a caramel apple a day

chapter 1

You go to your first appointment at your new doctor's office. After multiple embarrassing experiences of getting weighed and measured at the nurse's station, you fidget nervously when they finally leave you alone in the examination room. Your readings were bad.. but your hunger is so much worse. You've grown so much since your last physical. You know, from your previous family physician who retired.

Today, your wore your largest set of clothes.. that you bought three months ago. Now, they constrict you painfully. All it will take is one more meal, you realize. One more gluttonous dinner before you burst through th-

"Hello, I'm Dr. klikli," I say as I enter the room, looking down at a clipboard. "It's nice to meet-"

I glance up and notice you now. You, a formerly trim-and-fit boy, sitting here in my waiting room. No longer. You've must've devoured that boy, because now..

Your jelly rolls are all a-quiverin' as you uncomfortably shift on the examination table. Your shirt would've been tight on you...
Two or three sizes ago.
Now it acts as but a pitifully-tight sports bra on your flabby, quivering, ever-fattening-bulk.

"..Well," I cough. "..do you have a family history of elevated blood pressure, or high heart rate? We're still trying to get the online system working, so we don't have your old medical files. How long have you been, uhh.. such a.. big boy?"

You, blushing furiously, stammer out your laughable response.

"Really? You gained FIFTY POUNDS in a SINGLE year?" I stare intently into your eyes. "Does that sound normal to you?"

I put on my stethoscope and breathe on its diaphragm. "I'll need to do some tests. Take off your shirt, if you don't mind."

You peel off your shirt and hope I don't notice the cool air hardening your nipples. A fool's hope, of course; what with them being prominently-mounted on your newly-freed fatty bitch tits. The ones that refuse to stop wiggling.

I press the diaphragm up on the bottom side of your leftmost moob. "Deep breath."

You comply as best you can as I press my hands further into your soft jiggling torso. I scoot even closer and move the end of my stethoscope deep into one of the new folds on your back.

"Another deep breath," I say, my fingers ever-so-slightly teasing your fat. Softly poking, squeezing, caressing you.

You groan and try to hold it in, but you can't.

It's too much.

You lose total control over your abdominal muscles for just a second - but that lapse in time it all it takes. One single moment for you to relax that gut that you've been desperately sucking in all day.

*PING!* goes the button you just blew off of your pants. It ricochets off the ceiling and then the door and then skids to a halt on the floor. We both gawk at it. Your blood rushes to your face.. and your nethers.

"Oh, well.." I, ever the total medical professional, stammer. "Uh.. why don't you.. just.. recline back and rest on the table for a bit? I've got to check some things again."

You flop backwards and hope that I don't notice your very obvious raging erection.

"Come on now.. there you go. Doesn't that feel better?" I softly pat your rippling belly. It shifts and rolls like a waterbed under my touch. "We're a bit short-handed today. Flu season, you know." I accidentally brush my hand over your crotch as I turn away. "I'll be back in ten minutes or so."

It's too fuckin' much. You can barely wait until I exit the room before you struggle to pull down your pants below the hips to get at your achingly hard, yet partially hidden boner. You've got ten whole minutes until I return, right?

You grasp what you can of your penis. And huff.
And puff.
And jiggle.
And wiggle.. as you try to get yourself off.

One minute.. mmmm, yes..
Two minutes.. UGH..
Three.. minutes..
..almost.. there.. about to.. cu-

Your real doctor opens the door as they wheel in their mobile desk. "Hello, are you Mist-"

They look up and meet the lustfully-clouded-over eyes of the bloated, insatiable, helpless fat boy spread out all over their examination table; panting and moaning and furiously jerking his cock.

You shoot.

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