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Chapter 1 - from bristol and back

Jeff and Laura had been happily married for just over 2 years. Each had an interesting job, school mistress for Laura and engineer in aeronautics for Jeff. They were living a nice house in the country side, just out of Bristol, in the west of England.
Laura was 5'6 for 135 pounds. When they married she weighed 125, a 10 pound gain. Wedding is fattening she thought and she liked it in fact. Jeff loved it.
On the contrary he was a twig: very tall 6'3 for a so light 140 pounds. Just slightly heavier than her. He wasn't thin he was skinny and even more.
But they were happy, having a wonderful life, both socially and privately.

Like every beginning of July, Jeff would go to the doctor, for a check up: usual examination, usual questions. After 15 minutes the doctor said to Jeff: "you are in good health. Maybe one thing, you could do with some more meat on your bones." "And how much more do you think?" Jeff asked.
"Well you are quite a fit man, sporty also, you could go up to a total of 190 to 200 pounds. For 6'3 it is ok" the doctor argued. "This is a lot" said Jeff "Yes, I told you it is a maximum. If you go up to 180 pounds, it is perfect also. But try and put on more muscle not fat" ended the doctor.

Back home Jeff told Laura what the doctor said. Laura hugged her husband and told him: "I agree with him. But it is up to you."

Jeff was asked to go to Toulouse in France to work for the same company, for a 24 months contact. Their had no children. Her job would wait for her, when they come back. He would be paid a special bonus. So they said yes. They left for Toulouse, France, the coming August.

The following July, Jeff was wondering if he should go to see his doctor in Bristol or in France. Laura told him: "go here in Toulouse, and I'm sure we can find one who speaks English, even tough your French is getting quite good now." She smiled at him.

So Laura and Jeff both went to the doctor. Usual examination, usual questions. After 15 minutes the doctor said to Jeff: "Jeff you are in a very good health. Maybe one thing, you could do with some more meat on your bones." "Well that what my doctor in Bristol told me last year" said Jeff. "So how much have you put on?" the doctor asked. "10 pounds" said Jeff. "So you can go up to a maximum of 60 more" said the doctor.

"Two different doctors, same words" said Laura "I guess you can follow their recommendation."

So Laura continued to cook good nice fattening and delicious French meals for her husband. She even made sure all the meals were loaded with calories: duck fat, cassoulet... Jeff started very slowly to put a little weight on. And he was starting to round up nicely. To follow Jeff's weight gain, Laura bought a scale.
"I am going to help you sweetie twig. Every week, I'll tell you how much you've put on"
"+ 1 this week", or "+half" or even sometimes "you didn't gain at all." This is what Laura would tell Jeff, after each weigh-in.

What Jeff didn't understand is why he was now feeling so heavy. "Darling, aren't we now over the 60 pounds maximum the doctors said I should put on? Look at my beer belly and the love handles I've now got" he asked Laura. "No sweetie, I think we are up 40 at the max. Plus I love your new figure and don't you think our intimate life is much nicer now you've followed your doctor's advice?"
Laura was true, they had sex more often than before, and it brought them so much more pleasure.

The months flew by so quickly. They had holidays to take, so all in all, they went back to Bristol at the end of June, just under 2 years after having left their home town.

It was about time Jeff went to see his doctor like every July. Usual examination, usual questions. After 2 minutes doctor said to Jeff: "Wow! I told you to put some meat on your bones. But I think you did put on much more than I recommended. You didn't put on 60 pounds, but 130. How could this be?" "I don't know" said Jeff "probably all the good food and wine we had while we stayed in Toulouse. "Well Jeff you seem to have taken advantage of the French way of life. Now be careful, you are overweight now."

Jeff came back home, told Laura all about the visit to the doctor. She laughed, hugged Jeff and said to her husband: "Sweetie, now you look like a real engineer, a real man with all this bulk on you. I must confess I'm responsible for all this" she said patting his now huge gut "you remember, when I weighed you in Toulouse, with the scale we bought?" "Yes" Jeff said, not really understating what she was saying. "When I was telling you +1, it wasn't +1 pound, it was +1 kilo, that is to say +2.2 pounds. You've put on roughly 60 kilos. The doctor is right, that is 130 pounds. I'm so proud of you, my sweetie fatty."
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Td0057 5 months
Like this one! Well thought out. Thanks!
Azerty 5 months
Thank you
FrecherTyp 7 years
oh cool an interesting story ;-) and i loved the wifes thinking :-) and her sweet ways ^^