a wish squandered

chapter 1 - hot and bothered

I couldn’t believe it; my wish had finally been answered! For the longest time I had wished to be a woman. I had often wondered whether my addition to curvaceous hips and round breasts was simply testosterone but now that I had these features myself, I knew it was not. I hugged my breasts and smiled. This was the happiest moment of my life.

Just the other day, I had been without purpose, with no hope for my present nor future situation. I had been a large guy, pushing 400 pounds, and even as a senior at college, I had never achieved anything nor made friends with anyone. Well, that’s not entirely correct. I did win that one pie eating contest. And what was the prize for that? Public humiliation.

Then I met Gray. He was a strange man, probably in his forties with a grey black stubble and greasy hair. He wore all black and his eyes were a dull grey, as if he were blind, though from our interaction, I knew he was not. I met him at a bar. I was all alone in the corner, just finished my third meal, when he came up to me and out of absolutely nowhere said, “I can make you a woman.” My jaw dropped of course for I had never told anyone about my desire, and due to being caught so off guard, I bought it, and boy am I happy I did.

I asked him a couple of questions but in the end, it all came down to a deal. He would make me a woman for $10,000. I was skeptical of course, so he changed his own form into a stunning blonde bombshell right in front of my eyes. He then turned back and, sporting a large grin, said, “Believe me now?” I then rushed to the bank, telling him to stay put, and withdrew about half my entire savings. He told me that I would lose no part of myself. It would be as if I had always been a girl, yet I would maintain my memories, characteristics, and personality. He then appeared behind me and held out his hand. I gave the money without a second thought.

And now here we are.

I stared at the woman looking back at me in the mirror. My heart was beating fast, my long was in a mess over my shoulders. My long hair… and rode my smooth fingers through the silky blonde strands, closing my eyes as I felt my hands run through it like water. My hands followed my hair until they reached my chest. I clasped onto my boobs and squeezed, squealing in delight as a tingle rushed through my body. They were not the largest boobs in the world, probably B cup, but they were mine. I had never touched a woman’s breasts until now, and they were all mine.

After stroking my breasts for a moment, I stopped, not wanting to wet my panties already. My hands fell down to my toned stomach. There was hardly any fat and indeed I could even feel the hint of abs. It was very surreal seeing as I have had a massive gut for my entire life before now.

My hands continued down until they reached my ass. And what an ass it was. It was large and juicy, with a sexy wiggle to it as I turned. I gave it a slap, sending a ripple. God, if I was still a guy, I would want to rail that.

Brought speechless by how sexy I was, I began striking flirtatious poses. I was just drop dead gorgeous. My face just accentuated that. It was round yet slim and had cute little dimples. My eyes were a piercing blue and teeth as white as snow. And this was without makeup.

Makeup? I worriedly realized that though I was a girl, I had no idea how to act as one. I thought for a moment and scanned the room. I saw a vanity stand on the other side with a large array of makeup on it. Confidently yet cautiously, I walked over. To my joy, as I picked up the mascara, it was as if I had been doing it my whole life. After not long, I looked back up at the mirror and almost fainted. I made Margot Robbie look like a 5. Everything about me was perfect. I was perfect.

I fumbled my hand over the desk, looking what else I might find. I noticed a bright pink purse, with a golden chain hanging off it. On it in small print was the word Gucci. So, I was both hot and rich. I just couldn’t believe my luck. I opened it up to find a Driver’s License with the name ‘Serra Green’. Interesting… I had the same last name, so I guess my family was the same too. I saw that I was 21, 5’7” and 120 pounds, less than a third of what I had previously been. Continuing my search, I found a student ID which said I still went to the same university and was still a senior, but that I was pursuing a degree in cinematic arts. It also said I was in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

I smiled and leant back, basking in the moment when I heard a knock at the door. At that moment, I realized I didn’t even know where I was. I horridly put my clothes back on, which I apparently was a natural at too, and went to open the door.

I opened it to find only a box lying on the ground. I took one glance around, shrugged, then headed back into my room. I placed the box on the table curious as to what it might be and opened it. Inside, to my surprise, was a large box of protean bars. As I stood there stumped, I heard my belly growl with hunger.

And I thought to myself, one wouldn’t hurt.
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Mikeboi1994 1 year
FrejaDawn I love this story, I've been starting out with a story of my own but i'm not sure I can put my desires and passions on display like yours. Love your storys. ❤
10matanui 1 year
Looking forward to chapter 7 and onwards
FrejaDawn 1 year
Next chapter coming soon! I’ve been on holiday and haven’t had time to update in a hot minute
YoungFupa 1 year
Maybe expand on Serra’s relationship with Lillian. U could also make Serra have some kind of social media presence as a bbw working to gain weight and become an ssbbw while growing her audience online
Fatowl 1 year
You could have her become a dom and feeder that fattens guys and films it for her website.
Fatowl 1 year
Maybe start an arc where she decides to lose weight and become hot again while Kyle and haunting friends gain weight leading to poor performance on the field and she has success.
FrejaDawn 1 year
As a foreword, things start getting increasingly explicit in chapter 4.
FrejaDawn 1 year
Hope you are liking the story! As always, feedback and ideas are welcome! smiley