a return to your roots

  By Jock

Chapter 1 - the bookworm

This is my first ever story on weight gain. First chapter serves as an introduction. Give it time, and enjoy!


Chapter 1

“It sure is dusty in here!” The voice of the young woman felt out of place in the old library. “Indeed. Not many people share your interests, I suppose.” the librarian replied. “Can you find what you are looking for?” The man heard a small cough at first, followed by a cheery “More than I needed!”. “I’m glad to hear,” he replied. “Let me know when you’re finished.” “Will do!”

After the librarian exited the room, the woman was left to her own devices. What he said was true; not many shared her interest in ancient cultures. Like the books themselves, most found the subject too dusty. This peculiar girl, however, couldn’t get enough. The idea that the people she was studying actually lived, created and pondered, just like her, was enough to make her head spin.

Some time had passed, and the girl felt she was ready to leave. With a handful of books in her bag, she too left the room. “I’m all done, Thomas! Thanks again.” The man looked up from his desk and gave a faint smile. “Don’t mention it. Get home safe now, Elizabeth.”
The bookworm, named Elizabeth, made her way to the library doors and stepped outside. It was getting darker. The clouds hinted at the rain to come, and the girl knew she would soon be reading her newly acquired literature with the rain tapping on her apartment window.
Elizabeth loved to read. Even more so, she loved to read about these civilizations of older times. Something about it just grasped her attention. The rain was, like she predicted, ticking away steadily at her window. It was warm, and the night was young. What seemed like a perfect evening, however, was about to become a day that would define the rest of her life.

Deep in the night, the rain still tapping on the glass, Elizabeth was fast asleep. She had browsed all of the literature from the library, surely dreaming about them that very moment. One of the books was lying on her nightstand; it was her favorite so far. The book was bound with brown leather, its pages turned slightly yellow. It was titled “Back to the roots: Tribes of Nature”. The tome laid still, eagerly waiting to be read again.

The next day, Elizabeth woke up from a good night’s sleep. She slept in, as she had the day off, and she knew just how she was going to spend it.

After completing her morning routine, she went out to get some groceries. Elizabeth didn’t exercise much, but she kept fit by eating right. Fruits and vegetables made up most of her cart. Upon returning home, she put the food away and headed for her favorite book. It seemed more inviting than the day before. She dug right in, impatient as she was.
Several pages later, her phone began to ring. “What now?” she mumbled to herself. She put the book down and answered the call. “Hello Elizabeth, it’s Thomas. I wanted to check up on something.” Elizabeth regained her composure. “Oh, uhh.. sure, what is it?” “One of the books you borrowed, I seem to have forgotten its author.” He replied. “It is called ‘Back to the Roots’, if I am correct.” The girl answered: “Okay, just a second. I’ll check.” She picked up the book and checked its cover. However, she saw no sign of an author. The backside showed nothing either. In fact, there was no clue as to who wrote the book, it seemed. “Thomas, I’m afraid the book has no author. Is that a problem?” “Oh, that’s odd. No, no, it’s fine. It’s not that uncommon with older books.” He explained. “Anyway, enjoy your reading.” “Sure, bye Thomas!” Elizabeth said. She went back for her book and read on, as if nothing ever happened, while being grasped by the tome even more.

Hours later, it was time for dinner. The book wasn’t finished yet. “Strange. I usually read through books quite fast.” Elizabeth went down to the kitchen and prepared herself something simple, yet healthy. She didn’t pay much mind to her food. She just kept wondering who would write such a book, and then not let the world know who wrote it. No answer came to her mind, so after she was finished eating and doing the dishes, she figured reading on was the only way to find it out.

Darkness fell, and Elizabeth could now hardly put her book away. Page after page, she continued reading till deep in the night, eventually succumbing to how tired she was.
In the middle of the night, when all was quiet, Elizabeth slept. Her book laid beside her. Suddenly, a faint glow came from its pages, a light shade of green illuminating the area. The girl, fast asleep, noticed none of it. The glow became stronger, the green became deeper, until eventually it reached Elizabeth’s body. The rays of light covered her body, engulfing her fully now, coursing through her veins. Green energy, brighter than the sun, washed entirely over her and filled the room.

Then, all went dark. Just like that, everything faded away in the blink of an eye. Nothing seemed to have changed. The girl was still asleep, and the book was still unfinished.
And yet, fate had shifted. Nothing would ever be the same.
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Interesting 3 years
Is there more coming?
Jock 3 years
Very happy to hear! You'll definitely appreciate what's coming.
Karenjenk 3 years
i like magic fantasy stories. this one is off to a really good start. she donst know whats going on. i like those the best!