a place to gain

chapter 1

Anna was a curvy girl who was fascinated by fat as long as she could remember. As a child she would stuff her clothes to give herself a big round belly. The problem was: Anna's family were a judgemental bunch. She worried about gaining weight, and what they would think. She was a bit chubby and her weight fluxuated. She tried to stay slim, only secretly fantasizing about being able to grow and enjoy the sensual feel of several extra pounds on her 5'4" frame. Eventually Anna found comfort in knowing there were people who were just like her. People who wanted to gain, feed, and even better: admire fat men and women! One night while online chatting with some of her fat admiring friends, she learned of a special place where aspiring gainers could live, gain and meet like minded folks. Like a fat camp.. for gaining! As soon as Anna could facilitate the move to the Big Dreams campus she would be there.

Anna loaded up her suv with her belongings and drove to the scenic mountain town where Big Dreams was located. Anna felt her heart pound with excitement as the sprawling compound came into view. She parked her car and walked into the lobby. A plump smiling woman behind the counter greeted Anna. "We've been expecting you, Mr Dwyer will be giving you a tour. If you like what you see, we will get you signed up this afternoon!" Mr Dwyer was a bhm with a big heavy belly and jolly broad face. He approached Anna and welcomed her to Big Dreams. He lead Anna out of the lobby to the apartments. They were simply but comfortably furnished with items designed to fit larger folks. There was the option of meal delivery, or there was a group dining room open all day. There was a pizza shop, buffet restaurant, ice cream shop and bakery all within the complex. There was a pool where Anna saw men and women of all sizes lounging carefree poolside. Mr Dwyer showed Anna a workout room "for those who like to stay moderately in shape" he explained. Lastly the tour ended at a medical facility. Every resident at Big Dreams had the supervision of a doctor. New residents were required to have a complete medical exam and discuss their desires with a physician. There was even special equipment used to stimulate fat in certain parts of the body. "This is our pride and joy." Exclaimed Mr Dwyer excitedly. "Some of our residents prefer a big round belly, while some prefer big hips and thighs. We are working on perfecting technology that will enable us to mold one's fat the way they wish." Anna gazed into the room in amazement. This wasn't just gaining, this was creating a whole new body.

Anna signed the papers and shown to her new apartment. She was given a list of activities available. One of the perks of living here was the ability to meet other gainers and feeders. They even had mixers where the single residents could meet. Anna was just finishing settling in when the concierge called with the time of Anna's medical exam the next day.

Anna reported to the clinic the next morning at 9am. Dr Harper turned out to be a short but heavy man with a gentle demeanor. He explained that Big Dreams insisted all their residents have a clean bill of health before embarking on their weight gain journeys. He took Anna's starting measurements, her weight, blood pressure, ekg and a treadmill exercise test. Once it was determined she was in perfect health, they moved on to discussing Anna's goals. Dr Haper gave Anna a list of suggested foods, calorie requirements and set up a schedule for weekly weigh ins and measurements. Dr Harper showed Anna the feeding machine that could be used in the event she wanted to increase her capacity quicker. Anna couldn't be more excited as she headed back to her apartment.

After going through the list given to her by Dr Harper, Anna headed to the grocery store. She stocked up on high calorie foods to keep in the apartment. Even though she would take full advantage of the cafeteria, she wanted snacks and extra meals on hand. Anna was happy to encounter so many nice, plump folks out and about during her shopping. Many of them noticed she was new and welcomed her to the campus. One woman named Angela invited Anna to have dinner with her and her husband that evening at the dining hall. Angela and her husband Ron were both gainers who had met on a dating site. They were easily 800 lbs between them. The new friends loaded up plates with mac and cheese, creamy soup, Alfredo pasta and chunks of garlic bread. Angela and Ron polished off their plates and went for seconds. Anna was struggling to finish her first, this would take work. Angela and Ron smiled and insured Anna that she would be packing in the calories in no time. They hearing recommended the feeding machine at least for the first few months. Anna decided to make an appointment for it the next day.

Anna woke up still feeling full from the night before. She stepped on her scale and noted the weight 164.. she had a lot of work to do. Anna headed down to the clinic to arrange a feeding session. Dr Harper made the arrangements for that afternoon. He told Anna to wear something stretchy and to only eat sparingly beforehand. When she arrived to the feeding room, a pleasant plump nurse named Sandy guided Anna to a reclining chair. Anna settled in while Sandy made herself busy hooking Anna up to the feeding machine. There was a tube attached to some sort of pump. Anna would be able to adjust the flow if needed, as Sandy set it to slow. Anna leaned back and Sandy handed her the tube to put into Anna's mouth. When the tube was inserted Sandy turned on the machine. There was a steady hum, and finally a thick creamy heavy pudding like mixture flowed into Anna's mouth. Sandy instructed her to breathe steady and keep swallowing. "There is a button here, now if you become uncomfortable just press here and I will come turn it off". With that Sandy left the room. Anna closed her eyes and felt the decadent concoction slide down her throat. She started feeling her belly fill more and more. Anna was in a dreamlike state envisioning her growing self. She never did hit the button. Finally Sandy returned and was greatly impressed with how well Anna filled herself on her first feeding. She gently prodded Anna's belly smiling "nicely done". Anna felt very bloated yet happy as she exited the feeding room. On her way out the door she passed a man about her age. He smiled and held the door for Anna. "I don't think I've seen you around here. I'm Jake." Jake reached out to shake Anna's hand. "Anna, and yes I'm new here. Pleased to meet you, maybe I'll see you around". "I hope so." Jake replied.

Jake watched Anna walk away. She as still slim compared to other women here, but considering she was leaving the feeding room that would change. He noticed the shape of her curves and imagined the potential for gain. Jake was fairly new at Big Dreams too. At 224 lbs on his 5'9" frame he was aiming to be a bhm. He would love a gaining partner. Maybe this was his lucky day.

After her big fill at the feeding machine, Anna decided to stay in and have a small dinner. She invited her new friends Angela and Ron over for ice cream and a movie. The threesome spoke of their goals and gaining desires. Angela and Ron loved living at Big Dreams, and made many friends there. Anna asked them if they knew a young man named Jake. They said they didn't, but maybe had seen him around. They agreed he was new to the campus. Angela and Ron smiled at each other and gave Anna a knowing look.

The next day Anna was headed to breakfast and really hoped to run into Jake. She piled up her plate with cheesy eggs, French toast, and loads of bacon. She poured a coffee and added copious amounts of cream. As she headed to a table by the window she spotted Jake. He was just helping himself to sausage and biscuits when he saw her watching. He put his tray down and waved. Anna motioned to the table by the window and he nodded. Anna couldn't believe the butterflies she was feeling. Jake came over and joined her at the table. They got to know each other while filling themselves with all the rich breakfast foods offered at the buffet. Anna was excited to be able to get down a second plate. Jake and Anna talked and talked and before they knew it the lunch buffet was taking over the breakfast trays. They got up and walked to the bakery. Each ordered eclairs, cream puffs, and cannoli. They took their pastries to the lake and shared their gaining desires. By the end of the day, both felt as if they had found their gaining partner. This was going to be even better than Anna imagined.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Very sweet.
WideJuan76 3 years
This is a good story.....how did I miss this ? Lol
2cute2b4gotten 6 years
Stay tuned, I've been trying to get some additional chapters sketched out.
Kendally 6 years
Good story! I hope you continue!
QuebecFA 6 years
I am really enjoying the story! I can't weight, err... wait... for Chapter IV! ;-)