abunta on the waves

Chapter 1

A/N: This story contains predominantly male weight gain, along with male muscle gain, later female weight gain, and male pregnancy.

The narrative's designed to "cut to the chase", then explain more as you go. You are not supposed to understand everything right away, but you will in time.

I did it this way to cut down on boring setup.

This is inspired by other island WG stories plus Raft, the indie game, but with my own twist.

The extent of the listed kinks will get quite extreme.

With all of this being said, enjoy!


“Heave!” came the collective shout of a small collection of strapping, thick-set young men, out on the coastal sea in a mid-sized fishing vessel.

Something thrashed desperately in the warm, clear waters below, but the men were just built too stocky and tenacious for the unlucky creature, and its strength was flagging quickly.

After all, they’d had many, many good catches, precisely like this one.

But to give their quarry some credit before it became yet another meal, it was an exceptional beast of a catch, even for them. Writhing enough to make the whole fishing vessel rock and sway a bit, a colossal eel was steadily hauled up above the water.

“Shit! She’s huge, ain't she?!" one black-haired man said with a proud, booming laugh.

Another gave an impressed whistle. "Gotta be a forty-footer. Easy. Thing's a monster,"

"Couldn't have hauled something with that much goddamn fight in 'er if it weren't for Diego," came the higher voice of a younger dirty blonde.

"Just doin' what I gotta do, I guess," Diego said with a sheepish laugh. "Every bit of this is gonna help, especially seeing as it turns out I managed to put six kids in my man," Diego continued.

"Shit, six?! You found that out for sure now?" the first man asked.

Diego nodded proudly, brushing long, dark brown, curly hair out of his face and grinning ear to ear.

"You're a natural, man! I thought I had you at least tied, what with Kove having five on the way!"

"C'mon, Eric, it was nothin', man! Real credit goes to Malik, he's doing the hard part! I get worried he's gonna blow, with the way he's growing!" Diego said with a laugh, before everyone else joined in.

The eel was estimated to weigh about a good and solid four tons, once it was fully hauled up and examined at full length. She wasn't just long, but fat, and some men's stomachs were already gurgling in anticipation.

Diego's was an exception only in its abject audacity, almost roaring with sudden hunger after the exertion, as if it was an expansive abyss with a great beast of its own.

"Man, and you're still having your Bloom? A fucking bellow like that couldn't be any other kind of hunger," said Eric, his blonde crewmate, with great amusement.

Before Diego could even do more than just do his best to put a placating hand against his demanding gut, a somewhat older man went and fetched a hefty meat and seafood kebab, longer and thicker than a man's forearm, and what looked like a sort of freakishly large pear, only possible for an especially large hand to hold in one palm. It seemed to copy some notes from a mango as well, with yellow skin and a soft, dense, sweet and mildly tart flesh.

Handing them to Diego, he just chuckled as Diego's face immediately lit up, and the younger boy greedily took them without any further words, only the pressing need to consume as he tore into them like a wild animal.

Dressed only in tight swim trunks that were being fast outgrown, Diego was wide open to the man then playfully squeezing a thick, meaty, light brown, stretch-marked roll adorning Diego's side, but doing so with a look of prideful fascination rather than disgust or mockery.

Diego just gave a surprised little "mmph" and kept gorging, otherwise completely unconcerned with this development.

"To be already so blessed, and still Blooming… didn't think a Sleeper could have it in him!" the man said with a booming laugh.

Diego couldn't help but think it was funny that they used such a soft and pretty-sounding word to describe what was basically just a gluttonous stage of "extra" puberty, but he wasn't complaining.

Once he was sufficiently satisfied- not even full, merely satisfied after about six pounds of fruit and meat- the crew made their way back to shore, their boat intentionally powered only by the cooperative paddling of the beefy men aboard. Considering that the crew’s heights averaged about 7’2, and their weights about 450 pounds of fat and bulging muscle apiece, they had a great deal of power and stamina to go around.

Once they put their massive, ripping back muscles and gloriously broad shoulders to work, getting back to shore was a painless process, as the crew declared themselves done fishing for the day. Besides just their new colossal eel, the cargo holds also nearly overflowed with smaller fish, shrimp, and crab caught over the course of the morning.

Still, the crew disembarked not directly on land, but onto a large wooden extension of the island, held up by a great number of support beams beneath.

Despite the prodigious bulk of the island’s residents, and an ever-increasing population, Diego had never seen any sections of these extensions buckle. They were sturdy and reliable, even with how they were packed with various huts, temporary marketplaces, and people.

There came an excited gaggle of dozens of tall, broad, hearty kids wanting to see their fathers, not long after the crew disembarked. As a phenomena, it seemed that kids who grew up as beanpoles and only filled out later simply didn’t exist on Abunta. All of them were built wide and sturdy to go with their impressive heights for their ages, making the cluster of them seem all the more impressive. Even so, it was a cluster that was all in all sired by only four men, each with a single partner back home. Despite the tight squeeze of all them in one place, the boardwalk’s structure gave not even the slightest complaint.

With the small army of youths to assist, distributing the catch of the day was a relatively smooth, if noisy affair. From there, they dispersed not unlike a school of fish, rushing all sorts of bulging nets and supplies back to their homes.

< br>Eager to go home and get a proper lunch, as even just the brief row back and the process of unloading everything had once again worked up a bit of appetite, Diego said his farewells for the day and went home.

Past the expansive boardwalks was the true bulk of the island, formed from land both natural and artificially filled in through a great, continuous effort.

Wooden bridges gave way to sand shores, then to a rich, sprawling lushness, a towering forest of mighty trees where the bulk of the islanders made their home.

The city of Skyreach, located within a broader island nation, the United Archipelago of Abunta.

Diego was a bit unclear on just where exactly Abunta was, despite the tropical clime. The maps were confusing when your memory wasn’t good enough to properly contextualize them. But he didn't particularly mind. What he knew by now was that Skyreach was home, even if it hadn't always been.

Going by flora and fauna alone did not at all make it easy to puzzle out, even if Diego were an ex-ecologist, which he most certainly was not. Imported things grew readily, so readily that they often escaped "containment" and grew wild and free.

Palms, ferns, pineapples, and bananas grew paradoxically alongside tropically adapted conifers and aspens. Fruit, nuts, and vegetables were so often different from Diego's fuzzy memories of his pre-Abunta past.

People too, had seemingly sort of homogenized into a mixed ethnicity that Diego couldn’t really put his finger on. But he didn’t particularly think about such things too hard or too often, anyway.

Nestled just on the outskirts of the Heaventree Jungle was Diego's house, a spacious, elongated three-story cabin built around the massive trunk of one of the titular "heaventrees".

He entered with relief, greeted by a clean, cozy interior, decorated with small ornaments and statues here and there, along with various potted plants and some trellises near its windows, supporting tastefully arranged vines and the like. They did have glass windows, and electrical lamps, although Abunta was by design, a nation that avoided heavy industrialization. Such electricity was provided by a combination of wind, hydroelectric, refined biofuels, and even solar panels that used algae instead of photovoltaic cells. Things such as coal and petroleum were only distant echoes in Diego’s mind.

"Babe, I'm home!" Diego called out, soon getting his answer in the form of the huffing, heavy footsteps he'd come to recognize so well. The gait of none other than his partner, Malik.

Malik was over a head shorter than him, and as opposed to Diego's ever-towering, powerful, husky build, Malik was an absolute butterball of a young man. He had an adorably round, smooth, youthful face, and his hair was chin-length, black and wavy, while his skin was a deep bronze. He lightly clutched the lower expanse of his massively round, doughy, exposed belly with one pudgy-fingered hand to help keep it steady, while the other rubbed soothing circles on it. His upper body was adorned only with an elastic sort of sports-bra like structure used to support his ever-swelling, plumping breasts.

His ass was globular, almost shelf-like, and his hips jutted out wide enough that they’d easily jam him in doorways, if it weren’t for the fact that all Abuntan architecture was built to avoid the issue. Diego almost wanted to drool at the mere sight of him.

"Hey, the kids missed you! Either that, or they were excited you were gone, since they've been kicking up a storm," Malik joked, as Diego pressed a kiss to his cheek and then experimentally felt Malik's overgrown gut for signs of movement. Sure enough, there was almost immediately a strong kick just below Diego's hand, which sent a little rush of exhilaration through him as he broke into a wide grin.

Diego still wasn't entirely sure how it all worked, but from what Malik told him, Malik was a cis dude that just happened to also develop everything needed to carry children over the course of his Blooming. From the look and sound of things, it wasn't at all uncommon.

"I bet you're hungry, huh?" Malik said with a smirk.

"Oh god, yes," Diego said. "It's crazy how even just walking can build up an appetite!"

"Good thing I threw together a little somethin'-somethin- for us, then," Malik replied, a bit smug.

As a testament to Diego's raw strength, he managed to scoop Malik into such an excited hug that it lifted him clear off his feet. "God, I love you. But babe, come on, you didn't have to do that! You're knocked up! Like, super knocked up!" Diego said, as he put Malik down and hefted the huge, squishy swell of Malik's fat, pregnant gut for emphasis.

"You don't gotta baby me, Di. I like doing this kinda thing… Taking care of people. I wanted this to happen. The land, she must've chosen me for this, and I couldn't be happier," Malik said with a gentle smile. "Now come on. I wanna fuckin' eat, these greedy little monsters you put in me are never satisfied," Malik said with a lighter tone, before grabbing Diego by the hand and pulling him to their kitchen.

"A little somethin'-somethin'" turned out to be an entire spread of various meat dishes and stirfry, with huge sides of fried rice and noodles, then various baked goods, filling the kitchen table to nearly the brim. Finally, there was a fruit bowl and salad that Diego suspected Malik added on as more of an afterthought than anything.

"Shit, you really didn't have to do all this," Diego said, even as he was already going over and popping a fresh, greasy meatball in his mouth, moaning in pleasure at the flavor. Despite limited land area, they never had any issues growing a litany of spices.

"My man and my babies gotta eat good, don't they?" Malik asked with a chuckle, as they both sat down to eat.

Diego was certainly ravenous, but Malik blew him out of the water, eating for not just two or three, but seven.

A whole chain of smoked sausages disappeared down his throat like it was nothing, followed by a bunch of chicken fried rice, a couple of huge fried chicken legs, some stirfry made from steak and noodles, some fried calamari, fish fillets, and more, all washed down with about half a gallon of a fresh-made fruit milkshake.

Neither bothered speaking, stopping only to belch loudly and without apology before throwing themselves back into their feast.

Of course, Diego hit his limit first, panting as he leaned back to contentedly rub his stomach and simply enjoy the spectacle of what an absolute glutton his lover was. Malik had eating practically down to a science, and jaws that let him power through even some parts of their meal that some would consider undesirable. He paid no mind to trying to avoid tough and fatty portions of meat, and not even the thick sections of bone in some things stopped him from crunching them open to get at the marrow.

Just when it seemed Malik was finally done though, slowing and panting and beginning to make small talk with Diego, Diego was soon at his side, holding a rich, fatty hunk of what he could actually recognize as richly marbled, domesticated seal up to Malik’s face.

“Come on, honey,” Diego gently coaxed, rubbing Malik’s belly as he still insistently held the seal cutlet up to Malik’s face. “Gotta eat up, right? Make sure we aren’t having any runts in this little litter of ours?” Diego said sweetly, and just a bit teasingly. With no further protest, Malik just moaned softly before obediently taking another bite, then another, then more, as Diego continued presenting him with food and milkshake, which was also made with seal milk, making it almost unthinkably rich and creamy.

Malik began to struggle and whimper a bit towards the end, the food dense and overwhelming in an abdomen where six hearty young already jockeyed for space. But with the way Diego had learned exactly where to rub, exactly where to apply pressure, and the exact sort of soft, adoring, yet wanting looks that made Malik feel utterly obligated to impress him, he refused to quit.

Before long, everything Malik made had been utterly demolished.

It was only afterwards, when he broke out of his single-minded fugue state, that Malik complained that some of it was supposed to be leftovers.

Diego just laughed.

“Aw, can my poor blubbery baby not save any leftovers ‘cause he’s gettin’ fatter than a whale?” Diego teased, while groping at the thick, plentiful love-handles that his lover prominently sported.

“Pfft. You’re hardly any better,” Malik fired back, although his voice was lazy and heatless, as he just brought a hand up to squish against the front of Diego’s own gut, so bloated that he nearly felt like he’d swallowed an anchor, but in a good way. Of course, even that was enough to prompt Diego to belch, over five seconds long, low and brassy. As usual, he didn’t excuse himself, nor was he expected to. He merely sighed with utmost relief.

“But really… you did good, Malik,” Diego said, as he went in for a quick kiss that quickly became more. “So pretty… eating so good, staying so nice and fat while you grow all those babies I’ve filled you with…” Diego said, lust creeping into his tone.

“Mmm… and this is just the beginning. Just to get my body used to all this. Then I’m gonna pop out so many more… Gonna give you such a big, big family…” Malik said with a soft moan, completely engrossed in the fantasy as he closed his eyes and let Diego lavish him with attention and praise.

“Wanna beat your folks at their own game? You said you have 37 siblings, if I remember right,” Diego asked.

Malik just turned to look at him, giving the most devilish grin you could when you were so incredibly full, and your babies were getting active again. “Beat them? I wanna crush them.”

“Whatever you want then, babe.” Diego said with a laugh, as he ran his fingers through Malik’s hair before kissing his cheek one more time. “Whatever you want.”
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