a fatal meeting

chapter 1: contact

Nick was a tall, handsome, and relatively fit man in his 20s. He studied at a respectable college, had a girlfriend for 2 years now and lived an overall standart yet upper class life. The one thing different from his peers was that Nick was an undercover Feedee for as long as he can remember meaning that he always dreamed of giving in to his desires of getting fat - preferably in a relationship with a Feeder equally excieted about his gains. In reality however, Nick has neither talked about his fetish nor experienced it in any way. Everything regarding his kink was kept in secrecy and the private parts of his computer - browser histories were wiped, passwords to feabie and grommr not saved. He never showed his face anywhere but got excited about every single comment made about his little but still very noticeable belly. His girlfriend didn't know a thing about this darker part of himself and although he tried to touch on that topic several times, he never had a reason to believe that he and his girlfriend Lizzy shared that fetish whatsoever. They loved each other and their bodies, but Nick was far from fat, maybe a closer to over than underweight, but in no means as fat as he secretly wanted to be. Nick loved Lizzy and his life, but every night on his own he dove deep into his fetish, chatted with everyone available, filmed himself eating, took pictures that made himself look bigger than he was and wished to let his fetish take over and finally get the body he always dreamed of. But this was all fantasy. As soon as he woke up the next day the desire to be fat was gone only to come back a different night, a little stronger than before.
It was one of those nights of a seemingly unstoppable desire that a girl named Laura messaged him on one of his most frequented websites. They chatted, she told him how much she enjoyed his little pot belly and he got more and more turned on by her words. He usually only uses his nightly internet acquaintances to get the human interaction his fetish desperately craves, as he doesn't want to get fat on his own but get fat for someone and writes about all the things he wants to do if they were to meet in real life. The chat with Laura wasn't any different from that, except that she lived closer to him than anyone he had chatted with before. Before completely surrendering to his horny mind he set up a date to meet Laura, as he did so many times with different people, never with the intention of actually coming but receiving pleasure out of the idea. He finished himself of with his thoughts circling around Laura's words and drifted into a deep sleep.
The next day was a busy on and while spending it with his girlfriend he didn't think about what happened the night before. 2 days later however, the day he was to meet with Laura, a thought started to grow in his mind. "What if". "What if he really met Laura?". "What if he met her, talked about his fetish in real life for the first time in his life with someone clearly aroused in the same way he was?". The thought wouldn't leave his mind, and, in the evening, he found himself taking the bus to the bar the 2 chose for their date. He would only talk to her, tell her that he was in relationship, apologize for wasting her time and leave. That's what he told himself when he entered the bar and saw the girl from the profile picture sitting across the room.
"Nick?" she said with a smile on her face.
"Laura?" he responded nervously.
"Lovely to meet you in person, I wasn't sure if we would actually meet each other."
"Me neither, to be honest" Nick chuckled a little and tried to hide his insecurity. He added a "but I'm glad we are here" to fake the confidence he was lacking.
They talked for a while. Smalltalk really, but both of them felt as if they were circling the real reason they were here. "So." Laura broke the Smalltalk and looked him deeply in the eyes. "Don't you think you should get something to eat, skinny boy?"
Nick's face became red but at the same time he felt something. Something he was longing for all this time. Laura was a Feeder, maybe even the Feeder Nick always wanted to push him over the edge and help him to give in to his desires.
"I think you are right" He said and both of them ordered food, although Nick was pretty sure that half of Laura's order was meant for him.
After he finished his burger and fries this presumption turned out to be true as Laura pushed her plate towards him, again with a look in her eyes that aroused Nick more than he would have thought before meeting this strange woman.
While Nick ate Laura's eyes tended to wander to his stomach from time to time as to make sure that it was growing and growing. Nick felt like he never did before. He knew where Laura was looking and soon pushed his belly out on purpose, something he never did in public. He forgot everything. He didn't think about Lizzy, his normal life, or anyone else in that bar and ordered dessert for himself. After this stuffing he sat back, patting his stretched belly and feeling a rock-hard dick in his pants, while Laura's gaze said more than a thousand words.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Well, you got my attention and got me reading.

Unlike your character, I want more and more. You write well.

Chapter 2 ends abruptly in the middle of a word.

Looking forward to more of this story.