a gluttons gut

chapter 1

A plump little belly that pushes out from your chest; a tight round globe that wasn't there this morning, presses down into me. I can feel it pressing down onto my own abdomen.

I clutch at your sides, automatic. Aroused. Wanting, even as I gasp in shock and pleasure at feeling the weight of your girth press down into me, to pull you closer. As if by holding you this close I can savour the feeling of your weight bearing down into me.

You groan a little as I slap at your sides. You are so full that your belly has started to push out there too; all of the room in your stomach taken up so that it slopes down, curving towards your neat little hips, and has started to spill over into your sides. Growing upwards. Downwards. Outwards. Fuller... fatter.

Oh, I do love when you have been a glutton.

I wrap my legs around you, squeezing tightly with my thighs... the thighs you admired in my gym wear earlier as we lifted weights, now pull you closer. Trap you.

Where has my strong, controlled partner gone? Who is this glutton who is struggling to lay down on their belly? You are too full for this. You need to be laid back.. hands on your belly. With me adoring you... I should be sat astride you... but you want to indulge me.

You give a little gasp, and I feel you tense, as I push my pelvis upwards into you... sliding my hips so that I catch your excitement between the warmth of my own, and your belly. So that with each rock, with every time I press myself tightly against your body, i slide the length of you against me... pressing you firmly under the weight of your roundness.

You know I love being pinned under your belly like this... you know from experience just how you can make me cry out with the gluttonous gut. How I love being pressed down by your weight... feeling you you struggle to lift your belly from me...how you grow a little clumsy trying to account for this girth.

You keep me on edge with your body. With pushing your fullness. There is no denying that I love this gut on you. And, it has made you indulge... a little too much from your moans of how full you are. That you just need a moment... laying your weight on my pelvis heavily. Pressing that belly so that it fills my thighs: so that it makes my legs tremble with want while your kisses grace my neck. My breasts... your hands on my waist. Lifting the small of my back...

You please and tease me until I am crying out in want of you. Over and over, using your belly. Your body to take me to the edge of pleasure. Taking advantage of my adoration of you.... of how much I adore this belly. Enjoying still being in control... until you are not. Until you realise that the hedonistic indulgence has gone too far... the ache which has turned us on so, has grown.

Who knew. Who knew, I would be driven this wild for a taut round belly. That I would almost be crying tears of pleasure in want for this fatness... in want for this greedy, overfed gut.

Full almost to bursting... that I would pulse in excitement at hearing you moan from both fullness and pleasure just to have it pressed too me. Just to see you glutted. Round. Fat.

That you would love being such a glutton... with me moulded so tightly to you. Bodies intertwined... until with a final little moan that you really are too full for this; you need to lay back. That your belly would demand room from the pressure... the ache.

You need me to soothe you. To trace my fingers over the tight red skin... I feel your little breaths grow faster as I kiss; knowing that each sensation will be amplified... that this tightness excites you as it does me. I kiss lower... my hands staying on your belly to rub and caress. Lower... you close your eyes moaning. When you open them again, all you can see is the curve of your belly. I've almost disappeared below low... but you can feel... my lips. My tongue. My loving caress... but now I can have you. As I please... and i do so want pleased...

It's almost too easy to let go. To indulge, when it feels this good. And we will be left to wonder... just how did you get so big?
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GrowingLoveH... 1 week
Rereading this is a beautiful experience. The eroticism is just perfect in every way. And I love when she asks where her strong controlled lover has gone. Of course, he is now controlled by her.
GrowingLoveH... 1 year
Wow! Catching my breath.

I’ve read the 2nd of your 3 stories, and I want to hold off from reading the 3rd, to savor it later.

Naw, I’m like a tempted glutton, filling with pleasure. No willpower
Built4com4t 1 year
Again, brilliant. A treat to read and fantasize
Littleextra 1 year
Mercy! .... This was hot. Incredible writing, bravo! 👏