a daughters growing relationship

chapter 1

"And tell me why I shouldn't just walk out the door right now?"

"Because I'm your daughter you asshole!"


Cole had no idea where this meeting was going to go. He hadn't been in the dating game for very long, between his long hours as a network engineer, he really didn't have time to grow close to anyone.

Frankly, he hasn't been looking for anything when his phone had buzzed earlier that day. He opened the dating app on his phone and noticed some blond floozy half his age had super liked him.

He shrugged it off, he didn't have much going for him, dad bod, receeding hairline. The girl had obviously just seen "engineer" on his profile and decided she wanted to be a sugar baby. He rejected the like and moved on.

He would have forgotten about it, except for another buzz during his insta-noodle and Coors for dinner. Another super like, from the exact same woman.

"Persistent, I'll give her that." He says to himself. He lifted his hand to swipe her to the bin when he hesitated.

She would have had to have deleted her account to match him again, maybe she had a thing for older men... And he had to admit, she wasn't half bad looking.

On a whim, he accepted the match and shot a message.

"I'm paying off a house and a car, so if you're looking for money it's all tied up... But if you like talking about old muscle cars, cigars and media starring William Shatner, maybe we can grab a drink. I'm Cole btw"

It was less than a minute before he had his response.

"Sounds fun, meet at Mulligan's at 8 o'clock ;) ~Crystal"

Cole looked over at the clock on the wall, it was a quarter past 7.

He shrugged, admitting he had nothing better to do and tossed in instant noodles in the trash as he grabbed his car keys.


Cole made his way into the bar... Mulligan's was a small, dinky little place.

Only people came here when they wanted to drink alone, Cole thought it was an odd choice... But he wasn't feeling like being in a crowd anyway...

He recalled the message he'd seen in the parking lot.

"Northeast corner, blue top. Feeling a bit nervous."

He scanned the crowd, doing his best to spot the petite blond woman.

He frowned, failing to establish visual contact, in fact... He didn't see ANY women in the bar. Had she gone to use the rest room?

Well... ANY women may have been an exaggeration. He spotted a woman in the back corner wearing a blue crop top, strapped down to a pair of jeans shorts with a set of elastic suspenders.

This couldn't be Crystal though. The woman in the profile was quite petite, the woman in the corner of the bar was clearly nursing what could only be described as a beer gut, who was currently preoccupied with wolfing down some chicken wings.

She shifted nervously, pushing down on the pair of jean shorts in an effort to gain some breathing room.

The chicken wasn't the only thing being bitten into from what he could see... Those Jean shorts were threating to bite her in half from the looks of it. Angry red lines became visable over soft, stretch marks riddled love handles as she gave her gut some much needed space, letting out a loud belch as her stomach oozed over the waist band, making room for the settling food as it vented gas.

She checked her phone and looked towards the door, spotting him.

She lifted a buffalo sauce covered hand and waved at him, before pushing her fingers between grease covered lips and sucking them clean with a juicy smack.

Cole was mortified.
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Apparition 4 years
Really hope this hiatus isn't the end for this story I'd love to read a few more chapters of this one. It's been one of the best.
Chris69 4 years
lovley, i hope she will gain and also some incest comes
Jasojack69 4 years
Great story,please more
Growing Bigger 4 years
Im Very interested to see how you continue to write this good luck
Apparition 4 years
Really enjoying Crystal's character. Great that you've got the whole alcohol/beer belly thing going on as well.