Who's Got the Fattest Husband?

Chapter 1 - the challenge is on

My wife, Lucy, and I are in a very satisfying feeder/feedee relationship. She loves cooking huge meals for me and watching me eat and eat and get very fat indeed. We have been married for 2 years, and in that time, I have gained about 150lbs, going from a chubby 250lbs to a positively obese 400lbs. I love watching my big belly growing bigger and bigger and striding (well, waddling) about in public with my petite 120lb wife at my side and my huge, round stomach sticking out in front of me gives us both unbelievable pleasure. Recently I've been getting a lot of stares because of my huge size, which I also love.

We recently joined a website for people who enjoy feeding and getting fat, and Lucy has befriended another female feeder, Heather, whose husband Bill is a similar size and shape to me. Since they live nearby, we recently decided to meet up in real life. It was a wonderful experience and we all hit it off immediately, with our shared passions. Lucy and Heather swapped fattening recipes, and Bill and I compared stomachs. We ate a huge meal at a local restaurant and Bill and I left feeling very bloated and happy.

Anyway, Lucy, being a competitive young woman, placed a bet with Heather that she could get me to gain more weight than Bill in the course of a year. One year from the day of the bet, we would meet up and have a weigh-in, and whichever wife had the fattest husband would have new clothes bought for her husband by the losing wife.

As soon as we got home, Heather began ordering huge amounts of food - even more than usual. She was determined to win the challenge, no matter how big I had to get. I was excited by the challenge myself. I loved putting on weight and I was enjoying the image of me standing on the scales looking like a human whale.

"How much bigger do you think I can get?" I wondered.
"At least another hundred pounds", she said. "Maybe two hundred, you think?"
"Wow! Two hundred. That would put me at 600lbs!". I was salivating at the idea. "Let's DO IT!".

The weeks and months went by, with me eating more and more, stretching my stomach out with each stuffing meal so that I could consume bigger meals each time. Of course, we went for the most calorific foods we could find, and I would finish each day of gorging by drinking a pint of double cream.

It was working. I packed on the pounds and I was soon standing at over 500lbs. It was a great feeling to hit that milestone. My sweat pants got tighter and tighter and my t-shirts started riding up over my ballooning belly, where most of my fat seemed to go. The additional weight was making some things a bit more of a challenge, of course. Walking was getting harder, and climbing stairs was becoming very laborious, but I loved that aspect of the process too, because it made me feel so BIG.

At night, I would lay on my side with my massive round stomach occupying most of the bed between us. Lucy would cuddle up to my belly and admire the huge size of her massive husband. It made her feel so small and feminine.
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BigRick 10 years
Jktab 10 years
BigRick 10 years
Growrnshowr 10 years
Perfection!!! smiley
Sokotron 10 years
Is awesome, I love it!
BigRick 10 years
BigRick 10 years
I've rewritten then ending now. I hope you enjoy it.
BigRick 10 years
Growrnshowr 10 years
Just loved the idea of the wife fattening up to donate it to the husband, very clever!
BigRick 10 years
I did rush the ending a bit. I will expand on it later.
Growrnshowr 10 years
Superb! Great concept and really well written. Maybe another chapter retelling the weigh in? Would be nice to read the reactions!