a fat girl grows fatter

chapter 1

In the centre of a large mysterious cavern sat a huge chocolate cream cake. It had over a hundred layers. Mary, the fattest girl in her school, was lost and had stumbled upon it. She stared up at it in awe. It was taller than her! How did it get here? The incredibly gluttonous and incredibly fat teen just couldn't help herself. She picked up a fork and tried some. She smiled in delight and went back for a second fork-full. She moaned in bliss and began eating huge forkfuls of cake sending crumbs flying everywhere. She ate and ate and ate. It was always like this when Mary ate. She would binge till she felt like she would burst and then moan in discomfort regretting it, feeling dreadfully ashamed of herself. But she LOVED eating so much, and the giant delicious chocolate cream cake proved to be completely irresistible. After a while she started to feel a little full but she simply undid her pants button and loosened her fly a couple of notches, and then kept eating. Such a greedy piggy. She loved chocolate cake so much she didn't care, all she wanted was to eat until she was so stuffed she couldn't move!

Over the gulping sounds of her shovelling down the cake, she failed to notice a faint gurgling sound coming from her belly. A soft roll of fat was starting to poke out the bottom of the incredibly obese teen's t-shirt. The roll of fat visibly thickened, and a creaking sound came from her over-stretched pants. Somehow, it seemed Mary was getting even fatter! Oblivious, she crammed another large forkful of the delicious chocolate cream cake into her mouth. Slowly at first, her body began to swell like a balloon. Her growth seemed to surge a little more with every bite. Fatter, and fatter, and fatter! Her t-shirt began to ride up until it exposed her fat gut and steadily deepening navel. But Mary was used to being a very, very big girl and was also used to her flab accidentally flopping out of her clothes. She'd fix it later when she didn't have chocolate all over her fat little fingers.

Finally... finally, Mary was full. She had made a rather decent dent into the massive cake. Never in her life had she eaten so much all at once. Chocolate covering her plump lips and thick double chin she leant back feeling too full too eat another bite or else she might explode! She dismissed it at first, but she couldn't help but notice a nice, kind of pleasurable feeling between her big round thighs. God that cake was good. She gleefully rubbed her hands up and down her still gradually expanding body.

Then she noticed just how tight and constricting her clothing had become. She tried to adjust herself when suddenly her bra snapped and her breasts plopped out underneath her t-shirt, drawing her attention down to her overstuffed belly. She gasped in amazement at the amount of fat flesh that now poured over her pants. She couldn't even reach the zipper of her fly because there was too much fat in the way. Her huge gut and love handles were overflowing her clothes so much it was nearly obscene.

Then she felt and heard a large rip. Down below, her flabby billowing butt cheeks had ripped the seat of her pants. Her face became puzzled. With every slight movement she made, she could faintly hear little sounds like seams creaking and threads popping coming from her pants. All over her clothing seemed to be a little tight and constricting. Then she gasped blushing with embarrassment as she heard the definite sound of tearing fabric as her butt began to stretch the rip in the seat of her pants steadily wider, and wider. Even her underpants seemed to be stretched so tight they dug in to her hips and now failed to adequately cover her deepening butt crack. She knew her outfit was a little snug when she put it on but she'd never have expected to actually burst the seams of her pants. God how embarrassing, she'd eaten so much she split her pants! She couldn't explain why but she felt the pleasurable tingling sensation between her legs grow a little stronger as she thought this.

Then her blush faded and her face went as white as a sheet as Mary realised she could feel the tightness of her clothes increasing more and more, so much so that it was getting almost painful. Her pulse quickened as she realised it wasn't just a full belly that was making her pants too tight, her clothes were getting tighter all over. Her eyes widened as she swore she could feel her butt actually expanding. Then she looked down uncertainly as a deep and scarily loud digestive gurgle sounded from her immense belly. Her face became horrified with much wider eyes as she clearly saw her fattening belly and breast flesh pushing out more and more, her t-shirt visibly getting tighter and tighter with every passing second. She was blowing up! She felt a definite dampness between her legs now. What the hell was happening to her?!

"Oh God, I'm getting fatter!" Mary felt her blood run hot with embarrassment as she thought about how much cake she'd just eaten. She didn't know it was going to make her THIS fat! She screamed as her huge thighs suddenly burst out of her pants, the soft thickness pressing them together forcing her to spread her stance a little further apart. The movement of her legs sent all her fat jiggling and many more threads pinged and popped from her rapidly shrinking outfit. She was horrified at the sound of her fat thighs slapping together and at the sensation of her heavy belly jiggling as it spilled down to her knees. Her pants fell to the ground, defeated. Mary whimpered as she felt cool air on her huge pink wobbling butt cheeks. She reached her hands behind her fearfully to see just how big her butt was getting and was shocked to find how much more soft squidgy fat was there, and as she grabbed a large handful of it she could feel it pushing her fingers apart more and more as the fat swelled. Pray as she might for this insane growth to stop, she couldn't deny that between her thighs she felt like she was on fire. She began to pant in desperation.

"Ooh, it's not stopping!" Mary squeaked from her terrified plump chocolate stained lips. Mary's attention was drawn back to her front as her belly let out a deep loud groaning gurgling sound. Her eyes darted about in terror as her fattening arms suddenly burst the shoulder seams of her now super skin tight t-shirt wide apart whilst her thick side rolls of fat split the seams down her sides. Her belly bulged forward and the shirt was ripped clean in half. It was just sitting on top of her breasts now, covering less and less of them with every passing second as her fat flesh rolled forth. Her face was so round now, and the fat on her neck and now huge double chin was beginning to choke her as it pushed against the overstretched neck hole of her t-shirt. She felt her nipples become erect as they came into contact with cool air as her super-soft and heavy breasts finally bulged so big and round they outgrew the frayed remains of her shirt. She gasped for air her neck finally fattened enough to split the hem of neck and the shirt fell gracefully to the floor ticking her soft rolls of fat flesh as it fell.

Completely naked, Mary felt like an overfilled balloon! So full! She was growing beyond obese now. The poor girl had literally doubled in size and she was rapidly becoming so immense that she could barely lift one of her huge legs off the ground let alone take a step. She grunted and struggled trying to move, wobbling about until her belly finally touched the floor. She shuddered involuntarily as she felt her body fat begin to push up around her as it swelled. Her exhausted muscles were unable to support her weight now and she helplessly sloshed backwards onto her huge padded rear. Rolls and rolls of thick back fat jiggled as her fat settled. Her huge fat belly knocked over the remains of the cake in front of her as it spread out, rounding like a big squishy fat-filled king sized beach ball. It was still gurgling loudly and she peered down nervously at it over her breasts. An enormous ball of soft wobbling fat with a deep dark belly button, it was ballooning out well past her toes and showed no signs of stopping. She had to be more than twice as fat as anyone she'd ever seen or heard of! All the while that strange pleasurable sensation kept building and building deep between her monstrous thighs. She kept trying to ignore it, distracted and fearful as she grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger.
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