Weighing Kate

  By Snp

Chapter 1

“I really need to hit the gym” said Kate with a frown as she stared at herself in the mirror that hung on her dorm room wall.

She had rolled up her shirt in the front, exposing her smooth belly. It stuck out just slightly. Up until this year, she had always been very toned and in good shape. After all, she had been a star soccer player in high school. She had a naturally slow metabolism, but it only ever affected her in the off-season. Then, once the soccer season rolled around again, she would lose the five-or-so pounds she’d gained. But that was before. Now she was a freshman in college, and there was no soccer team at her school, which meant no real physical activity. She was never the type of person who would go for a jog, and she hated going to the gym, so without all the running around and physicality that came with being a soccer player, Kate’s body had lost much of its former tone. It also didn’t help that she went out drinking every weekend. She was by no means fat, though. She basically had an average physique that only seemed a little chubby when compared to her former, fitter frame. While she wasn’t thrilled with the weight she’d put on since graduating high school, she wasn’t panicking over her gain either.

“You look beautiful, babe” said her boyfriend Jeff, who had walked up behind her and now held her in his arms.

“Yeah, right” scoffed Kate.

“I’m serious. You only weigh, what, like 130 pounds?”

“Well, we don’t have a scale here, but yeah, probably about that much. Last time I checked was right before school started when I was back home and I was 120” said Kate as she patted her belly. “Not exactly model material. But thanks for trying to make me feel better.” The two shared a loving kiss before Kate rolled her shirt back down and headed to the shower to wash up for the big birthday party the two were headed to that night.

Within 10 seconds of Kate closing the door behind her, Jeff was furiously masturbating. Visions of Kate plumping up ran through his head as he stroked himself. Jeff would never say it out loud, but he loved that Kate was putting on weight. Even though it wasn’t much of a gain, seeing her go from a thin, fit athlete to where she was now was heaven for him. Whenever she was unsure about whether or not to have another piece of pie or another hot dog, Jeff was there to coax her into it. As much as he wanted her to balloon up, however, he was too afraid to come out and say it to her for fear that she would be disgusted and break up with him. He didn’t want that to happen, as he truly loved Kate and would think she was sexy even if she never gained another pound. Instead he just daydreamed about how the 120 pound girl he had started dating a few months ago was now up to 130 pounds as he jerked off in her dorm room.
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Mr Anonamus 10 years
Kamina 11 years
You kept the plot solid while adding downright racousuious sex sequences; kudos on that....
BlackCrow 11 years
Awesome! Great worksmiley
Bigbiglust 13 years
Fantastic! This story has me wet in all the right places. I like your other story as well - keep writing!
Snp 13 years
thanks for the kind words, everyone. i'm glad you liked it.
Gary1627 13 years
Very well written and sexy story. The image that came to me throughout the story was of Keira Knightley's character from "Bend it like Beckham".
Tjpbeatles 13 years
good job