a tender moment

Chapter 1 - one kiss

One magical kiss, that's what she enjoyed. The feeling of his plump soft lips pressing against hers. Her tongue barely tasting the traces of chocolate and ice cream that she had just stuffed him with. Her, sitting on his stomach with legs straddling the massive bean bag of a belly after gently feeding him frozen treat straight a tub, placing the scoop at it lips so he could eat and savor the heavy, rich taste.


That's what she felt as her hands traced his body. Her fingers grazing over his vast expanses of flesh. Grazing across his rolls, groping his love handles and pressing into his stomach.


Is what she savored. His body, large and helpless. Pinned down by the weight of his gluttony. What once was thin, skinny and slender had blossomed into curvaceous expanse of flesh, stretched taught and full from all the food. Gently she pressed her hands into it, feeling it squish and ooze between her fingers, watching it wobble as she moved them around to assist his digestion.


That's the word that some would use for him, she thought, as she continued to massage the large fleshy orb in front of her. Truly it had taken a lot of skill and planning to plump him up this big... and she savored every moment of it. At first he was a scrawny thing, but then she saw potential in him. His ability to eat and be encouraged with "just a few more bites" and can you finish this? "I'm afraid I can't." And soon he grew... 200 came and went, and with it rose her determination to make him bigger. With 250 passing she invited him to her place for a little more... dessert. By 300 he had moved in with her and that's when his weight really took off. Now, at around 550, he was perfect. Big enough for her to fully enjoy his predicaments, getting stuck in a doorway or having difficulty getting out of bed... these little problems gave her the perfect excuse for her to fondle and press up against him publicly, reveling in his denial to diet or refusing that he had gotten too big for the conventional "standard" sized day to day objects. His refusal mixed with the blush upon his face and the humiliation he probably felt, just gave a look of pure stubborn determination that she couldn't resist. A mix of being vulnerable, vain and still refusing to back down, all came together in a futile stand. This made her feel more in power of their relationship, him still clinging to a reality that no longer existed. Gently she hugged his large middle, secretly enjoying the fact that she couldn't get her hands anywhere close to his backside, and looked up right into his eyes, smiling with a look of pure delight.

"I love you."
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Tigerlily33 2 years
Love it
Built4com4t 3 years
Excellent vignette...especially like from the woman’s perspective