a huge hypnotic fart

chapter 1

Melody had just arrived in Paris. It had been a few weeks. She was a student at the Sorbonne University, in philosophy. There, she had already made several friends. There was one called Tessa. She was a normal and very nice girl. Generous and funny. Especially greedy. Tessa was very fat. She spent her time devouring candy bars all day. She hardly ever drank water, always Coke. At the coffee machine, she always added sugar or caramel to her hot chocolate. Almost every midday, she instinctively rushed to the KFC next to the College. She devoured everything and never hesitated to lick the sauces. Tessa ate greedily and dirtily. But it doesn't matter. Mélody had a good feeling with Tessa. And his huge appetite was finally so funny and cute.
One evening, Tessa invited Mélody to a Netflix party in her small studio. A girls night in front of a romantic comedy. The dream ! Mélody came around 6 p.m. Tessa greeted her very warmly. Tessa was wearing a big sweatshirt stained with who knows what and a very tight pink leggings. Her little studio was nice. Except in the kitchen who eats with silver forks. The two girls took their places on the sofa. Tessa brought back two packets of chips and a few beers. They began to discuss about everything and nothing. They were laughing and having fun. After an hour, they decided to have some fun and order Burger King. Mélody took a normal menu. It was already very fat for her. Tessa, very relaxed, preferred to take two menus and nuggets. All this while continuing to stuff himself with her cheese crisps. From time to time, Tessa let go of burp. The effect of beer!
After this very fat menu, the two girls turn out on the sofa, in front of the film. They felt full.

When suddenly something really unexpected happened. Tessa let out a huge, loud fart. The noise crossed the room. She apologized with a heavy laugh:
- Sorry girl! It had to come out!
Melody excused her friend of course. But the smell couldn't leave the room. And without knowing why, Melody couldn't think of anything else. This smell was both poisonous and ... delicious. Melody wanted to breathe deeply. It was disgusting but that was okay. In her friend's fart, there was an incredible smell of pizza, taco burgers and loads of other fatty stuff. It was a hypnotic fart. Little by little Melody felt her life go by. She wanted to take a new path. Become a big pig like her friend Tessa. Eat too fat, too salty and too sweet. It was an instinctive feeling. She was no longer in control and wanted to become a new Tessa. All this in seconds, thanks to a fart.
Tessa looked at her friend in a hypnotic trance. She was smiling frankly as she continued to eat good cheese crisps. She kissed her friend's cheek:
- You are mine now. Breathe well this oily and delicious smell. You will become like me. A fat, dirty, fat girl. You will be perfect in this role. Don't try to resist to my putrid farts. You already love them ...
Melody replied by nodding her head with a rather silly smile.
Melody replied by nodding her head with a rather silly smile.
Tessa continued again:
- From now on, your only desire should be food. You will adopt my way of life: getting fat, being lazy, dirty and enjoying burping and especially farting. In short, the life of a big pig. We're gonna be spending a lot of time together you and me. You will soon be very fat. And you won't even remember your old life. It will be very natural. Speaking of natural things ...
Tessa began to let go another hypnotic fart. The smell was even stronger and more superb. Melody could not restrain herself and in turn released a nice flatulence. Sound and fragrant. Mélody felt so relieved. She was at the height of happiness ... And that was only the very beginning.
Tess continued:
- That's cool, well done! You are going to feel so relaxed. Make me happy my little pig and eat me this jar of Nutella.
Melody grabbed the pot that was in the kitchen. Armed with a spoon, she emptied the pot in a few minutes. She had it all around her mouth and was gently licking her fingers under the influence of hypnosis. Satisfied, she let out another nice fart. Tess congratulated her.
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