a little run

Chapter 1 - to the new house

Jim had always been passionate about running; running away from responsibilities, running away from problems, generally running away from anything that disturbed his peace of mind or inconvenienced him in any capacity. And, he was particularly good at it, so much so, that he was part of the college track team. Though he never won any competitions, he did well enough to be able to compete.

Standing at the doorway, hands on his spare hips, he asks, "You like it?"

Not that his wife, Sarah, had anything against helping with arranging the furniture at their new house but, Jim had wanted to take this responsibility off of her hands. Sarah was to start work as a project manager and had too much on her plate as it was and Jim, well, he had time on his hands.
After college, Jim had turned to art and, much to everybody's surprise, his art did pretty well. Often he would work on a piece which, no sooner was he done, would be auctioned off at a hefty price.
Jim came from a family of wealth and connections. Never having to put much effort on anything, he loved the life he had built for himself through his parents' influence.

"You've got an eye for my aesthetics." Sarah answered, mimicking Jim's artsy tone, the one that he reserved for prospective buyers.

"Oh now, do I?"

The mischief in the voice was not missed by Sarah, who giggled as Jim caught her from the back and picked her up and twirled her around.
Being barely 5'2 and 100 pounds, Sarah was tiny compared to Jim's 5'11 and 163 pounds. The pair were vibrant and looked no older than the 22 year olds who got married three years back.

That night, sitting at the dining table and reveling in the food (that they ordered from a nearby restaurant) and a bottle of Armand de Brignac Midas (a gift from Jim's parents), Jim proposed a toast, "To the new house!"

"And the new neighborhood!" Sarah added.

Their glasses clinked as they finished the cheap greasy food with the exquisite expensive alcohol.

The dirty dishes lay cluttered on the table and the kitchen counters, neither of them had been raised to clean after themselves and they were already considering hiring help. Jim's mother knew people who knew people and Jim knew that the very next day, they'll have a servant or helper, whatever they preferred to be called in this area.

That night was a passionate night, the excitement of the new place and the exhilaration from the alcohol; the two played their passion in bed. Their supple bodies intertwined, gracefully moving over one another. The night was brightened in the glamour of the young elegant bodies making love to each other.
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Kjdfduhfjdf 4 years
It's perfect...Continue, please
Kjdfduhfjdf 4 years
It's perfect...Continue, please
Hurgon 4 years
Great start. Love where this is going!