a new world order

Chapter 1 - the resistance

After a revolution a new dictatorship formed and called them selves “The Resistance” . There main goal was to make America healthy again. They decided to announce they would be taking every overweight person over the age of 7 to the age of 65 to labor camps. We start our story with Kelly.

I woke up to banging on my door. My mom was screaming and I heard male voices shouting. I heard my mom say “She’ll lose the weight! She will!” And then they came in. They ripped me out of bed and held me down. Two of them began to strip my clothes until I was naked. One came in with a scale. They put a gun to my head and told me to step on. Panicking I quickly stepped on. The numbers read 225. “225, 5’6, 16! BMI is obese!” They quickly grabbed my arms and pulled me out of my bedroom and down the stairs. I saw my dad knocked out near the front door. “WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?!??!??!” I screamed. They led me out the front door and threw me in the back of and 18 wheeler and closed the door. In their I saw about 50 other obese people. One girl named Vanessa I barley knew was literally not even fat. She was short and had huge breasts and a big ass. Like the ideal body. Perfect thickness! Then I saw a woman who looked to be 600+ pounds on the ground crying. It was a sea of naked obese people.

I was making breakfast for my kids and then a swat team came busting through my door. They held me and stripped me down and all of my kids. They took our weights and me and my daughter lily were taken out side. “GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER” I screamed. We were both thrown into the back of an 18 wheeler.

My plan seemed to be working perfectly. All the pigs of the country were caught by suprise and overtaken. They are worthless. Here is my plan layed out
-Fat Society - Very large city where only obese people live and must gain to be morbidly obese. Losing Weight will result in death
-Lab - Will test anything on ***es
-The Farm - People will live as pigs in filth and lose all human identity
-Nursery - Forced Reprocution and raise baby’s to be obese pigs
-Slaves - People will be sold across America to Wealthy suitors
-Retirement Home - For 800+ just to continue to get fat until death.
-Immobility Center- People will he diapers and forced to live as if they are disabled. Then will be fed to immobility.
-Humiliation - Forced to go back into normal society where they will be discriminated against horribly.
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CurioSalome 3 years
I love how it sounds, i just hope this one doesn't fall into the limbo and unfinished or get down.
Ffafan 1 year
looks like that's what happened