a summer's gain, two

chapter 1

School had let out for the summer and Jennifer was lying on a chaise next to the pool. She was wearing a tight, black nylon bikini that was digging into her round thighs and round bottom . Her belly was sticking up in the air, rising just past her plump but modest boobs.

During the fall and winter Jennifer had gained fifteen more pounds adding to the forty four she had gained last summer at camp. Now weighing nearly one hundred and seventy pounds and being only five foot two inches, Jen had become quite a little butterball. Even though she was quite slim only a year ago, Jen really didn’t mind the added weight, in fact she was really enjoying being overweight. She had become addicted to overeating at camp and now could not control her appetite at all, eating every meal until she was painfully full. She rarely dressed at home, wearing only bikini panties and a tight t-shirt. Jen had become quite lazy, getting virtually no exercise at all. She did maintain her good grades as doing homework and studying were very sedentary activities. They became the perfect excuse if her nagging stepmother or dad wanted her to get up and get some exercise.

Jen’s stepmother, Heather, was actually the one most responsible for Jennifer’s greatly increased weight. She had set Jennifer up to go to a camp specializing in overweight girls. She had even started to get Jennifer to eat more before she left for camp. Heather’s plan worked far better than even Heather had imagined, Jen came home nearly obese, gaining over forty pounds in ten weeks.

But her plan, in a way, backfired. She was initially very resentful of Jennifer’s slim, athletic figure, thinking that Jen was in some way showing her up to her husband, Jen’s dad. But now that Jen had become obese, it seemed her dad was even more enamored with his plump, chubby daughter who roamed the house in just a bikini and t-shirt.

Jen also was more assertive now that she was older. She would make Heather negotiate for any thing she wanted Jen to do. Jen also knew that Heather had set her up. When she got home last fall, she told Heather she knew, but never told her dad, which gave her leverage over Heather.

Heather and Jen’s dad were not getting along as well as they did last spring either. Jen thought her dad was more into heavier women, than the workout skinny Heather, but she wasn’t sure.

Jen’s cell phone buzzed. She giggled as the phone was lying on her chubby belly. She answered it, “Hello”. “Jen, it’s Jill from Camp, how are you?” “Hey, Jill I’m fine, just lying here by the pool, snacking, what’s up?” Jill giggled, “Jen have you gained more weight?” Jen giggled, “Yes, but only fifteen pounds, but it feels great! My booty is getting really wide though, but nowhere as big as yours’.” Jill laughed, “Jen, so are you coming back to Camp this summer?” “Jill, I’m not sure, I would like too, but my Dad, might want me to stay around this summer. I think he likes me chubby, we seem to be a lot closer even before Heather married him.” “Jen, there is a new program at Camp, girls and their Mom’s can come and stay for as long as they want, all summer session if they want to.” “Ah Jill, my mom real mom is dead, so why would I want to have Heather come to Camp, she would ruin it.” “Jen, duh! We can fatten Heather up! I mean she set you up last summer to get fat, didn’t she?” “Yeah, but you, Sara and Megan certainly helped to get me fat.” Jill laughed, “Hey, we really only “helped” you for your first three or four meals, after that girl, you were on your own.” Jen thought back, she was right, once Jen realized how much she loved eating, there was no stopping her from stuffing herself silly at every meal.

“Jill, I think you might be right, I could invite Heather and we can raise havoc with her figure, there are no work out facilities at Camp, plus the food. You know what, my Dad wants Heather to quit smoking, I know she smokes for weight control, this could really work!” “Oh Jen that sounds great my Mom wants to come too and she loves to eat, she could really influence Heather too.” “Jill, that’s great. I love your Mom, she is so huge! Let me talk to my Dad, I bet I can get him to convince Heather to go.”

Jen closed the call with Jill, laid the phone back down on her belly. A while later, Jen heard her Dad’s car pull into the garage. Heather was at the health club as usual, so it was a perfect time to talk to her Dad. Jen went upstairs and took a quick shower, she got sweaty lying out. She pulled on a tight bra, bikini panties and a pair of tight gym shorts, and a too small t-shirt. She knew her figure reminded her Dad of her mom, so she pulled the stops out to talk to him.

Jen went downstairs to her Dad’s study/den. “Dad, can I talk to you for a minute?” “Sure sweetie come in.” Jen came in making sure to stick out her belly and make her thighs rub together. “Jen, honey you remind me of your Mom everytime I see you. What do you want to talk about?” “ Dad, Jill from Camp called me this afternoon, she told me that Camp as a special program this summer where moms and daughters can stay together at Camp for either a week or two, or the whole summer. I would really like to have Heather and I go for the whole summer.”

Her Dad smiled, “Honey, is this in some way connected to your gaining so much weight last summer?” Jen giggled, “A little Dad, but I really don’t mind how much weight I have gained. I really enjoy being kind of fat.” “Jen, I do know that Heather “set you up”. “I knew too Dad. I was angry with her at first, but the more weight I gained, the more I enjoyed gaining weight, so really, I was happy about it.” Her dad angled his head and asked again, “Jen, you have an ulterior motive though?” Jen sighed, “Yes Dad I do, I don’t like Heather so skinny she looks awful to me. I want her to gain weight, she doesn’t have to get really fat, just a bit plumper.” (She lied.) “Don’t tell Heather, but I would like to see her gain a little weight too.” Jen piped up, “She could quit smoking too this summer, Camp doesn’t allow smoking anywhere on the property.” Her dad smiled, “Okay, I will talk Heather into going to Camp with you. I will miss you both so much, but I think this is a really good idea of yours and of course, Jill.” Jen nearly shrieked, “Thanks Dad, you won’t regret it.” Her dad, winked, at Jen, “You make sure I won’t, right?” Jen giggled, “You have my word, cross my heart and hope to die!” She hugged her dad and “ran” back to her room to call Jill.
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