a life of contrast

chapter 1

The restaurant was full, alive with loud chatter punctuated by the clink of glass and raucous laughter; in the background soft music played, ignored and almost drowned out. A Friday night release of the week’s tensions at work. Near to the entrance two people sat at a table by themselves, engrossed in conversation.

“Are you sure you want to do this to yourself?” He said, he seemed in earnest that the implications should be thought through clearly. “Yes” she said. “As I’ve said, this urge is deep inside me – I’ve been aware of it since I was in my teens, but have never so far made it a reality. I want to try it now”. He leaned back, looking uncertain. “People will ask what is ‘going on’ with you, your friends and family. What about that?” “I’ll deal with that as and when it occurs” she said. He knew her to be a strong person, and he relaxed with a smile. She continued “I can do it properly if I have someone who is compelling me to go further and further. I know you can do that for me, and I know you want me to be that way”. His smile broadened as he leaned back further in his chair. “We’re both going to enjoy this!” he said, and they both began to laugh softly with pleasure.

In her bedroom, she appraised herself in the full length mirror. A girl in her mid 20’s, tall at nearly 6ft. People had often commented on her femininity and good looks, although she quietly harboured negative thoughts about her few physical imperfections. “Well, maybe they loom larger for me than they do for others” She said to herself. “People don’t seem to notice, after all”. She acknowledged to herself she had largely been gifted well in terms of her looks. Her face pretty, with green eyes that people had told her have a hint of challenge; her perfect teeth, and lips that combine with those teeth to produce a big, distinct smile. Her long, wavy brown hair that she occasionally favoured to colour blonde. Her body well-proportioned, tending towards a broader pelvis, and fuller breasts. Her thighs were correspondingly broad and her arms slightly full. She turned, and looked over her shoulder, eyeing the generous curve of her bottom, and how deep the small of her back recessed from it and from her shoulder blades. The way she was twisted created folds of flesh across her back. “Bloody hell” she breathed “With my build I know if I do this I’m going to become huge!”

She had, by herself, decided to slim down some months before, her inner urge to experience a contrasting physique, her strength and determination driving her on. She was a good swimmer, particularly endurance swimming, and this ability was tapped into to help her lose weight. She had become less than 10 stone, noticeable on a body of such height and build, her bone structure standing out more prominently as her natural mass of muscle and subcutaneous fat became reduced. She loved the result, the feeling of physical lightness, and the opportunity it presented of buying and wearing a greater variety of clothes. Friends and family congratulated her on her new slimness, with some saying how envious they were at her success. They asked how she had managed it. She told them it was diet and exercise, and a lot of will power. What she didn’t tell them was the inner compelling urge to take on a new physical appearance “That” she mused to herself “Gives you the edge!”.

And now the urge to change was becoming stronger again. She had always had a healthy love of food and a very good appetite. Her natural build was quietly beginning to assert itself again as she noticed her small-sized clothing getting a little tighter. Having achieved the ultra-slim look she had aimed for, she had relaxed and had at times started again to eat higher calorie foods that she particularly liked.

She wanted to experience what it is like to be fat. She knew she could do this on her own, but also that the process would be so much more enjoyable if there was someone compelling her to do it too.

They were friends and he had told her during a conversation once, in passing, that he liked a curvier figure on women. Over the next week or two she ‘probed’ to find out more, and in the restaurant one Friday evening she had gently persuaded him to reveal that he had an obesity fetish. He particularly loved to see women transform from slim to huge. She told him of her own powerful fetish urges, and they had both laughed with relief and excitement.

She was not working at the time they had decided to start her transformation, so she could minimise physical exertions, and spend lots of time sleeping, and eating. Sufficient funds were available for her to consume more calories for as long as she wanted. She instinctively knew that some exercise each week would be important, and she knew that swimming is one of the best exercises that anyone can do for good health. Moreover, with swimming, the body is supported by the water so all the advantages of exercise can be gained without straining joints and muscles that would occur such as with jogging when weight is increased. She knew she could take advantage of her swimming ability to maintain good health while she got bigger and bigger ……

While ensuring she consumed each day in fresh foods the right minerals and vitamins needed to stay healthy, she expanded her consumption of high calorie foods and drink, not too much in the beginning. While in the first week or so, she felt bloated and unsure she could continue with the plan, despite the encouragement he was giving her. She often slept as her body processed the increased intake and ‘switched off’ all unnecessary activities. They persevered, not forcing but backing off a little so her body could continue to get used to the new regime. By the third week she had ‘acclimatised’ and her body was expecting the increased calorie intake each day. She started to enjoy the over-eating and drinking, and he smilingly pushed her to take in more, teasing her about how fat she was going to become and how everybody she knew would be so disgusted and shocked.

A month into the regime they formally assessed her progress. She looked critically at her body in her full-length mirror. Christ. What a change. Her naturally slightly voluptuous body had responded noticeably. In the remarkable way that many women’s bodies do, the whole of her body had taken on a layer of fat just under the skin that produced a smoothness and fuller-ness to her initial curvaceous form. She turned around a little to see herself from different positions. Her more angular shape was gone, she had become fuller all over. Her boobs, arms, thighs, everything more curvaceous and ‘more’ feminine. She felt more so than before too. Satisfaction spread through her at her progress, and he praised her, saying there was no way back now, and she was going to become a real porker.

When she went off to the pool to swim, she wanted people to notice her increasing weight. She realised that if she wore shades, she could walk along apparently looking ahead, but actually could watch people out of the corner of her eye as she passed them. She bought clothes that showed off her increasing weight – including items that some people would regard as unsuitable for a girl with obvious weight problems (“poor thing”). She noted that girls would looked shocked at her fattening belly hanging out from a crop top, some whispering that she must be pregnant; men on occasion might smile to each other with approval at her indifference of her appearance.

In the weeks that followed she and he pursued the goal relentlessly. The experience was like nothing they had had before. The bigger she got, the more he teased her about her inarguably ballooning body. She felt herself happily ‘letting go’ to his demands that she eat more and get bigger still. She was delighted to discover that the more her body got used to excessive eating and drinking, the more it wanted. She imperceptibly transformed from curvaceous into incipient obesity.

By eight months of this focused programme, she had utterly transformed into a heavily obese girl. She had become happily indifferent to how much she was consuming each day, and was simply responding to his demands that she eat and drink whatever he put in front of her. She could eat a large chocolate cake with ease, sitting up in bed and digging handfuls of it to cram into her mouth. He would wipe her mouth delicately once she’d finished. Telling her what a good piggy she was. She was astonished to find even after eating something like that she was continuously hungry.

Now she was satisfied that she had reached a weight that she was happy with. As she gazed at herself in the full-length mirror, turning to see herself from different angles, she reflected how she had looked at the start. She found that, just as she had enjoyed the lightness of being extra slim many months before, so she felt similarly about her now very heavy body.

“Come on” he called out from another room “I’m taking you to an ‘All You Can Eat” restaurant that’s newly opened a few miles away. “It’s got great reviews”. She told him to hang on a few minutes while she finished off her makeup and smoothed down her dress over her cascade of fat rolls. She looked at herself again, hands on hips. Although she had been stuffing herself for months with fattening food and drink, she looked in the rudest of health. Her eyes were brighter and her hair glossier than they had ever been before, her skin was smooth, full and well-coloured “I think I scrub up pretty well for a big fatty” she said to herself with a smile, and waddled slowly with deliberation towards the door.
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