a big change

Chapter 1 - on the road to obesity

Ryan was the football quaterback and matt was a star baseball player. They were both fit and had a six pack but soon enough that was going to change. Ryan and matt were good friends and they always hung out. During spring when they both played baseball they got injured and basically were in bed all summer. They had come back to school and were not able to hang out all summer ryan drove to school and so did matt they agreed to walk into the school together but when they got out of the car they had both put on 50 pounds over the summer and both weighed about 200 pounds. They were so embaressed that they were so fat they have let themselves go. Ryans went to the lunch table with matt and they went to go sit down both of their buttons burst and there big fat bellies bursted out and this is when ryan and matt soon realized that they wanted to be fat and get huge. Ryan went into the cafateria to get some doughnuts to scarf down before class and he and matt patted there bellies as they showed a dozed doughnuts in their mouth.
It was finally lunch and ryan and matt were ready to stuff their faces. They got to the pizza places and ordered a pie each and got a two liter or soda. They went to go sit in the back. Thry made a contest whoever could finish their pizza and soda the fastest wins. So both of them scarfed the pizza down then ryan was right towards the end and picks up his soda he finished it in 30 second... Ryan was done he let out a couple of huge burps while Matt was almost done he finised and let out a huge burp. This was when ryan and matt realized they loved each other and were gonna get fat together. Ryan and matt kissed and they were happy. They walked back to school happy and fat.
It was a couple weeks later and ryan and matt were fatter than ever they gained 30 pounds they were getting big. None of there clothes were fitting and thier jeans were tight. Matt and ryan were know going out and loved each other. They stuffed themselves every day afterschool and loved having a huge belly
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