a tale of two moms

chapter 1

Jane and Matt had met in college. They had dated steadily since their sophomore year. In that time both had become a little plumper.

Jane had gone from a freshman year size six to a senior year size twelve. She was plump, with a nice round bottom, a bit of bulge in her tummy with small but perky breasts. She liked the way she looked with just a little jiggle to her wiggle.

Her mom, Sally, on the other hand was very critical of her daughter’s weight gain and appearance. She had divorced Jane’s dad just after Jane left for college. She became quite friendly with a group of women who worked out constantly at a local aerobics place, losing nearly forty pounds. Sally had been quite plump herself most of her adult life and until she had divorced Jane’s dad, it was not until after the divorce that she felt compelled to lose weight.

Matt too had gained throughout college. He had always been what is politely referred to in catalogs and retail stores as “husky”. In college with the cafeteria and then the frat house cook, Matt had gained a fair amount of weight. He carried a forty-four inch belly and with a well proportioned bubble butt bouncing behind him, which of course Jane loved.

Matt’s mom was the opposite of Jane’s mom. Ann had always been a fatty. She was the same height as Sally, but she weighed, most of the time, around one eighty-five to one ninety pounds. She carried most of her weight in her belly and on her huge bubble butt.
Matt’s dad, Dave, loved his wife’s shape, being a FA he loved to watch her waddle around, especially during the holidays when Ann invariably gained more weight.

Matt’s family was quite well off. They lived in Florida and had a large home with a pool and large outdoor patio.

Jane and Matt became engaged right after graduation. Since Jane and Matt were going to live in the same town as Matt’s parents and given Jane’s family’s marital status, the wedding would be in Florida.

The decision was made that Sally would stay with Ann and Dave for several weeks to coordinate the wedding plans etc.

Jane looked up at her husband to be, she looked a little worried, “Matt, do you think your Mom and Dad can get along with my mother, she can be such a shrew lately especially when it comes to weight and eating.” “They will be okay, Jane, honey, you know my Mom she can get along with anybody. She loves her figure, no amount of criticism will bother her, besides my Dad loves her the way she is. Your mom won’t bother her a bit. She might even convince your Mom to eat a little more and lighten up on the attitude.” Replied Matt.

The test came the next day when Matt and Jane picked up a grumpy Sally at the airport and drove her to Ann and Dave’s house.

Sally was polite, but quite cool as the introductions were made. Ann just passed it off that Sally was tired from her trip. She suggested that they change into swimsuits and have lunch around the pool.

Jane took Sally’s bag up to Sally’s room. On the way, Sally started in on Ann’s weight and figure. “Oh my God, honey I can not believe how fat Ann is. She must weight fifty or sixty pounds more than me and we are the same height!” exclaimed Sally. Jane sighed, “Mom, Ann is just the sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet, she has been so nice to me, please be nice, mom, please. Mom they eat differently than you are used to. Ann grew up in the South and she cooks southern, so please be polite and take what she offers, you don’t have to eat everything, but be polite please.”

Jane left to change into a bikini; she loved to wear it, knowing it drove Matt wild to see all of her “curves” in the tight panty and top. She knew she would hear something about it from her mom, but she could put up with it for a few weeks.

Ann, Dave and Matt all had the same philosophy when it came to showing off their respective results of their dietary indiscretions. They let it all hang out! Dave and Matt wore Speedos, Matt’s was a bikini cut riding low under his belly. Dave’s paunch was enclosed in a higher rise brief cut black nylon suit. Ann proudly wore a two piece suit, the brief containing her substantial belly which curved out from just below her breast in a nearly perfectly round orb.

Sally pulled on a tight bikini; she had been working out and dieting to fit into it. It was a size too small, but not noticeably so.

Sally almost gasped at the sight of her daughter’s fiancés family with their well fed figures showing.

The group sat down to a typical southern meal, most of it deep fried, rich and plenty of it. Despite Sally’s coolness, Ann was a great southern hostess. It did not take to long for her to melt Sally’s icy disposition.

Ann loved to watch her family and especially her future daughter in law eat. She soon had everyone’s plate full with southern fried delicacies. Even the aerobics nut Sally was soon munching on a second helping of delicious food.
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