Village Life Chapter Three

Chapter 1 - village life chapter three

Lisa was now in her fourth month of pregnancy, and it certainly showed, within days of the news spreading of Lisa's pregnancy, her figure began to slowly develop, probably as a result of all the sweet treats everyone brought her whenever they dropped by the diner. Like with Flow's cooking, she could never turn anything down and it certainly never lasted for more than a few days, it all just tasted so incredible that she couldn't help herself. Whenever anyone saw her it was sure she would be working her way through some sort of sweet snack or meal, and by the beginning of her fourth month it was undeniable. Her belly bulged out in a round dome from her abdomen and her belly button was quickly filling in along with her waist. There was no longer a concave curve to her waist, it was just straight, but while her waist had lost its curve her hips and ass had certainly gained some, her hips had begun to spread slightly, widening to support Lisa's growing body, and her ass cheeks had plumped-up gently. Before her gain Lisa had never graced her behind with the word ass, feeling it was unworthy of such a word due to its rather ordinary appearance and shape, but with her newly added pounds her cheeks looked like they had been fluffed up like pillows, their flesh pressed flush against any material she put around them, the seats of almost ever set of pants she owned were becoming tight against her expanding flesh.

She found her breasts had also decided to follow suit, continuing to expand beyond the D cup range and quickly leaving the DD zone too. Funnily enough though, Lisa seemed almost ignorant of the true cause of her growth, rather than attributing it to her eating habits and appetite she strangely seemed under the belief that it was all an effect of her pregnancy, as if it was caused my water retention or something rather than the many meals Flow furnished her with.

Rather than have Lisa sit on her ass all the time, Flow had opted to let her continue waitressing at the diner so that everyone could see how she was growing, she knew it brought such joy to the other villagers to see Lisa's growth over the weeks, but she did of course encourage frequent rests, as well as afternoon snack and snooze sessions so as to keep her strength up. The frequent plying with food and rests was all done under the fa├žade of good intention and prenatal management, which Lisa bought into happily, unaware that her growing figure was by Flow's design rather than a natural occurrence of her pregnancy.

At this moment Lisa was standing frozen in place and red-faced with embarrassment, and two loaded plates in hand. For over a month now Lisa had been keeping her trousers with an elastic hair band looped over the button and through the button hole to keep them closed as they no longer properly fit, but a few seconds ago the button popped off, hitting the underside of her red waitressing apron and falling to the floor. This however left Lisa's trousers rather loose around her hips, with every slight step they slid further down her hip, the crack of her ass was clearly visible as well as her blood red semi-thong underwear were considerably too small for her now and failed to cover her up properly. She had no problem showing off the bare skin of her growing belly, not worrying when her increasingly tight t-shirts or vests rode up during work hours, truth be told she had the impression that everyone kind of enjoyed seeing her like that, possibly thinking that she was enjoying and embracing her pregnancy, but in reality they only saw it as further proof of her growth.

In spite of her attempts to hide her embarrassing situation, Flow had noticed and rushed over to relief Lisa of the plates she was holding hoping that none of the customers had noticed. As Flow took the plates from her hands Lisa mouthed a silent "thank you" to her caregiver as she grasped the back of her pants and yanked them up as subtly as she could before turning and hurrying off to her room to remedy the situation. Untying her apron she dropped it to the floor and stared down at herself, her feet were quickly disappearing behind her growing bump, craning her neck forwards she could just see the tips of her toes, "Woah, I'm growing fast, aren't I? I seriously need some new pants..." Turning her head to the side she saw her reflection, "... and panties", looking at her breasts, the straps clearly straining under the weight of her growing boobs, "Urgh, face it, I need new everything, don't I?" Shaking her hips a little her pants slid the rest of the way down her hips and fell to the floor in a crumpled pile, "I can't believe what pregnancy's doing to me, it's crazy, and I'm only 4 months", she said with her hands on her hips.

Hearing a light knock on the door, she turned, knowing it was Flow at the door she gave her permission to enter, unembarrassed of her scantily clad self seeing as Flow had seen her naked on numerous occasions during prenatal examinations Flow had performed. Flow crept walked in quietly respecting the silence Lisa was clearly embracing after her almost cringe-worthy experience, "Everything alright, Lisa?"

Looking back at the mirror of herself she smiled with bashfulness, "Yeah, I'm fine, was a bit of a close shave back there. I don't mind you seeing me in my underwear or whatever, you're my midwife, but I really don't want the rest of the village to be able to recognise me by my ass cheeks alone."

"Speaking of your underwear, dear, don't you think it's time we invested in some bigger sizes? Both your top and bottom seem to be outgrowing everything you have", Flow said whilst casting an assessing look over Lisa's body.

"Maybe some more pants and shirts too, what do you think?" Lisa asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh you know no one minds seeing your bump, you don't need to worry about that", Lisa said assuringly.

"That may be, but I'd rather avoid a repeat of what just happened out there, so some bigger trousers are a must, maybe something with elastic waists. And a some bigger shirts and t-shirts would be nice as my tummy does get a little cold when I'm out around the village."

"That sounds like a reasonable idea to me. The next trip to one of the big cities is in a few days so I'll close up the diner and go with them to get what you need."

Lisa smiled, turning to face flow, "Thanks, for now I'll just throw on my yoga pants, they're a little tight but they'll do. It's just crazy how much I've grown since I arrived here, I'm expanding all over."

"It's all perfectly normal, Lisa, and you look beautiful. Now while you're in here I think now's a good time for you to have a little afternoon nap, we don't want you tiring yourself out", Flow suggested.

"Are you sure? There are still people out there and work to do-"

"-I'm perfectly sure, Lisa. How would you like a slice of that fresh chocolate cream pie before you snooze?"

As if on cue Lisa's belly gave out a growl, giggling she said, "Sounds like someone's already decided for me. Why the hell not, I am maybe a little peckish."

A few minutes later Flow came back into Lisa's room, all smiles, holding a plate with a little over a quarter of a chocolate cream pie and a large, full glass of milk to wash it all down with. In the quiet of her room, alone, she wolfed down the pie slice, barely noticing the speed and ease with which she ate it, she downed the glass of milk finishing with sigh of relief, and licking her lips she laid down in her bed, pulled the covers over herself and drifted off to into a peaceful sleep.

Once again the cover of darkness hid the meeting of the 5 village elders outside of the village, "155 pounds already? I'm impressed, Flow", said Bert to his 4 compatriots.

"Yes, she's got quite the appetite now, she eats all the time and she's not even questioning why, I barely have to encourage her anymore, although that doesn't really stop me from doing so, I suppose. She's put on nearly 30 pounds since arriving two months ago", Flow responded with a prideful tone.

Agatha chipped in almost excitedly, "At this rate she'll be quite the butterball when she starts her third trimester, your little food additives are certainly doing their job." Agatha took from inside her coat a large bottle with a pump nozzle, "Here, give her this, I mixed it up today with her in mind. It'll help prevent stretch marks", she said with a grin.

Flow raised an eyebrow, eyeing Agatha with suspicion, "Is that ALL it will do?"

"Pfft, Flow, what kind of woman do you take me for... Of course not", all five burst out chuckling together. "No, Flow it'll also slow down her metabolism a mite, to help her pack on those much needed pounds, AND it'll give her stomach a little more stretch, we have to make sure she can fit as much as she can in there after all", Agatha added while wringing her hands together with delight.

"Haha, you and your apothecary skills are diabolical, Agatha", Benjamin said.

"Yes, Agatha, thank you, I'll be sure to recommend she applies it liberally several times a day. She's in need of some new clothes, she popped her trousers today whilst working at the diner, she's outgrown almost everything she currently owns and thanks to my secret ingredient in her food she's still totally oblivious to the fact that it's her diet and appetite that's making her grow so much instead of the pregnancy, the silly thing. So on Saturday the diner will be shut as I'll be going Joshua and Harris to the city to do a little shopping for her, she's in need of some larger sizes now, and I'll be sure to grab her some things to.. grow into as well. Oh, the poor dear, you should see her panties, they look more like a cheese wire cutting into her than an undergarment, a few more weeks and she'd probably shred them. Anyway, while I'm away on Saturday could you take care of Lisa for me, please Agatha?"

"Oh sure, don't worry about it, I'll take good care of her", Agatha replied with an agreeing smile.
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Tommmy 10 years
This is developing into a great story. I would love Lisa to be turned into at least a 350 lb. butterball of a gal by the time she gives birth. And I can just imagine what types of TENTS she will be wearing by then!! Please continue it soon.
Azerty 10 years
Very nice story. Thank you
Escape60 10 years
Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Sorry Hypo1, no sex scenes in this one, a little naughtiness, but no sex.