a slave to her fetish

chapter 1

One Friday night Christina came home to find a note from Michael saying that he would be gone for the weekend. Christina suspected he was having an affair with another woman, but there was nothing she could do about it.
Michael came from a wealthy family while Christina had a low-paying job which she did more to keep busy than to actually pay for anything (except for junk food when Michael put her on strict diets). There was nothing she could threaten to take away from Michael since almost everything they had came from him. And there was no way Christina could leave him now, since the only other option for her at the moment was to live with her parents. Christina would rather do anything (including living with Michael and pretending not to know when he cheated on her) than live with her parents again.
However, Christina still felt a bit of resentment towards Michael, so she decided to take his absence as an opportunity to rebel against him the only way she knew how: by rebelling against the latest strict diet he had put her on.


Christina went to the local diner and after squeezing herself into a booth, she ordered a plate of pancakes, a Coke, and a cheeseburger and fries. She would decide on her dessert later.
While she waited for her food, she noticed 5 people being seated in the booth across from her: 2 heterosexual couples and a single guy. The single guy was talking animatedly, but it was clear that the couples only had eyes for each other and were only pretending to listen to what he was saying.
Christina felt sort of sorry for the guy. If only she could have fit in their booth, she would have offered to be his date for the evening. Never mind... The waitress had just brought her pancakes. After drowning her pancakes in syrup and butter, she hungrily began to devour them.


The single guy in the booth across from Christina (who was named Andy) couldn't help looking at her while she ate. He had never seen a girl eat so noisily (Christina panted, moaned, and belched as she ate.) or so quickly (She finished the plate of pancakes in 10 minutes). Andy felt simultaneously disgusted and strangely attracted by her eating.
When the waitress came out with a cheeseburger and fries for her, it was clear to Andy that Christina was eating to satisfy a hunger that wasn't just physical. It was a kind of hunger that he could relate to, and he felt a kind of empathy towards her. He was feeling left out at his table anyway, so he decided to join her at her table.
He flashed her a charming smile, and when she acknowledged him with a smile of her own, he got up and walked over to her.
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