a hefty heist

chapter 1- july 4th

“I’m sorry. You seem like a nice girl, but I have a girlfriend. Excuse me.” Drake said, as he politely turned down the cute blonde that had been hitting on him at the bar.

“Your loss!” Ellie muttered, while she turned back to the bar and ordered another mixed drink. Drake was a large guy, about 6’0 feet tall and 230lbs and to be honest he didn’t look to be in good shape. In contrast, Ellie was a goddess of a women, she stood at 5’8 and carried only 120lbs on her hourglass frame. She wore a sexy novelty dress painted like the Star Spangled Banner. It hung tight across her fit body and revealed plenty of Ellie’s cleavage. In any case, due to her spectacle of trying to flirt with Drake, Ellie must have seemed pretty desperate to any casual observers. At least, that is what she hoped.

“You shouldn’t feel bad. Drake is gay.” Drake’s friend said, as he sat on Drake’s empty bar stool next to Ellie.

“You really know how to cheer a girl up huh? What’s your name?” Ellie smiled, as she turned to get a look at her prey. She actually found him relatively attractive at first glance.

“I try.. And the name’s Wallis. Tell me, why’s a beautiful girl like you going after a guy like Drake anyway?” Wallis asked, as he checked out Ellie’s hot body.

“I didn’t know he was gay!” Ellie laughed, as she grabbed her drink and took a liberal sip. Wallis looked much fitter in person then in the pictures she had seen. He was a tall young man, about 6’2 and looked to weigh about 175lbs. He had short curly blond hair, and bright blue eyes.

“I meant a fat guy.” Wallis clarified, as he looked over his shoulder to make sure Drake had left.

“Well, the chubby ones are normally more willing to do crazy things. And I’ve got a healthy appetite for crazy.” Ellie admitted, as she tried to look disinterested with Wallis.

“Interesting, you don’t look like a girl with a healthy appetite.” Wallis doubted, as he observed the thin waist on Ellie.

“Oh, I have quite the appetite. In fact, if my body was the size of my appetite, I’d be too fat to walk.” Ellie seductively spoke, as she tried to gauge Wallis’s interest in her.

“Well, I have an appetite too. If you want to come back to my apartment I’m sure I could show you.” Wallis said trying to sound smooth.

“Is that supposed to be your clever attempt to sweep me off my feet?” Ellie played, as she turned toward Wallis and took another full sip of her drink.

“I would sing all 20 letter of the alphabet in public if you would come home with me.” Wallis proclaimed, trying to seal the deal.

“Someone’s a little drunk. I think your missing some letter’s there ace.” Ellie laughed at Wallis’s pathetic attempt to impress her.

“You’re right. I think I know the letters I missed…U…R…A…Q…T” Wallis smiled, as Ellie walked right into his pickup line.

“Aww! That’s actually sweet!” Ellie swooned, not expecting some clever wit from Wallis. “Wait.. You’re still missing one letter.”

“I mean if you want to come home with me tonight I’ll show you where I keep the ‘D’” Wallis grinned. Ellie had to admit that the guy had some balls. He was a complete pig, but he had a pair.

“Well, that is the most sincere invitation I’ve gotten all night.” Ellie softly spoke, as she got off her chair and jumped on Wallis’s lap. “Happy fourth of July.”

“Happy..” Wallis muttered, before Ellie started to kiss the attractive young man.

Ellie played her part well, and to be fair to Wallis, he didn’t make it too hard. Ellie found him attractive. The man was in good shape. They ended up going to Wallis’s apartment, a penthouse suite of the Luxury Life Hotel, one of the city’s finest hotels. In such an impressive atmosphere Ellie made sure Wallis had the night of his life. In the morning when he asked her for her number, Ellie could only smile while they set up a dinner date later that day. After a breakfast in bed prepared by Wallis, Ellie returned to the safe house, a relatively new office building located in the city’s commercial district. After all, Ellie was currently pretending to be a corporate executive.
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Uwu23 2 years
wow this has been one of the best stories I have read so far, will you ever release a sequel ?, since you left a very open ending, I really would like to know the outcome of this story
Hermanos 2 years
I love this story.

Sometimes, when I can't find any good story I come back to read this masterpiece.

Are you still going to make the sequel? Because I'd love to read it.
John Smith 2 years
I completed my reading.

This is what I call f r e a k i n g storytelling.
John Smith 2 years
[...] Well done, Polaris: you made me broke my reclusion from F.A. forums for a couple of seconds.

Never I enjoyed reading a caper story involving weight gain this way.
John Smith 2 years
I am currently in the midst to visually devour the first chapter of your short novel, and I am geniunely amazed by your talent.

The story is maliciously witty, colourful, sexy and realistic. [...]
Fatowl 3 years
Fantastic story!! Could not put it down till I was done!! Suspenseful and like an action adventure. Good plot and character development.

Absolutely!! Do a sequel. Great cliff hanger. Maybe make Wallis a bad guy and have Bitch Lilly become a h
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@ClearSkyNZ Glad you enjoyed! I'm sure you will! It's taken me a long time to improve my craft, but as long as you work at it, you can do it!
ClearSkyNZ 3 years
This was an awesome story. You're a great writer! I'm definitely going to check out your next story. I can only hope to write something with as meaningful characters as you
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@trolheh I think you've hit the nail on the head with Taylor's fate. Although I might not focus the sequel on Taylor, her fate would certainly be included.

Thank you for all the support!
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@Godzilla That's a good idea. Her whole orientation toward gaining and sex has probably been irreversibly changed
Godzilla 3 years
Ellie compulsively eating without encouragement.
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@Sexypeggy Thanks for the feedback!

I think the word limit cut you off.
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@Tobbyrea thank you! What would you hope to see in a sequel?

@FigureBySnacks Thanks for the feedback! Great idea!
Sexypeggy 3 years
You are welcome

I really liked Ellie. a woman who has a good font and a good kind for it is friend.
a continuation would be good because one is attached to the various character.
and I really like the chapter or Ellie and very nourish. (can be
Tobbyrea 3 years
I really enjoyed the story hope for a sequel
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@fatchance Thank you very much! It is always motivating to hear that!
Fatchance 3 years
fantastic writing! love it!
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@Sexypeggy Thank you!
Sexypeggy 3 years
Very nice
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@Vulpix7 I think some of your comment got cut off by the word limit.

I think the descent into the gain is the strongest part of this story! Thanks!