a creamy punishment

chapter 1

The room was warm and she was trapped.

That was all she realized as she came too.

Blindfolded, Tina was bound to the soft padded leather of what felt like a slightly reclined lounger. She could feel a gentle but firm weight over her chest going under her armpits. Her arms were strapped at the wrists and elbows and held out at a 45 degree angle from her body. The padded leather cushioned her arm from wrist to the tips of her fingers and she while she could wiggle and flap her hand, there wasn't much more movement she could achieve with her arms.

Her legs were spread wide, not so wide as to hurt, but nearly. They were strapped above the knee and at the ankle.

She could wiggle her torso around but barely.

And she knew she was naked.

She struggled made to shout for help, flexing and unflexing her hands, straining her body trying in vein to wiggle against the bonds.

And all the while she juggled.

She had never been small and she was currently a lovely sigh to behold. She was medium of heigh, but high in weight. Her struggling upper arms had thick fatty deposits that if they had been pressed to her sides looked like thick pillows, thicker then most girls thighs.

Her breasts were large and heavy, maybe in the Fs or E's, hanging free and hitting her torso with a meaty thud as the struggled. Despite their heft and droop, the ends managed to point just a bit up giving them an inviting 'come pinch and play with me' look. Her hips flared out with a large shelf of an rear cushioning her each time she fell the one or two inches back into the chair. It shook and wobbled, squishing on the leather.

Her stomach was heavy and rotund, at the start of dividing into two rolls, each breath and jerk making its pale sought surface ripple. Her belly would have spilt over her thick thighs (which were remarkably cellulite free, but packed heavy so that she lumbered when she waddled and smushed into each other with her steps) if they had been closed. Now it sagged over her damp sex, and as the struggling it rubbed and touched making her hotter.

That heavy shifting slapping of her belly on her bare bits. She hated that she was getting aroused by this. Because she knew what arousal led to.

Her stomach growled.

For the past few months hadn't she found herself unable to stop touching herself when she ate? And whenever she tried to touch herself, she found herself craving food. She had never found herself more aroused, or having harder climaxes as when she was eating. She had discovered it by accident when her belly had dropped onto her thighs while she was playing with herself. So. Hot. So... hungry.

It growled and she had to take a gasping tired breath. The struggling was getting harder.

She was maybe a wee bit out of shape.

The gasp was interrupted when a thick hollow tube like object was shoved into her mouth out of nowhere. She hadn't even heard anyone. How long had they been watching her?

She tried to close her mouth on it, to bite it off, but though the item had some slight give, it wouldn't be bitten through. She tried to open her mouth wider to spit it out but her jaw couldn't open any wider. And it felt like the item had adhered itself to her lips when it had been put in there. She flailed making terrified noises.

"Hello Tina dear" a husky female voice said "Comfy?" it asked

Tina froze, she suddenly knew where she was, and who had her. Her mind flashed on the hundreds of possible things this could mean.

"I think I always suspected you'd try something, and end up here in some fashion or another. I am quite pleased it went this away actually"

Tina felt someone grab and jiggle at her belly. She groaned through the tube in her mouth.

"I mean, look at you"

The blind fold was removed and Tina was left blinking in the sudden light. In front of her was a giant mirror that she was maybe two feet away from It was as tall as the chair, and made three feet wider then it, but she couldn't see much of what else was in the room. But she could see her captor, and the smile on their face made her run cold with fear.

"You are already such a glutton, working for us was BOUND to rub off on you. You've gained what, 50 pounds since working for us?? Is it 60? Is that what you think? Oh sweetie, we weighed you. You've gained closer to 100. You were curvy to being with but now." the woman grabbed and shook one fatty breast "Now fat is the only word to describe it" she leaned over to Tinas ear and whispered in it "don't worry Tina, you know what we do here and why. It won't all be bad. You loved getting this big didn't you" she massaged and needed Tinas breast, and moved down to stroke her belly "didn't you?" she slapped at it making it ripple and making Tina jump. She squared as much as she could tears starting to run down her face. She grabbed her chubby face and jerked it towards hers "DIDN"T YOU?"

Tina made something like a squealing sound and the woman made her head nod.

"Now we haven't done the full treatment yet since, I wanted to try a little experiment." the woman released Tina's face and walked away "see how something like this effected you now, we can run it again after the treatment. A little... before and after for the clients hmm? Many of them are going to want the process for themselves and willing partners. Who knows, maybe you would have asked for this one day anyways. Certainly with the direction you were going, all the snacking, all the struggling to fit into your clothes. I was so certain about you, had the lovely little fluttery feeling. I knew you'd make the perfect stuffed piggy. Did you know I had my people replace your clothes just to see if you were aware that the sizes were going up?"

Tina looked shocked

"Mmhmm. You never did notice, and it was only 3 times. I know you had to replace a bunch as well, you did grow so fast and so well. That belly, ugh it just swells and swells. I mean, you started gaining all over, so much lucious fat. And then it started to mostly go to this beautiful thing. I almost wanted to let you go a bit longer just to see where you would take it."

"I wish I could say it was all me that I had some master plan and helped create this stuffed flesh, but we both know it was 100% you. And now you get to pay us back for trying to rip us off. All we did was support you. If you had asked us to help you continue this path, or heck, even if you had a change of heart and wanted to stop it or reverse some of it, we would have. We treat our employees well ad expect them to treat us the same.

"Though I doubt you would have wanted to stop. If you had just asked or given in to what you really wanted this could have been so much more pleasant. And more profitable for you. More profitable then any thing you could have gotten for trying to steal from us. Oh Tina. Naughty girls don't get rewarded. But they do end up useful."
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Read this for the first time and really enjoyed it immensely. You write revenge erotica so excellently. Thanks. I’m going to have to read your other stories as well.
Karenjenk 4 years
I love this.
Dom stories are my fav
LoraDayton 7 years
I've always had a soft spot for revenge fattening, and especially in a setting like this, but don't often read the stories anymore for all the tropes and poor writing. This is great!! Thank you smiley
Biddygal 7 years
Mmm more like a possible sequel? All my stories so far are connected to the same world, same characters, same company. There is a very good chance of you seeing what happens a few months after this smiley
I'll see about the prequel. I'm trying to finish All
Vagosmoust 7 years
is there by any chance a prequel?
Angerday 7 years
Hot damn this story is spot on (and I'm gay) Please keep going and don't ever stop! smiley