a magical desire

Chapter 1 - the search and the magic

I remember that when I was a child, people overweight always caught my attention, but my life took a different direction.

My family was very strict with my weight, they always made me exercise in excess, and they only gave me very healthy food and in few portions.

When I grew up I became a man with an athletic body, I married a very thin woman who liked to exercise together.

my name was Dave, my height was 5 ′ 7 ″ and my weight was 132 pounds, my wife called Sandra, her height was 5 '5' 'and she weighed 112 pounds.

My parents also had very athletic bodies and took pride in what was happening.

from the time I got married I looked for a way to change this present I lived, until one day I found it.

I came to a cabin in a desolate forest with my truck, I went into the cabin and found an old witch.

- What are you looking for small, is it changing your life? - she said.

- Yes - I said - how do you know?

- I know many things small, and I know that you want to change your body and your life with magic, and for that you want my help.

- It is correct, but how can it be done?

- It is very simple, take this stone, it will fulfill any wish you want, but be careful with what you will ask as it will come true, now go away.

I left that strange cabin and went home.

I went quickly to my room without dinner, I just saw and greeted my wife who ate her night salad.

She looked at me, but just keep doing what she did. and as always, she ended up running before bed.

When I arrived, I could only think of sleeping.

when he took off his coat, in my pocket I found the stone he gave me, took it and said:

- I want my life to change, I want to be a great man, I want everyone to accept my new self, I wish for tomorrow all my wishes if they come true and my life changes forever.

and after that I went to sleep.

hoping that the next morning everything has come true and all this will change, I wanted to see if it worked.

I slept peacefully that night, until the next morning.
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