a fun pregnancy

Chapter 1

Jennifer and Matt had been married for three years. During that time they both had put on some “married” weight. Matt had gained fifteen pounds, going from a size thirty four waist to a tight size thirty six. Jennifer had put on twenty pounds, mainly on her belly and thighs. They both still looked good and really weren’t concerned with their respective weights at all. They had talked about starting a family, but really didn’t feel quite ready for that step. That started to change however with an invitation to a couples baby shower for one of Jennifer’s sorority sisters.

Her name was Elizabeth, going by Liz. Liz had been on their college’s soccer team and was totally buff in college weighing around one hundred pounds and being only five foot four in height. She had married a guy from Alpha Pi house on campus, his name was James, going by Jim. Jim came from money, so he and Liz were set, almost from the day of their wedding.

“Jen, do I have to go to this shower with you?” Matt, kind of whined. “Yes Matt you do, it won’t be that bad, you knew Jim before we got married, I’m sure it won’t be too bad or boring.”

Matt and Jen arrived at Liz’s house right on time. Jim greeted them at the door, “Hey, guys come on in, it’s great to see you both.” Matt and Jen were startled, Jim had put on some serious pounds, sporting a big beer belly and thick thighs as well. Jen went off to find Liz, Matt went to talk to Jim for a minute. “Jim how’s it going? You guys have a really nice home here.” “Thanks, Matt, yeah, we are doing pretty well, a bit too well for me. I don’t get any exercise anymore and as you can see I’ve put on a lot of weight.” “Hey, Jim don’t be so hard on yourself, I’ve put on fifteen or so pounds myself, you know the “married” weight.” “Thanks for saying that Matt, but I have really porked out, I’ve gained over fifty pounds! I’m pushing two hundred pounds.”

Jennifer went in the kitchen to find Liz. She suddenly felt something round and soft pushing against her. She turned and was shocked to see Liz, who was huge! “Jen, it’s so great to see you again, thank you so much for coming!” Jen stammered, “Liz, wow, you, uh, look great. Pregnancy really agrees with you.” Liz laughed, “If that means getting fat, then you are right.” “Oh Liz, I didn’t mean to judge.” Liz pushed her huge belly up against Jen. “Jen, don’t worry, I love being pregnant and all that goes with it.” She slapped her huge bottom to make her point. Jen didn’t know what else to say, she was trying to think of something, not wanting to bring up Liz’s obvious weight gain, when more guests arrived.
It seemed like only minutes went by and there were nearly thirty people there. There several other pregnant women too, and most of them were very overweight.

Jim and Liz had a catered buffet and Liz and her equally pregnant and large, friends literally dug in. They gorged on all of the rich food. Jen got caught up in the obvious bingeing and overate herself, getting really stuffed and bloated. Jen also drank a bit too much as well. Matt too, ate too much as well sitting with Jim, several of the other guests’ husbands bailed on the shower.

After a couple of games and opening of presents, several guests left. Liz had spilled some food on her blouse as well as her stretch pants. She asked Jen, to help her change. She had become so big it was hard to pull things off and to bend down to pull pants and panties on.

Jen followed a waddling Liz down to her bedroom. “Liz looked back over her shoulder, “My cheeks are a lot bigger than they used to be.” She slapped her bottom causing her round soft cheeks to jiggle. They went into the bedroom, Liz asked, “Jen can you help pull off my top, please?” Jen pulled off Liz’s top, she was amazed at the roll of fat under Liz’s bra strap and how big Liz’s belly was. “Now, my stretch pants.” Liz sat on the bed, which compressed quite a bit and pulled off the stretch pants. Liz’s now round, soft thighs, jiggled, her belly was pushing her thighs apart. Jen was in awe, Liz had been the super hard body in college, now she looked huge and fat. Liz giggled, “So Jen are you surprised that I and for that matter Jim have gotten so fat?” “Uh well, yes, I guess.” Jen stammered.

“I’ve gained over eighty pounds. When Jim and I decided to have children, I was still slim and working out every day. We were not having any luck, when a friend told me about another OB-GYN who had helped her. I made an appointment for the next day. Dr. Faber suggested that I cut way back on my work-outs and exercise in general and put on some weight.” “Really Jen asked, why?” “Well, Dr. Faber said your cycles are the best when the body his well fed and less stressed. He said that the working out, triggers the body defenses and slow down or even stops cycles. So I did stop working out. Jim and I started to eat more and go out to eat more often. I gained around fifteen pounds, which really felt pretty good. I still couldn’t get pregnant. He suggested gaining some more weight and become more sedentary. Well I of course gained nearly twenty more pounds. Clothes didn’t fit anymore, my panties and bras were tight, I had rolls of fat under my bra straps and love handles. But, it worked I got pregnant.”

“Jen that’s when the real weight started to pile on my body. I didn’t have any issues with morning sickness at all. I was already thirty five pounds heavier and my appetite was really starting to rage. Jim was very attentive, too much so, but I loved being pampered. We ate out five or six nights a week and at steak houses and Italian restaurants as well and I gained forty pounds in no time. I was afraid Dr. Faber would be upset that I had gained so much weight so quickly, but he encouraged me to gain even more. I was so happy he wasn’t upset that I practically gorged myself for days.”
Jen was staring at Liz’s huge belly. She was a little drunk and getting turned on. She and Liz had been just a bit more than friends during their college years. They weren’t gay, but a little closer to being “bi”.

“Jen, hello, you still there?” Jen snapped out of it. “Oh sorry, Liz, I still can’t get over how different you look.” Liz giggled, “I know, I can’t either sometime when I look in the mirror and see this whale of body looking back.” “Liz, are you going to diet and get back into shape after your baby is born?” Liz laughed, “Jen, that is what is so surprising, I don’t want to go back to being in shape and slim again. You saw how fat Jim has gotten, well that is not accident. We decided if I was going to sacrifice my figure for childbirth the least he could do was support me. So we agreed he would gain weight too. We both love our new lifestyle.”

Jen helped Liz into a new top and pulled on some clean stretch pants. They hugged, causing Jen to get even more turned on. She and Liz went back out to the living room to check in with Jim and the rest of the guests. Several had already left but a few were still there. One couple looked like they had adhered to Dr. Faber’s advice and were as heavy as Jim and Liz. They were Doug and Sue, who met Liz and Jim through the Lamaze classes that Dr. Faber’s practice puts on.

They were all sitting around nibbling on chips, nuts, cookies and other treats still out. Jen couldn’t believe how heavy they all were. She thought that pregnant women should gain weight, but Liz and Sue looked down right obese, as did their dutiful husbands. Finally hours after the shower had started the couple got ready to leave. Doug had to help Sue up, she was so full and bloated, not to mention hugely pregnant. Jim hoisted Liz off the couch and they waddled to the door to see off their guests.

Jen and Matt were following Doug and Sue out the door. Matt couldn’t help but watch Sue’s huge bottom cheeks bouncing up and down in her maternity pants. Liz moved to hug Jen, she handed Jen, Dr. Faber’s card. “Jen, make an appointment ASAP, you won’t regret it believe me. You guys are ready to have kids, trust me getting pregnant is so much fun, it’s awesome.” Liz gently poked, Jen’s bloated belly as they let go from the hug.

Matt and Jen were driving home. Jen turned to Matt, “Matt are you as turned on as I am?” Matt laughed, “No kidding, I have had a “woodie” since we got there I couldn’t keep my eyes off all of those huge bellies and fat bottoms bouncing all over the place.” “Matt I helped Liz change, she is huge. She is fat in places I’ve never imagined. Her belly is enormous, and her ass is so wide. She told me she has gained eighty pounds!” Matt looked over at Jen’s bloated pot belly. “Jim told me he has put on over fifty pounds, he is nearly two hundred pounds now.”
Jen sat in her seat for a while caressing her bloated belly. “Matt, let’s get pregnant!” “Sounds good to me. Are you planning on gaining as much weight as Liz has?” Jen giggled, “Dam right!”

They got home, put the car in the garage and raced to the bedroom. They made love several times that night and Matt dutifully went downstairs to fix “snacks” for Jen.

The next couple of weeks, both of them went out to their respective way, to eat more. Matt ate a larger breakfast and went out to lunch with co-workers. Jen did the same as well, even keeping snacks in her desk drawer at work. The fixed big, rich dinners at home or went out to eat.

Jen started to feel different. She bought a pregnancy test and it was positive. She was thrilled, “Matt I’m pregnant!” “That’s awesome dear!” “I’m going to call and tell Liz.” Jen dialed Liz’s cell. “Hello”, “Liz, it’s me Jen, I’m pregnant!” “Jen that’s awesome, make an appointment with Dr. Faber, tomorrow, trust me you’ll love him. He is so nice and supportive! You guys need to come over here and have dinner with Jim and I, this weekend.” “Okay, that sounds great Liz, we’ll see you Saturday night.”

Jen got an appointment for the next afternoon. She went to Dr. Faber’s office and went in. The receptionist sitting at the dais looked up, “You must be Jen, welcome. I have some paperwork for you to fill out, here, please take a seat. Jen reached over the dais was surprised by how big a belly the petite little receptionist had. Her belly was pressed against the desk below the counter and she could see her thighs bulging over the seat of her chair.

Jen finished the paperwork and brought it back to the receptionist. “Oh thank you Jen, please follow me to the examination room. She hefted herself up. Jen was stunned she was even larger and far rounder than she realized earlier. Jen followed the now waddling receptionist to a closed door, she opened it and led Jen in. “Jen please take off your clothes except your panties and bra. Dr. Faber will want to examine and weight you.” Jen sat down and started to dis-robe. She watched the receptionist waddle out, her bottom cheek bumped the door and she giggled to herself. She sat weighting for Dr. Faber, she was a little self-conscious about her recent weight gain. She played with the roll of fat that was sagging over the waist band of her bikini panties.

Dr. Faber waddled in, he was enormous, weighing over three hundred pounds. Jen got up a little embarrassed to be nearly naked meeting someone. Dr. Faber looked her over, “Jen you look very healthy to me. Please step on the scale and let’s get your weight and height.” Jen was five foot three and weighted one hundred and fifty pounds. Dr. Faber marked her file. “Jen, excellent, you are just a little underweight, but doing well. He did the exam and calculated that Jen was three weeks pregnant.

Dr. Faber went over what Jen’s diet should include. He preferred his patient to eat often, as many as five or six meals a day. He told not to worry about her weight, just eat until she was full or at least satisfied. Get some exercise, but not too much, walking is okay, but give up everything else. No alcohol, plenty of rest and liquids.

Dr. Faber stood up, “Jen, now remember, plenty to eat, you really can’t gain too much weight. So just enjoy and indulge yourself. I usually recommend that spouses put on weight as well, you both will feel so much better about the pregnancy if you share that experience.

He shook hand with her, “Jen check in with Sarah for your next appointment, I hope to see more of you then.” He waddled out. Jen sat for a moment, she thought, “Did he virtually tell me to get fat! I think he did! This is going to be awesome, no wonder, Liz and Sue gained so much weight, they were ordered too!”
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