a fall from grace

Chapter 1 - the hero and the villian- backstory

(Please note this is my first story in a very long time. I do appreciate ideas and criticism, and will go back and edit grammar ect, so if a chapter has just been released with grammatical errors I will be fixing them soon after.)

This chapter serves as a way to explain our two characters and how they became The Beast and Zero.
Matthew grew up in a wealthy household, his parents worked as high ranking officials in two separate companies. His mother a technological prodigy that had been praised for her efforts on creating more efficient eco friendly alternatives to various aspects of peoples everyday lives, from public transport to how their electricity was generated, as well as creating more consumer products such as cell phones.

His father David on the other hand, had started his adult life in the military, fiercely loyal to his country and upon leaving the military moved to creating weapons to supply to them. He taught his son close combat techniques in the hopes he may progress into law enforcement as he aged.

It was rare in his childhood for Matthew to see his father and when he did it was simply for sparring and drilling morals, no criminal was too petty and all crimes should be treated equally as criminals were scum. A mentality Matthew rejected at first, until at the age of 14 he watched his mother die, having been shot as she was leaving work. His father became more aloof, even combat and sparring was no longer interesting as he poured himself further into his work and began the Alternative Program.

Originally the Alternative program was privately funded using David's own money and funding but quickly got government attention as an alternative to traditional law enforcement. At the age of 18 Matthew would join the project, with his best friend Nick. Quickly showing his impressive feats and designing his own suit and technology. He was the first hero the country would see.

Nick however led a very different life, he came from a working class family with a single mother who worked hard to provide for him. He met Matthew as a child and the two became fast friends. The two had shared similar open minded beliefs as children and would often play fight or stay at each others houses. When Matt's mother died, it was nick who comforted him and not David. He would sneak to see Matt in the dead of night as he lay awake crying. It was doing this that gave him the skills that would later develop into Zero's skill set.

At 18 Nick had no life direction and the price of living was rising. When the Alternative program offered him a place he couldn't say no. Soon enough Nick was deemed unsuitable for physical combat, and moved to gathering intel. The two friends drifted after this. Until Nick stumbled across the true intentions of the program, and Zero was born.
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