a girl's dream

  By S67

chapter 1: the beginning

In her bedroom, while looking at herself naked in the mirror, Chloe didn't really like what she saw.
Weighing 124 lbs (56 kg) for 5'7" (1m65), she tried to imagine how her body would be if she was 67 lbs (30 kg) heavier at least.

She would have very round cheeks, a double chin, huge breasts, belly rolls, saggy forearms, a big ass and thick thighs full of adipose tissue and cellulite, tubby fingers too fat for her ring, no thigh gap...

She would be huge. Meaning, bigger clothes, bigger food portions and less stamina.

She couldn't help masturbating when she imagined her body like that. It was turning her on so much.
She was really aroused when she imagined herself eating tons of fattening food like cheeseburgers, candies, French fries, cakes, cold meats, ice cream, pancakes, bacon, fried eggs, chips, fried chicken...
She was thrilled by the idea of stuffing her face every single day.

And she couldn't wait to see the shocked reaction of her parents when they would notice how fat she was.
Her mother would certainly look at her with shock, surprise and concern while her father would probably say that she would be too fat to go through the door if she continued to put on weight.

But for now, she was far away from achieving her fantasy.
She looked at her lean and athletic body with a sad look. She had small breasts, toned arms, a flat belly with no love handles...
She knew that a lot of girls dreamed of having a body like hers but she really didn't give a damn.

She wanted to feel the fatness of her body and see how attractive she would be by getting fatter. She was almost certain that she would have been fat one day, one way or another. She loved food so much anyway and her mother was an amazing cook.

Obviously she couldn't tell her parents that she wanted to gain weight and become obese but she liked imagining her mother cooking her plenty of rich food and encouraging her to eat and gorge herself until she was too full to move.

And her clothes! She was so excited to see her clothes getting too small for her and having trouble to button her favorite pants.
I can't wait until I pop one of my pants, she thought excitedly while patting her flat belly.
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That Purson 1 year
More chapters?
Karenjenk 2 years
This was a fun read - 8
it stared out kind of realiztic and then turned way fantasy... 40 pizzes????

i like it though
StefanSkorp 2 years
Hot story, hoping for more chapters 😊