Village Life Chapter Seven

Chapter 1 - village life chapter seven part 1

A month had passed since that fateful morning in the diner, little more than a month in fact, but in that time Lisa's life had taken a turn, and certainly not for the better. That morning after breakfast in the diner Flow had proven the lengths to which she was willing to go to bend Lisa to her will, and it scared Lisa, never would she have imagined that this kind, gentle, unassuming woman who had cared for her for so many months would resort to such sinister methods as spiking Lisa's food in an attempt to make her eat. But why? Why were Flow and the village so intent on making Lisa eat so much? Over the course of the past month Lisa's foggy mind had started to clear, her docile and obedient demeanor had faded, only to be replaced with a willful and alert one, one that was aware of her surroundings and people's actions. Her life before arriving in the village called to her from beyond the borders of the village, from some far off location, where people's smiles upon seeing her did not mask dark intent, where she was free to go and do what she pleased, but such a place was beyond her reach now, Lisa knew that. At her current size and the short leash Flow was keeping her on, she knew she had no chance of returning there, but Lisa was still confounded by the villagers' intentions for her, was she to become some sort of breeding stock, a brood mare of sorts from whom the village's future would be born?

"Come along now, Lisa, people are waiting", Flow prompted. Lisa's eyes stared daggers at both Flow and Agatha as they reached down to grab a hold of Lisa's chubby upper arms to pull her to her feet, and with a mighty heave Lisa rose up from her bed, "There we go, that's better, you're certainly getting heavy, but it's almost over, just another week and it'll all be over, dear", Flow said in a rather caring tone, but Lisa knew full well it was not caring for Lisa's well-being. And a week until what? Did Flow intend on inducing Lisa's labour early to ready her for the next?

With guided hands Lisa was walked out of her bedroom through to the diner where a small crowd of people were gathered, waiting patiently as if for some grand spectacle to begin. With heavy footfalls and uncomfortable jiggles, Lisa begrudgingly trudged through to the centre of the crowd with Flow and Agatha close behind. Looking ahead she saw the scales, large, metal, cold and uninviting. Stood totally naked in front of all these people Lisa felt a chill, it was not necessarily cold in the diner, but a disturbing tingle crept up her spine as all eyes stared at her expectantly, roaming over every exposed inch of her bulging and gestating body. She tried in vain to cover herself with her hands and arms, only just managing to obscure her erect nipples from view with one hand while the other pointlessly tried to extend around her great gut to cover her privates, but with a belly the size of Lisa's she couldn't reach. Instead she attempted to curl her fleshy thighs inwards, but in reality her pussy was already hidden from view, the accumulation of fat on her lower belly, and even her belly itself hung to such a degree that very little of Lisa's "flower" was visible.

"You know the drill by now, Lisa", Agatha said with a superior tone as she poked a pony finger into Lisa's soft back, pushing her forwards slightly towards the waiting scales.

Tears began welling up in Lisa's eyes as she moved one foot in front of the other towards the scales, hanging her head with her lips quivering she stepped up onto the metal plate. With creaks and clicks the scales began assessing the weight of their load while every onlooker waited with baited breath for the result, eager to hear the sum of their efforts. These public weigh-ins had become something of a regular thing since Flow had made it blatantly obvious they were trying to make Lisa bigger, Lisa figured it was possibly a method of breaking her spirit, lowering her will to resist Flow's and the others' encouragements, and as much as Lisa hated to admit it, it was working.

Ever since the morning Flow had spiked Lisa's juice the feedings had definitely undergone a shift, heavier food with higher regularity, invites to other people's houses for dinner, to which Lisa had no other choice but to accept. It seemed that Flow and the rest of the village were making no secret of their efforts anymore, not even asking if Lisa wanted seconds, thirds or dessert, and instead just loading up her plate. Lisa would look at Flow with an almost sorry look, as if to ask, "Do I have to?", and Flow would just glare right back, a brief glimmer in Flow's eyes would tell Lisa everything she needed to know. And it wasn't just outer pressures to make Lisa eat that had increased, she also found her inner desire to eat had started flaring up more and more since that morning, her cravings seemed more intense and varied, not to mention impossible to ignore, and her appetite had really begun kicking her ass. Flow had even taking to placing a small fridge in Lisa's room which was kept well stocked with Lisa's favourite fattening treats. It was a rare occurrence indeed that Lisa was seen without something edible in her hands, and such behaviour had seriously taken its toll, she found herself growing faster than ever, her clothing selections exceeding not much more than sweat pants and her tank tops, which seemed to shrink a little more every day.

Lisa had been forced to abandon wearing bras all together now, her I cup sized tits would no longer comfortably fit into any of the last bras Flow had bought for her, the smooth flesh bulged over the tops of the cups while the straps bit hungrily into her growing back fat. Her engorged mounds had received a considerable boost from her recent weight gain, and now perched on top of her mammoth belly only inches away from tickling the underside of her undeniable double chin. Her ass and thighs had joined in the party as well, having grown rounder and fuller, stretching the thin material of her various panties to their limits and beyond. Considerably more of her ass crack ad cheeks were visible now due to the soft flesh's expansions, it all peeks out from the openings as the material bunched up, during careful morning viewings of herself in the mirror Lisa could certainly make out a camel toe at the front. The rubbing of the material against her slit proved to be a great distraction and sometimes and annoyance, bringing her out in fidgets and sweats. Lisa's belly had grown bigger than she ever thought it could, she honestly couldn't remember ever having seen a pregnant woman as large as she was, she was so big she felt she could easily be mistaken for carrying twins or triplets, and she wasn't wrong, but one of the scariest things was knowing that she still wasn't big enough for Flow's liking. Her tummy felt constantly full and tight with the life growing in her womb and the copious amounts of food Flow and everybody else plied her with, yet she always found room to handle a little more, she had been turned into a heavy, hungry and horny eating machine and she couldn't stop or even slow the process. She had no hopes of covering the tight, pale flesh of her bump anymore, every top she owned now bunched together on the upper curve of her prominent gut several inches above her belly button.

As much as she blamed Flow and the others for her transformation, Lisa couldn't help blaming herself as well, she had been so welcoming and appreciative of everyone's efforts, she adored being pampered and petted like some sort of princess, especially seeing as she was such an outsider, she was made to feel at home and safe. However, little did Lisa know that she had no real reason to feel guilty for what had happened to her, in truth since her arrival in the village Flow and rest of the village had plotted Lisa's metamorphosis, lacing her food and drink, and even her body lotion, with a little extra something to aide in their schemes, but still Lisa carried the weight of her self-imposed yet unnecessary guilt, and she couldn't help but feel it would show on the scales upon which she now stood. On several occasions, in an act of desperation Lisa had taken to exercising, in the privacy of her room would stretch and roll around on the floor attempting to do sit-ups and a variety of other exercises she was still capable of performing in her inflated state. Never having been one for exercise the whole experience was very alien to her, she never understood some people's ability and mind-set to work tirelessly as such strenuous activities, but she had certainly found her motivation. With the way her pregnancy was developing she felt determined to slow the process, so for half an hour to an hour each morning Lisa would push herself to stretch, bend, turn and thrust, ending with a very sweaty and red-faced Lisa panting for breath as she laid on her bed, but it seemed that all her efforts to work out only served to work up an appetite. At the end of every session, a short time after having stopped her exercises her belly would begin to rumble again, and all her hard work would be for nothing, because for every half hour or hour Lisa spent trying to shed some of her pudge she would spend twice that stuffing her belly, completely cancelling out all her hard work. She felt truly betrayed by her own body.
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