Welcome to Kiev

Chapter 1

Jack sighed and headed downstairs to the hotel bar in Kiev, Ukraine. Another night of travel, another night in a foreign country. It was a Sunday night and the bar was empty, except for a dark slavic man slowly sucking a beer along the far wall, and Jack slid into a seat near the TV, which had a soccer game on and was loudly spewing an incomprehensible foreign language.

"Good evening sir," said the bartender in English with a thick accent, wiping the bar with a rag, "What would you like to have?" Jack laughed nervously and blurted, "Well I'd like to drink a Obolon beer for starters." The bartender said, "Right away." The beer was delivered and the bartender queried, "Welome to Ukraine, your first time?" "Yes" said Jack, then he added, "Where are all the beautiful women I have heard about - is it dead on Sunday night?"

The bartender smiled and said, "Ah Yes the women! Ukranian women are the best! What type do you like?" Jack loked both ways and carefully said, "Well, actually, I like fat women." The bartender did not miss a beat and said, "Fat women, really, what type of fat women?" Jack blushed and looked around again, making sure no one else was looking and said softly, "I like women with a fat belly, lots of sagging jelly rolls, very soft." The bartender did not flinch and said, "Belly fat with sagging jelly rolls...OK...I have a friend, who owns a club, that will surely satisfy your interests. Would you like directions?"

Jack nodded yes. The bartender drew a crude map on a napkin and indicated that the club was only a few blocks away. Jack was told to tell the club owner that Ivan at the hotel recommended him to get in the secure, guarded door.

Jack went out into the cool Eastern Eurpoean night and found the address in about 10 minutes. The door was non-descript and he pounded on it as instructed by Ivan. In a few moments a window slot was slid open and a gruff foreign voice said "Da?" Jack stammered, "Ivan at the hotel said for me to come here." The door opened quickly and the voice said "Any friend of Ivan's is a friend of ours,... enter!"

Jack entered and was met by 2 large slavic men in suits. "What can we do for you," the smaller one said smiling. "Well , Ivan said that you have heavy women here, and I came over looking for a date." Jack stammered.

"Yes of course we do," said the man, "What is your preference?."

Jack stammered and said, "Well, I like a woman with a, uh, fat belly, lots of jelly rolls, and, uh, overhang of the jelly belly over her panties.....and fat thighs." The man smiled and said, "Do not be nervous, we cater to all types of desires, and your desire happens to be mine!" Then he added,"Follow me for your selections!"

Jack followed as instructed and entered a loud room through a thick wooden door and was met by the sight of numeous beautiful fat women in bikinis, some dancing on stage and some groping men in booths along the walls. He had arrived in paradise!
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