a boss gets what's coming to her

chapter 1

Andrea's boss, Margaret, was a pain in the ass. She gave her the harder assignments, gave her the cubical with the light that buzzed and flickered and bullied her about her weight. To be fair, Andrea was, a little over weight, but it was nothing to make a fuss about. And the worst part was she would do it in such a way that HR couldn't do anything about it. Saying things like:
"I find exercise and healthy eating are the best thing for a person. I like someone I know."
"Geez, good thing I'm lactose intolerant or I'd be big little miss piggy over there"
Things that seemed small but over time built up. The thing was, Margaret didn't know it, but she was playing with fire. You see, Andrea could make walls in peoples minds and make laws that they, or their bodies, couldn't ignore. Small things. For example, when her best friend and boyfriend cheated on her, she made it so he couldn't go 10 minutes without ruining a first date without telling his partner how many times he cheated on his previous ex and she made her friend stuff her face with as much food as possible before any unfaithful sex so she'd be to tired to have it.
Anyway, back to the story at hand, when Andrea finally did snap it was when Margaret said "Don't ask Andrea for restaurant advice, you'd probably gain three pounds by just walking in the front door."
She had had it! She had tried to ignore the flickering light and the no paid over time and the stupid remarks about her weight but that was it.
She waited for Margaret to go to the bathroom alone and she made her move.
"Andrea, what are you doing here, doing your yearly exercise? "
"Margaret, you have messed with me for to long. Every time you make fun of me or discriminate agenst me, you'll crave greasy, fattening foods, you'll lose the will to exercise, your body will become constipated as it stores more and more of your food leaving large amounts of gas which you'll let out whenever is necessary. You'll also become more of a slob, barely grooming, showering and changing once a week, eating with your hands even for meals that use a fork and sleeping in more and more. As you gain weight you'll only changing under wear once it snaps off, you'll only change shirts once 4 buttons can't be closed and pants once they won't fit 2/3 up your ass and even then you'll only go up one size at a time. You'll gain mostly in your soon to be gut, ass, thy's, face, arms than boobs. Your concious being will forget was has been said, but, your mind and more importantly your body won't. You'll resume consciousness and forget I was hear, once I leave and the door is closed behind me." And with that she left leaving Margaret none the wiser.
After finishing work Margaret was feeling quite peckish, you see Margaret had sort of made it a habit of hers to insult Andrea when she was bored even when she was alone. This desire to eat was her biggest impulse at the moment, which she found quite surprising, she thought her biggest impulse was to go piss because she just finish led her third can of soda (Her first three sodas in year).
So she decided to order a pizza expecting to only have 2 pizza, but when she got home, the more she ate, the more her mind was "beginning" to think that meals like this were more exceptable.
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