a piggy’s triangle

chapter 1

“Are you fucking kidding me Gavin? You really didn’t wanna tell me this when we first started dating?” Bella said in disbelief.
“Because I didn’t want to make it a big deal, I care about you and nothing else!” He shouted back at her.
“Mhm, so the porn on your phone of the big fatties isn’t a big deal? You really never wanted to tell me this!” Bella came back showing her prominently thin figure.
“Bella, I’m done being angry about this. If you want to know what I’m truly into just listen and know that I am completely content with how you are”
“Okay chubby chaser lay it on me” she retorted
Gavin was slightly upset at that comment “Truthfully, I am into big girls, I love thinking about taking a girl and making her grow and get fatter and fatter, I want to pamper and spoil a girl. I’ve wanted that for you since the day we met Bel. I understand if that’s not what you want and that’s fine you don’t have to want that”
Bella couldn’t believe what she had heard her boyfriend of 2 years was telling her. “I look hot, Gavin, I’ve got thigh gap, a flat tummy and no double chin and I cannot believe that you just don’t like this I don’t even know what to say.”
Gavin came to her side “Baby, we can work this out, id rather be with you, I don’t need a big belly to make me happy”
Bella had tears I her eyes thinking about what her boyfriend said to her. “I need to leave I’m sorry I can’t satisfy what you want, I don’t care that you say it doesn’t matter that I’m not some massive fatty, I know you won’t be happy with my body or me. Goodbye Gavin” she cried walking out of his Apartment.
Gavin laid back onto the couch in disbelief of what he had just seen unfold. He glanced at his phone once again seeing the massive folds of a woman and sighing. He turned off the phone and went to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of water. He still could not comprehend what was happening. He made his way back to his room to call it an early night.

(Hi! I hope you’re enjoying this story so far! Please comment down below to tell me what you think! Chapter 2 coming soon!)
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More please
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Good potential so far
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This is getting good!