a hefty halloween reunion

Chapter 1

I pause on the stairs leading up to my best friend Elaina’s front door. It’s a perfect night for a Halloween party. The sky is clear and the full moon hangs low, setting an appropriately eerie atmosphere. The weather has begun to cool, but it’s not so chilly that I’m left shivering in my costume. Speaking of which…

I put my grocery bag on the steps and nervously pull up the neckline of my bodice. I’m on a mission tonight, and it would be a waste to have a wardrobe malfunction before then.

Costume now adjusted, I pick up my bag and bound up the steps. The door opens before I get a chance to ring the doorbell.

“Maria!” Elaina exclaims, wrapping me in a hug. “I was worried you were going to bail on me. Everyone else is here already.”

“Everyone?” I ask innocently.

Elaina frowns and scrunches up her nose. “Yes, everyone. But we need to talk.” She steps back to allow me into the house, and closes the door behind me. “I know you were excited to see a certain someone for the first time since high school, and he’s here, but his appearance is a bit… surprising.”

My pulse races, but I do my best to keep my face inquisitive and neutral.

“Well yeah, it’s been over a decade. It would be weirder for him to look exactly the same as he did back then.” I hold up my grocery bag. “I brought some extra snacks for the party. Where should I put these?”

“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she says, looking at me warily. “And yeah, just leave the bag on the counter. We’ll probably need extra tonight.”

I grin at Elaina and make my way to the kitchen. I can hear cheesy Halloween music and conversation drifting through the house. It sounds like the bulk of the party is in her living room. I drop the snacks on an empty counter, contemplating.

He definitely wouldn’t be in the living room, I think. But where would he be?

I wander into the dining room, where the table is loaded up with party snacks and finger foods. Fake webs and plastic spiders fill the gaps between dishes, and at one end of the table dry ice creates fog underneath a giant punch bowl labeled “Witch’s Brew”. Elaina always goes all out for her parties.

The door leading to the covered patio catches my attention. It’s close to the dining room, and unlikely to attract a lot of partygoers. It would be the perfect place for him to go.

I grab a plate and load it up, grabbing a little bit of everything I can pile on, then march over to the patio door, take a deep breath, and swing it open.

I cheer internally when I see a large figure sitting at the patio table, several empty plates stacked in front of him. He looks up at me, and in his face, I see a mixture of surprise and shame.

I had been expecting for him to be larger than he used to be — hoping, in fact — but I’m still shocked by his size. Asher had been our school’s star running back. He was lean, nimble, and fast — three words that no one in their right mind would use to describe him now.

His stomach swells in front of him, taking up most of his lap and straining the buttons of his white shirt. The seams of his black dress slacks are pulled taut as well and I wonder how much more they can take. Wavy, unruly black hair frames a face that was once chiseled, but is now soft and rounded.

“Hi,” I say, not trying to hide my shock or nervousness. “Is it okay if I sit out here with you? It’s a bit too busy inside.”

He takes a moment to respond, his eyes darting from the remnants of his feast, to me, to his own stomach.

“Go right ahead,” he says at last. The metal chair emits a worrisome creak as he leans back, and I can see the blush forming on his cheeks from my position by the door.

He’s bashful, too? Oh, the things I want to do to this man.

I slide into the seat across from him, trying to quell my own excitement, and motion towards the white half-mask laying on the table beside his empty plates.

“Phantom of the Opera?”

“Yeah, it’s one of my favorites. And you…” he trails off, his eyes roaming over my costume. I sit up straighter, hoping the amount of cleavage I have on display is doing its job.

“Generic scantily-clad witch, I’m afraid.”

“Nothing wrong with a classic.” He pauses, looking lost in thought. After a moment, he finally speaks up. “I’m sorry if this sounds weird, but is your name Maria? Maria Leonard, from Oak Grove?”

I can’t suppress a grin. “That’s me. I’m surprised you remember me. I was such a shy person back then.”

“Shy? You were a cheerleader.” He chuckles, and it makes me laugh as well. “You look fantastic.”

“You look pretty good yourself, Asher,” I say coyly.

His eyes widen, then he looks away, seemingly trying to hide the smile tugging at his lips. “Ah, you recognize me? Most people don’t. I’ve… changed a bit since school.”

“Of course I recognize you. I’d know those soulful eyes of yours anywhere, even if you ballooned up like this.” His blush deepens at my teasing, and a thrill of excitement shoots down my spine.

Maybe I can take this a step further.

“You know, I’m not surprised to see that you gained some weight over the years. I recall you were always a big eater back in high school.” Asher looks back at me, and we lock eyes. “Never at school I guess, but after away games when the coach took everyone to dinner at whatever buffet they could find. You’d stuff yourself until you could barely walk.”

I stand and lean over the table, tracing a finger down his torso.

“Do you still do that? Go out to restaurants and beach yourself in public?”

Wordlessly, Asher nods his head. We stay like that for a while, transfixed with each other, neither daring to break the moment. Finally, I spread my palm out and give his belly a gentle thump. It’s tight, probably just as much from being full as it is from the constraints of his shirt. He groans in response, shifting in his seat.

I withdraw my hand and sit back down, pushing my untouched plate of food towards him.

“Do you want to know a secret?” I ask.

He nods again, obediently digging into the food I had offered him. I watch him demolish a cupcake in two bites before moving on to a pile of trail mix.

“I was really hoping to run into you tonight.” My voice is almost a whisper, my face flushing with arousal. “And I was excited to see what you’d done to your body over the years. I would suck your dick right now, but I think you lost the ability to get a blowjob in a seated position a few hundred pounds ago.”

He moans in response through a mouthful of chocolate covered pretzels. His eyes are half-lidded, and his breaths come in shallow gasps now.

I stand to move behind him, sliding both arms down over his shoulders to grasp his enormous gut.

“Was this worth it?” I whisper into his ear, kneading the taunt flesh under my fingertips. “Was what you’ve done to yourself worth all the things you’ve lost along the way?”

“Yes,” he gasps, shuddering.

He shifts in his seat and arches his back, pushing his stomach forward to draw in a full lungful of air.

I hear the pop before I see it; a button bursts off his shirt, letting his stomach surge forth unrestrained. A few more buttons quickly follow — pop, pop, pop.

My hands caress the exposed expanse of his belly lovingly. I watch him as he watches my hands, seeing the heat of embarrassed lust flooding his face.

“You poor, greedy piggy. You’re gonna have to walk through the house to leave, and everyone you run into on the way out will see the extent of your gluttony. If they were surprised to see you earlier, imagine their faces when they see you’ve burst out of your clothes.”

He slides his thick hands over mine and turns his head to look me in the eyes again, and then I’m closing the gap to kiss him. He kisses me back, and his kisses are very much like the man himself — hungry, indulgent. His tongue tastes sweet in my mouth.

“Do you want to find out if I can still fuck like a man?” he mumbles against my lips.

“Yes,” I say breathlessly.

I step back and he heaves himself to his feet with a groan. We’re both panting, and as we prepare to leave, we take turns stealing kisses and groping each other with the urgency of reunited lovers.

We leave around the side of the house, opting not to go back in and leave through the front door. As hot as it would be to get caught, I’m at my breaking point.

He holds the door open for me when we arrive at his car, and I slide in, my pussy throbbing.

I want to ride him until I wreck him. I want to tease him and see that bashful blush spread across his face again. I want to feel every inch of his body beneath my fingertips.
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