a "little" payback

Chapter 1 - yet again

Samantha didn't like women, sexually. Which was one reason it was odd she would fatten them up.
She was a regional manager at some bank and lived a pretty lavish lifestyles. She would exercise the minute she got up, eat a salad, go to work in her Lexus, come home, read a book from her personal library, drink some tea and go to bed. Of course for this she very fit and very up tight.
But, she had a flaw. She couldn't stand people who where more liked then her and if anybody was they had to be dealt with. Her preferred method was to fatten them up. Or though it doesn't seem like much it can do a lot. For one, the lack of nutrients will cause your body to become gaseous making you smell. Secondly, the added pounds, smaller muscles and greasy foods will make you sweat easier, making chaffing, sweat stains and running your new best friend. Finally, and what mattered most to Samantha, the sheer embarrassment of going from a thin, beautifully smelling, athletic type to a fat, sweaty, slob. Would cause anybody to break down.
And so it was no surprise when friendly Francis worked in for her first day as a secretary. That Samantha had already started plotting her plan.

////////////////////////////////////////// ////This story is going to feature 2 weight gains and is, going to be filled with gross parts. So if your not into that sort of thing then this might not be the best story for you.
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Shavip 7 years
... will find it and read it.
Shavip 7 years
You might want to wait until you have a little more written before posting... not only so you don't have to do keyboard-smash soup to reach the min post length, but also because the farther back in time you posted your story, the less likely it is anyone