a most profitable farm (commissioned)

chapter 1 - sam's undoing

Sam’s mouth was watering already as he prepared to order. Even the act of asking for his calorie-laden, oversized meal that could feed several people was enough to make him feel embarrassed, his cheeks reddening. Especially when the server behind the counter seemed to look around for the people he must be with, then their eyes coming back to rest on his big belly. Sometimes he tried to fight it, but deep down he knew that he really was such a greedy boy.

Most people in his life would politely refer to Sam as ‘solid’ in build, and considered him to possibly be one of those people that ate pretty normally but just naturally happened to be on the heavier side. Times in which he felt the need to explain his stockiness to others, they usually reassured him that it was common to fill out a little over time. But he knew that it was far from ‘a little’ extra weight, and he exactly what it was; his hopeless addiction to fatty take away food that he couldn’t stop gorging himself on.

Even as he had approached the counter to order his cheeks to flush with shame, as it caused him to notice his particularly wide gait. He felt his lower stomach spilling out and hanging over the waistband of his shorts and hoped that the jiggle of his belly was hidden by his t-shirt. Amusingly, he held his arms in front of his protruding stomach, almost like he was trying to make himself look smaller. But at a whopping 115kg, it was not like that could ever work, especially as he kept giving into his cravings like he did.

Sam often hid himself from people he knew as he satisfied these urges, but he certainly wasn’t hiding the consequences well. He was beyond just plump. He’d given in to the pleasure of his favourite fatty meals, and it had made him noticeably fat. The flavours that his mouth craved were just too good to resist and pining for them would consume his thoughts until he gave in.

Sam knew that he should stop, or at least cut back. But he was increasingly finding that his appetite for these fattening foods was only growing, and that he needed more to truly feel satisfied. He still felt the indescribable surge of relief upon savouring the tantalising first bite as he always had, absentmindedly letting grease and sauces smear onto his tubby face as he desperately stuffed it into his mouth like his life depended upon it. And yet his whole body felt like it needed to be filled with even more fat and sugar before he was fully satiated. He was feeling increasingly bloated and heavy when he was done. It was so easy to do though, and it felt worth the struggle of ignoring how flabby and soft it made him.

Still salivating, he was broken from his reveries by the tray of his food seeming to appear in front of him. He whipped around to grab a handful of napkins to place on his tray before settling down to his guilty pleasures, but was stopped in his tracks by something that felt like a wall immediately behind him. His whole body wobbled violently as it came to its abrupt halt. Sam slowly inclined his chins upward to see that the very sturdy wall of flesh he had just bumbled into was an absurdly tall and muscular woman.

People sometimes refer to larger people as being ‘big boned’, some even trying to excuse Sam’s flabby frame in this way. This was probably actually true of this woman, who had to be at least 6 feet tall, maybe more. She cut a truly intimidating figure as she towered over Sam. She wasn’t petite by any means, and Sam had collided his soft belly right into her meaty thighs that practically bounced him backwards. Every part of her was thick with muscle, and anything that wasn’t didn’t have the same vulnerability and softness that Sam’s body had; it was frighteningly imposing. Flustered again, Sam desperately searched for the words to utter an apology.

“Just a regular diet coke and a small fries for me,” she barked at the server.

She seemed to emphasise the words “for me” at the end of her order, in a very controlled and careful way while eyeing the pile of food on Sam’s tray. She then glanced down her nose at Sam, who realised at that moment that he had been standing there speechless and gaping like an idiot. He tried to splutter out a sound, but was stopped by the Amazonian-like Goddess quietly running a finger along the underside of his belly in a way that no one else would have seen.

“I know,” she whispered, almost pouting, “you were just in such a hurry to eat…”

Sam urgently scooped up his tray, trying to hide as much of himself as possible behind it and away from those piercing eyes.

The woman’s head snapped away as her voice returned to its previous, commanding tone.

“It is forgiven.”

Hardly knowing how he’d scrambled there, Sam found himself pressed into the corner of a booth, slightly out of breath. Relieved that his encounter was over, he breathed out as he unwrapped his first burger and anticipated it filling his greedy mouth. A wave of pleasure swept over him as all the flavours he’d lusted after hit his tongue, experiencing all the sensations within his body that he was powerless to.

Sam instinctively froze suddenly, and gazed slightly to the side. He followed his gut-feeling to where the distinct feeling of being trapped prey was coming from. While well-away from him, he saw the same woman examining him from across the store. She ran her eyes very deliberately up and down his body, with a strangely distant but satisfied look on her face. If he didn’t know better, Sam would have thought that she was checking him out or something. He shook his head and looked away, reminding himself that no one would want to watch him make such a pig of himself.

Distracting himself with the overwhelming feelings and tastes he had become so addicted to, Sam began to breathe more heavily as he stuffed every bite in. Fat and bloated, he relented to leaning back in deep, guilty contentment. Then everything went black.
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