a lesson to be learned 2

Chapter 1 - a lesson to be learned 2 part 1

The month following Kimberly's first dip into the pool of the dark arts brought about some deviously delicious changes, much to her delight. Within days of her hex being cast it was clear that Sunny Andrews' bout of illness was over and her lack of appetite was behind her, WAY behind her judging by her eating habits in the campus cafeteria. Every day it seemed like nothing could slow her trajectory to the student eatery when the lunch period began, and it also seemed like nothing could drag her away either. Her lunch tray would be loaded up with as much as she could fit on it and plough through the feast over the course of her two hour break, sometimes even daring to get seconds if she had time.

Watching her from across the dining hall Kimberly gave a smug smile as she munched on a crunchy salad while Sunny chomped her way through a large double cheese burger, 'Quite the appetite you've got there Sunny, you'd better start pacing yourself though', Kimberly chuckled to herself at the words in her head.

Over the next few weeks Kimberly and the other cafeteria regulars saw Sunny's appetite level out somewhat, while the quantities she consumed had reduced they were still large enough to be considered rather unladylike. Totally oblivious to her change in behaviour Sunny's bizarre eating habits continued and they were beginning to show on her svelte figure. The pencil skirt she had worn to the first class of the year was rapidly running out of give and space as her luscious butt cheeks filled it out, and while early on the gawking gang of students had relished its tightening fit on her delightful form, the included development of a small belly was causing some of her students to avert their gaze. The same could be said of her upper half as well, many of Sunny's shirts and tops had begun growing snugger in recent weeks, both around the bust and lower down. Such items had been snug before the odd shift in Sunny's appetite, all the better to show off her stunning figure, but with the extra padding she was slowly cultivating her clothing was edging nearer and nearer to unflattering territories, although there still remained a good many students who enjoyed the sight of Sunny's growing cleavage.

Just over a month since Kimberly cast her sadistic little spell everyone on campus was aware of Sunny's softening, everyone except Sunny, of course. Today in class Sunny was clad in a trendy pair of black, flared slacks with a pair of fashionable yet professional set of heels, her upper half was covered by a tasteful light grey, cotton cardigan with a simple cream vest underneath which gave a decent view of Sunny's growing assets. As she spoke to the class she smiled and joked, flashing her perfect, pearly whites with her slightly rounder cheeks, she was far from chubby or plump by this point, however her gain over the past month was undeniable. To most simple onlookers on campus she was be seen simply as a healthy, beautiful young lecturer in her late twenties, maybe a few pounds heavier than recommended but certainly not plump, but to a select few who had stood witness to her change this past month she was a growing girl with an appetite. And with said appetite they knew her growth was bound to continue, one student in particular knew for a fact that Sunny's growth was only just getting started.
In class Kimberly couldn't take her eyes off Sunny, scrutinising every detail she could and taking notes on the changes she observed with knowing smiles, noting how the fabric of Sunny's attire stretched, how creases had gradually flattened out and vanished, and how every now and then Sunny was forced to nip and tug at certain items, whether to cover revealed slivers of flesh up or to remove material from certain areas. During tests Kimberly had to hold herself back from giggling when she would see Sunny fidget in her chair, the loud creaks breaking the silence of the lecture hall as she shifted her weight this way or that to adjust her clothing. Sunny started attracting questionable looks when she would start snacking, her hands would vanish into her desk draws and rummage for one of the many snacks she stashed there and guiltlessly start eating away while her students worked.

At the end of the test everyone handed in their papers and collected their belongings, some dawdling to discuss the test's content and compare answers, all the while Kimberly kept her eyes on Sunny. She wore an impatient expression as she hurried to collect the test papers and waited for everyone to start leaving, she really couldn't wait to get them all out the door and lock up, and Kimberly knew exactly why. The look on Sunny's face was the exact one Kimberly had seen more than a dozen times as she watched Sunny in the cafeteria queue waiting to pay, her feet would fidget and her fingers would dance on her loaded, plastic tray as if playing an air-piano, and on this day Kimberly just couldn't resist her curiosity. She had to get closer, she was no longer content observing Sunny eat from afar, like an animal researcher on safari she wanted to get as close as she could to the action. With a deep swallow and her bag on her shoulder Kimberly walked up to Sunny with a pleasant smile on her face, which Sunny reciprocated when she turned to face her.

"Will you join me for lunch today please, Sunny? You've been helping me out so much recently with this course I really want to repay you in some way, and it'll give us a chance to chat a little."

Sunny was a little thrown by Kimberly's kind offer, it was a rare thing that a student wanted to eat with a lecturer, much less buy their food, "Um... Sure, that'd be really nice, Kim, thanks", she replied with a smile before turning her attention to the last remaining stragglers, "Come on you guys, time to go, you can chat outside", she playfully called to them as she ushered them out the doors.

As they all exited the lecture hall and began their walk to the lunch hall Kimberly found she had to add an extra step to her pace to keep up with Sunny who seemed to be power walking under the steam of her obvious hunger. They entered the lunch hall some minutes later, took their trays and joined the queue, as their progressed they each took the items that took their fancy until they reached the serving area for the mains. As Sunny looked down she noticed a serious difference in the quantities she and Kim had chosen, "I'm really sorry, I didn't notice I'd taken so much, I'm gonna put some of this back", Sunny said turning bright red with embarrassment.

"It's ok, don't worry about it, I said I'd buy you lunch, so get as much as you want, seriously, order anything", Kim reassured her with the most genuine smile she had given Sunny in a long time.

"Oh, erm, Ok, thanks, but only if you're su-".

"Stop it, I'm sure", Kim cut her off.

Taking their seats at an empty table Kimberly delicately placed her tray down, which was soon followed by the considerably heavier sound of Sunny's hitting the table, Kimberly couldn't believe how much Sunny had got for lunch, there was barely enough space on the tray for it all, 'Ha, and to think, this is actually less than what she was eating almost two weeks ago. No wonder she's grown like she has, talk about getting just desserts'. Kimberly began to snigger at her own internal joke at Sunny's expense, which caught Sunny off guard.

"What so funny?", Sunny asked a little confused.

"Oh nothing, sorry, I thought I was about to sneeze is all. Let's eat, I'm starving", Kim said as they both sat down and began their meals. Wanting Sunny's attention on her meal Kimberly remained silent as she ate, all the while watching Sunny work her way through the various starters and sides she's taken as she built up to her main, a large double cheese burger with fries and onion rings. Dropping her fork onto the floor gave Kimberly the perfect chance to see the state of Sunny's abdomen as she fed herself more and more, and with her head under the table she grinned at what she saw. The button on Sunny's slacks was definitely struggling to hold on, sitting down had obviously forced her tightening cardigan to slide up slightly and now a pale stretch of Sunny's chubby belly was plainly visible.

Sitting properly again Kimberly was surprised to find Sunny was already making a start on her main, several bites were already missing from the large burger and Sunny showed no signs of slowing down. Kimberly was doing an internal dance of celebration at what here devious spell had caused, in fact some was leaking out causing her feet to do a delighted little shuffle under the table as she watched Sunny continue to consume.
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Tommmy 9 years
Fabulous!!!! I love it. You're writing is so wonderful. Very descriptive. Please continue it soon. Lots of lovely details. And LOTS of weight gain for her!! Please continue it soon.
Bobbyfad 9 years
Excellent! I can't wait for more!