a new year's resolution

Chapter 1 - christmas dinner

Five bowls of cranberry sauce. A fist-sized lump of green beans. An even larger lump of mashed potatoes coated in gravy, and an even larger scoop of sweet potatoes. Two pounds of ham. Four biscuits covered in butter. Five glasses of thick, creamy eggnog. Seven thick slices of turkey. And three big slices of pumpkin pie laden with whipped cream. That, and more, was the total of contents of Samantha's stomach. Although normally trim and slender, the 25-year old blonde had decided, since that day was Christmas Day, that she would pig out like never before. Although, without her notice, she had been doing so all of winter break. At the beginning, Samantha weighed a mere 105 pounds, a thin layer of soft pudge had begun to form on her belly; by Christmas Day, she had gained a total of ten pounds from stuffing herself silly over the holidays. But, Samantha didn't mind - or rather, notice. Samantha had never been one to care for her appearance, she merely did what she enjoyed. She just kept eating, and laying about.

And this day was her biggest binge of them all. As Samantha waddled over to her bedroom, she unzipped her jeans to let her sore, aching belly stretch and swell out. She laid down on her back to rest, and began rubbing her huge stomach. She decided to change out of her stiff, formal clothing and into more comfortable attire; a black tank top that stretched around the middle of her tummy above her deep navel, and her softest pair of sweatpants. As she walked, her stomach jiggled and sloshed about like the Jell-O mold she slurped up after her second slice of pumpkin pie. Samantha belched, and resumed rubbing her taut belly. She could practically feel each individual food inside her massive gut, particularly the cranberry sauce and the Jell-O mold. She could feel the biscuits expanding in the liquid eggnog, making her belly all the more tight.

Her dinner was not her only big meal of the day even. For lunch, her grandmother, a kind soul, made dozens of stacks of pancakes. Samantha gorged herself on 18 of them. For lunch, she and a friend thawed a frozen pizza; her friend ate only one and a half slices, and Samantha crammed the rest into her belly. And topping it all off was her masterpiece of a binge, her Christmas dinner that made her belly swollen to the size of a small basketball. She was full, tired, and happy. And very, very bloated. That was when James, a friend of her uncle's and a family friend, walked into Samantha's bedroom.

"Hey; how're you feeling?" James asked.

"...Fat," Samantha said with much effort; even talking was difficult with her gigantic belly.

"Yes; I saw you eat way more than I ever could; maybe even more than everyone else at the table combined."

"Well, that's how bloated I'm feeling about now..."

"...You know, I work for an advertising company, and I was recently given a rather...difficult assignment," James began. "And, I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to help me out with it.

"Sure...But, it won't require me to move anytime soon, will it?" Samantha asked as her stomach emitted a loud gurgle of digestion. James laughed.

"No, no. But...Well, I'm not sure exactly how to say this without offending someone, but...you know how women are pressured into looking thin by our society?"


"Well, my employer has given me the task of...shall we say...finding a woman who doesn't conform to societal norms," James said. This piqued Samantha's interest.

"So, you're looking for a gal who likes to pig out, eh? Good luck; I sure don't know any..."

"...What about you?"

"Me? Well, yeah, I ate a lot today, but it's Christmas Day, I figured I'd indulge myself..."

"And I couldn't help but notice how happy you looked at dinner tonight," James said. Samantha was stunned. She had not realized just how much she enjoyed stuffing her belly with all that food; all she was focused on was eating.

"...Okay. What do you need me to do?" Samantha smiled, trying her best to sit up, but found that she could not due to her belly.

"For the most part, he wants to know how fast women can gain weight. If you weigh at least 300 pounds by the end of next year, you'll be given $20,000."

"$20,000?! SERIOUSLY?!" Samantha was ecstatic. So much money! And all for just being herself and eating!

"Yes, $20,000. Plus, an extra $1,000 for each pound over 300 you can get," James added. "What do you say? Will you do it?"

"YES! Of course I will! When do I start?"

"Whenever you want; just gotta make sure you hit 300 by December 31 next year."

"All right! I'll get even higher than that, I promise! And I'll start...ugh, I'll start tomorrow..."

"Of course, of course. Rest well..."

'My New Year's Resolution this year is quite different from everyone else's,' Samantha thought. 'Everyone else is trying to lose weight. I need to get as fat as I can! After I get some sleep and let all this food digest...'
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IamTheSovereign 7 years
@Ryan100000 Thank you!!!! I hope you enjoy what's to come...whenever the hell that may be smiley (hopefully soon...)
IamTheSovereign 7 years
@tarquin Thanks! That means so much to me, as a writer smiley

Unfortunately, the next chapter will take some time for me to get started on, since it's getting close to finals week >_
Tarquin 7 years
Wonderful! Great dialogue, well-written. Looking forward to next chapte.
IamTheSovereign 7 years
yeah, i wasn't sure how much, never been with a feedee before so I just went wild, but hopefully, practice makes realism!

and wow, that's impressive! smiley
Jazzman 7 years
Another that went from 120 September 1st to 208 on January 5th. That pace would be 270 lbs in a year. 185 lbs is just over 15 per month completely possible! I hope you update frequently.
Jazzman 7 years
It's a Great Premise. Pretty original plot . I would seriously caution you on the amounts a 115 lb woman can eat. The 185 lb gain IS possible though. We had a member here 80 lbs from April 5th through July 28th. That's 20 a month! smiley