a naughty elf

chapter 1

‘Ho-ho-ho.’ He came through the front door still wearing his Santa costume.

He had been helping out at the kids shelter again that year. That always melted her heart.

‘How’s my little elf?’ He asked, as he entered the kitchen and tried to wrap his arms around her as she pulled some fresh cookies from the oven.

‘I’ve been a very good girl Santa,’ she played along. Then pulled out a second tray of cookies from the oven too.

‘I’d say you have,’ he said, greedily picking up a hot cookie and dancing it cool in his hands before taking a bite.

‘Nice of you to keep the beard on.’ She pulled the elastic and kissed his lips. ‘And your belly too.’ She winked, as she sank her index finger deep into his gut. ‘Did that come with the costume too?’

‘So Santa’s gained a little weight this year, cut him some slack.’

‘You bet he has!’ She giggled. ‘Donner and Blitzen will have a fit!’

He rolled his eyes at her. ‘Well lucky for them it’s a magic sleigh.’

‘You’ll need it too with your pay load.’ She dropped her eyes to his belly and smiled.

‘Well my little helper doesn’t seem to complain.’ He kissed her cheek and held her tight. ‘When we go for a sleigh ride together at nights.’

‘When “we” try you mean.’ She corrected him, and kissed his cheek.

‘Let me go take this suit off then,’ he said, blushing a little now, ‘And I’ll be right back.’

‘Leave it on,’ she winked at him, and played a little more with his beard, before beginning to stack a heapful of cookies onto an empty plate.

‘In that case,’ he stepped aside, offering her the living room door as she walked past him, her cookies in hand. ‘Would you care to step into Santa’s grotto little girl?’

‘If I’m promoted to Ms Claus from now on.’ She stuck out her tongue playfully at him over her shoulder as she went.

‘Very well Ms Claus,’ he replied, patting her behind as she walked. ‘Do come sit on Santa’s lap, ... if there’s any room left this year.’

**** **** ****
In the Living Room
**** **** ****

She was straddling Santa on the couch now, feeding him cookie after cookie, and taking it all in her stride.

‘Careful little girl.’ He belched. ‘I’m not sure Santa’s suit will hold.’

‘Oops.’ She blew him a kiss. ‘I wonder why?’ She brought another cookie to his lips, his straining belly now arched firmly between her thighs.

‘Tell Santa again what you wanted last year?’ He belched again.

She leant forward and whispered in his ear.

‘And did Santa bring you all that?’ He asked.

‘Every pound.’ She patted his belly and grinned.

‘And how many pounds was that to be precise?’ He asked, always liking to know.

‘Sixty Santa.’ She said, feeding him another cookie. ‘And maybe another five by the time you’re due again this year.’

‘I fear for poor Santa’s suit.’ He patted his belly and gasped, but still greedily eyed the remaining cookies on her plate. ‘And what do you want this year little girl, for being so well behaved?’

She leant forward again and whispered a little something further in his ear.

‘Is that so?’ Said Santa, his eyebrow now raised. ‘It’s really like you don’t want Santa to fit into his suit next year!’

She giggled. ‘I think my Santa’s always been a little prone to go a little plus size.’

‘But forty pounds my dear.’ He chuckled. ‘Santa’s bound to get stuck carrying all that. And just think of poor Donner and Blitzen too!’

‘But think of all those extra cookies Santa.’ She brought another to his lips. ‘You can eat them all, as much as you wish!’

‘Santa does like his cookies.’ He took a bite, glancing down at the remainder on the plate. ‘Perhaps a little too much.’

‘And have you asked Santa what he wants this year?’ He continued.

‘A new suit?’ She offered, now raising her eyebrows back at him.

‘Yes,’ he chuckled. ‘That too.’

‘Does Santa want to play with his little elf?’ She asked, winking at him knowingly.

‘All the time, … except Santa’s got a little too fat for that too this time of year.’

‘I’m sure his little helper can fix him a free ride or two.’ She smiled at him. ‘In return for next year's gift.’

‘Is that so?’ He raised an eyebrow at her again.

‘I think Santa wants another cookie.’ She held the plate beneath his nose.

‘I think he probably does.’ He picked one up and took a bite.

‘Perhaps you can speak to my suit department next year then Ms Claus,’ he continued. ‘I have a feeling Santa's going to get a little fatter over summer this year.’

‘A bigger bowlful of jelly?’ She asked, landing her hands on his gut.

‘The jolliest and plumpest in town.’ He grinned back.

‘My-my Santa, aren’t I the lucky girl?’ She gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek.

‘You’ve been so well behaved, poor Santa can barely keep up!’ He stifled a belch and began to undo his belt.

‘Don’t worry Santa.’ She unfastened his waist extender and unzipped his zipper for him. ‘Your favorite elf is always here to help.’

*** ***
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Td0057 1 year
Really enjoy your writing style and the teasing between the two characters. Thanks for sharing this.