a winter of sweet treats

Chapter 1

Looks like today’s the last day of class for a while before winter break Amy said to herself. After classes were over she hopped in her car and began her long drive home listening to some music. Looks like a new bakery opened up in the neighborhood, and they’re hiring. I’ll stop by and see if I’m suited for the job.

She parked in the lot which was empty for some reason. I wonder why no one is here, this job might be easier than I thought if not a lot of customers are going to come in. Walking in she smiled and waved at the owner telling him she was here for the job. He explains to her in detail how he’ll have everything baked in the morning, and all she has to do is put everything in their proper displays along with giving it to customers. There's a spare uniform in the back and then you can get to work.

Who knows maybe at the end of your shift you can take home the leftover he said with a kind smile. Just remember I’ll be here in the morning to bake, and here late at night to prep everything for the next day.
I’ll be stepping out now. Amy went to the back to put on the uniform and waited for customers to come in.

A few hours went by and a few customers came in requesting slices of cakes, cupcakes, or cookies that were displayed. They looked like they’d taste amazing. Soon enough it was time to clock out. The boss said I could take what was left right? She grabbed a container and dumped every morsel into it to take home. She hopped in her car and started munching on some of the baked goods. After telling herself she’d only eat a bit and take the rest home she almost ate through more than half before stopping herself.

After finally arriving home she changed out of her uniform and sat on the couch finishing off the rest with some milk before dozing off. She was awoken by the sun in her face and got washed up and ready for work. Her uniform felt a bit more snug than usual but she played it off and continued the same routine for the next few weeks. At this time she was finishing off and taking the baked treats home once again, but over time it looked like the amount baked had doubled from when she first started.

Paying it no mind she got home and dove right into the sweet treats while she watched tv. Her belly, face and arms were starting to fill out quite noticeably while she continued to mindlessly indulge for the rest of the night.
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