a day in the life of a slob

chapter 1

Mexican food did not sit well with Jhon. He ran from his couch to his bathroom and let go, exploding into the toilet. He groaned as his stomach gurgled and churned, releasing more shit into the toilet. "Ooh fuck." He said burping as he finished. He belched loudly again gagging slightly after all the food he ate. He wiped himself and put his boxers, that were covered in ***s as well as old food, back on and flushed. He walked out not bothering to wash his hands. He sat back down on the couch letting out another belch. He grabbed his beer can off the table and sat back up letting out a wet fart, feeling the gas shift in his stomach. He groaned taking a swig of the beer, belching again. He rubbed his fat belly, belching the hiccuping. "Ohhh fuck. I'm so gassy." He said. He took another swig, lifting his leg to let out another loud fart. He moaned as he felt the gas leaving his stomach. He crumpled the beer can as he finished it. He slipped his boxers off, sitting on the couch naked. He took another can of beer being pretty drunk now before grabbing his dick and stroking it slightly. He groaned as a loud grumble came from his stomach. "Oh my god fuuuuuck." He said letting out another wet fart. He rushed to the bathroom again making it just in time to explain into the toilet, splashing water everywhere. "Oh my god it hurtsss." He moaned grabbing his stomach and belching again as more brown liquid leaked out of his ass. He turned around and looked into the cabinet behind him and saw a bad of donuts. He grabbed them and began eating them greedily while continuing to empty his stomach into the toilet. He got frosting all over his hands so he wiped them on his hairy belly even fingering his belly button. His cock was rock hard now but he was too starving to even touch it. Once he finished eating the donuts, he got wiped himself and flushed once again, leaving the discarded package on the floor. He stumbled into the kitchen after being extremely bloated stuffed and drunk. He opened the fridge and grabbed the gallon of milkĀ  he was unable to stop himself as he sat on the floor, his hand stroking his dick as he began to chug the milk. There were packages and pizza boxes all around the kitchen. He took breaks to bleach and moan. He finished chugging he sat back against the sink, burping the gagging once again feeling all the contents in his stomach shift. He shook his belly feeling and hearing all the liquid slosh around. He lifted up his leg to fart again, groaning when the smell hit his nose. He had an itch so he reached behind himself to scratch his hairy ass. He pulled his fingers out and began to rub his belly once again feeling quite sick. He didn't think he would be able to get up again. He looked beside himself and saw a half eaten pizza box on the floor. He grabbed the box with his fat greasy fingers and ate the rest, belching loudly again. He laid back and huffed breathing heavily. He was stuffed to the brim and couldn't move. All he could do was lie there and let out more gas. He eventually fell asleep and woke up an hour later starving. The alcohol hadn't worn off in the least bit making him even more hungry. He just needed food and he needed it now. He grabbed a large cake out of the fridge and dug in with his hands getting it all over himself and licking it up. He finished the cake and began looking for something else to shove in his gut. He scratched his belly getting chocolate all over it along with pizza grease, icing and other foods he had no clue of. He was a pig and a slob. But he loved it and he just couldn't stop.
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AshBear 3 years
Excited to see new stories! And very much looking forward to reading what you're working on smiley
AshBear 4 years
I keep coming back to these! SO good!!
AshBear 5 years
Toilet stuff usually dose nothing for me, but my god! These stories are hot! I want to be one of these fat slobs!
PrincessBlurmy 5 years
Tolstoy would be envious....