieved by her burps, nevertheless she ploughed her way through the mountain of dessert with moderate difficulty, still with some difficulty, but a lot less than she had anticipated. 'Good thing I undid my pants', she thought to herself.
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