a summer's night

chapter 1

He's sitting on a stool at the bar, his ass spilling over the edges of his precarious perch. I almost can't believe it's him. He's so much bigger, and he was already near 300 pounds the last time I saw him. Two years ago. But my body knows him even if my mind can't quite accept it. I stand on tiptoe behind him and whisper in his ear.

"Hello, Connor. Long time no see."

Not my smoothest opening, but Connor has always possessed the ability to turn me into my worst self. Awkward, petty, quick to anger and cruel along with it. It's no wonder he never fell in love with me.

My soft breasts are pressing into his shoulder. He turns carefully, not pulling away. His belly spills out in front of him, filling his lap, jutting out from under the round moobs that strain against the fabric of his t-shirt. I am touching one side of the spare tire of fat that runs around to his back.

"Lianne," he says.

His face is fatter, too, his jowls hidden under a neatly trimmed beard, but still distinctly round. Same owlish gaze that I can't forget. He looks down at me now.

"It's good to see your breasts again."

"Idiot boy," I say, but fondly, sliding one hand onto the fat roll at the back of his head and tugging gently on his hair. "You aren't supposed to say that out loud. Anyway, I knew you were thinking it."

Our heads are leaning close together, soft breast pressed to soft arm.

"Oh yeah?" he says. "If you're so smart, what am I thinking now?"

"You're thinking," I say, into his ear, "about whether you're going to follow me outside for a blow job."

This is a dangerous strategy, one that could end with me crying alone in my car, but before I can turn to walk away, he heaves his bulk off the barstool. His massive belly jiggles as he hits the floor. I am mesmerized, frozen in place.

"Well," he says, shyly. "Were you being serious?"

"Yes," I say, and I turn for the door, knowing he's following me, squeezing his hefty body through the crowd. It's a hot summer night and he's sweating by the time we make it to the parking lot. I slow to watch him waddle towards his SUV.

I jump into the passenger side as he struggles, panting, into the seat behind the wheel.

"Let's go to the beach," I say.

We don't make small talk on the short drive there. We pull into a parking spot in the abandoned lot and watch the waves crash onto the shore.

"Lianne," he says, "why are you doing this?"

"I've told you before," I say, frowning. "I desire you greatly."

"But I'm so," he waves one plump hand, "so fat!"

"I noticed. But you know how I feel about that."

"What do you mean?"

"Connor, surely you... I like fat guys. I'm attracted to them. Big guts do it for me. I'm attracted to you, and I want to see you naked, because that would make me so wet I'll leave a spot on the seat here."

"You like... this?" he says, patting the upper curve of his belly.

"Oh. I always thought you were after me for my mind."

"Idiot boy," I say, and lean in to kiss him. He tastes like beer and toothpaste.

"So, not my mind?" He says when we surface for air.

"Oh, your mind is fine," I say. "But your body is fiiiiiine." I slide one hand under his shirt, onto his soft lower belly roll.
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Blubberjiggler1 7 years
I hope she stuffs that fat hog till he nearly bursts. Then feed him until he's immobile and then she can take advantage of the helpless weak blubber balloon and have her way with all his FAT!
Littleextra 7 years
Outstanding smiley
Pd500 7 years
Love this!
Story Consul... 7 years
That's beautiful
Built4com4t 7 years
you are so good...what a treat