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Chapter 1 - scene 1

Scene 1.

Katie was convinced she would eventually meet her soul mate at Taco Pit.

The restaurant stayed open till four AM and was located on the same street as the city’s most popular bars. It had become their unspoken ritual; she and Mia would walk there at two after all the bars closed. The somewhat small building would be packed to the brim with half-drunk people in their twenties. People would be forced to share tables with strangers due to sheer lack of space, and if said strangers looked good to each other maybe no one would have to go home alone that night.

The two girls, who had been friends since the beginning of college, were completely dissimilar both in terms of who they were and the types of people they were attracted to. Katie’s type varied. Lately she had gotten it in her head that the reason why all of her past relationships ended so badly was because she kept dating guys that weren’t ‘mature’. Mia thought Katie’s definition of mature was problematic, as it seemed to exclusively refer to preppy white guys with rich parents. Most of these guys would always clash with Mia when Katie would introduce them. In her opinion, they were almost always too sheltered and over-privileged to have anything interesting to say or to understand many of her beliefs.

Mia generally went for guys who reminded her of herself. Guys who were intelligent enough to ignore the social conventions they didn’t agree with. Guys who were a little misanthropic, but at the same time nice to most people. Guys who understood all of her opinions, even the controversial ones and the overtly feminist ones.

These were the things she told people when they asked her what her ‘type’ was. This often led them to believe that she was open to a broad array of types of people physically. And on some levels that was true: she didn’t have any racial preference, she didn’t care what they did with their hair, she didn’t even care whether they were clean shaven or had an intense Duck Dynasty type beard. However, she did have one preference that took precedence over even her personality tastes.

Nothing turned her on more than a guy who weighed at least over three hundred pounds. To the point where she wasn’t sure how she’d be able to handle a relationship with someone that big, because she’d probably just want to have sex constantly every time, she even glanced at him. The closest she’d ever gotten was with her ex-boyfriend of a year and a half ago. He weighed two-twenty which at 5’8 was definitely bordering on fat. It was enough to keep her attracted to him but not enough to really satisfy her.

It was chilly outside. The two girls were running across the four-lane street to get to Taco Pit. They hadn’t done the first part of the ritual, the bar hopping part, for very long. Since Katie came to the realization that she met better guys at the restaurant then in the bars themselves, she no longer prioritized getting there significantly before one. Mia didn’t understand how Katie wasn’t freezing to death in her tight faux-leather tube dress. She herself was wearing skinny jeans and a blue flannel shirt and she was still shivering.

Thinking about their outfits made her wonder for a moment if they looked like a couple. Both had expressed bi-curious tendencies (for Mia it was because as fat was her primary turn on gender occasionally became secondary on some people and for Katie it was possibly because she thought it made her seem more interesting) but they hadn’t tried anything with each other before. The thought of it made Mia shudder a little even though Katie was beautiful in her opinion, with shoulder length jet black hair, olive skin, and full eyebrows.

They were both Dominican though they looked nothing alike. Mia was darker skinned with big tightly curled brown hair that fell to the middle of her rib cage and covered the full width of her shoulders when she wore it down. Katie was tall and willowy while Mia was pint-sized.

They arrived at Taco Pit. The brightly lit restaurant looked like a human watering hole against rest of the desolate dark street. The line stretched deep into the middle of the store. As they waited, Katie’s vigilant eyes scanned the room for the finest piece of ass.

She rapidly tapped Mia on the shoulder, “We should talk to them!”

Mia looked over to where she was pointing. There sat a group of slender light-haired guys in polos with a couple of girls sitting with them.

“Pretty sure they’re with a bunch of girls,” she replied sounding unintentionally condescending.

“Yeah I know,” replied Katie wistfully. She continued to look around the room as they got to the front of the line and ordered their food.

It was at that moment that a guy caught Mia’s eye. He was sitting toward the back of the room with one other guy. He was massive. She couldn’t see his entire upper body, as the table was in the way, but everything should could see was enticing. His shoulders were immensely wide, not because of natural body structure or muscle but from pure flab, she could tell even from a distance. She could see the outline of his soft bulky man tits through his black t-shirt.

He had gotten to the size where he didn’t even have a double chin anymore, just a thick mass of uninterrupted fat from his face to the base of his neck only obscured slightly by a short well-kept beard. His hair was so dark brown it looked black. At a glance, he looked a bit like a fat version of young Billie Joe Armstrong.

Now it was her turn to tap Katie’s shoulder rapidly, “Let’s sit over there,” she whispered with excited anticipation.

Katie’s eyes widened, “Oh my god, let’s!” she agreed enthusiastically. Mia turned her head sharply at her in confusion. Why’s she agreeing to this?

Only then did she notice the second guy at the table. Dressed like he was about to go golfing, with short side parted hair; he was exactly Katie’s current type. At this point she began to notice small disconcerting details about his fat friend as well. For instance, he had the exact same preppy haircut as the other guy and was wearing Sperry’s. Katie had already begun walking over to them.

“Got room for two more?” Katie asked using her flirting voice.

The skinny guy looked up at her. He looked interested, “Yeah, for sure!”

The two sat down on the bar stools across from the guys. Mia wondered how the fat guy was able to use these relatively small bar stools. She bit her lip slightly in thought, it’d be really fucking hot if he was using two bar stools.

“Uhh my shoe’s untied,” she muttered, kicking herself a second later for saying it out loud and drawing attention to herself.

She dropped to the floor to pretend to tie her shoes. She was right, he was sitting on two bar stools at once. His huge thighs were splayed out covering the upper part of each bar stool. She could only tell that there were two by looking at the legs of the stools. They looked tiny in comparison to the guy’s legs, there was no way he could have used one. The lower section of his belly fell slightly between his thighs. She could feel herself getting turned on just looking at him from this angle. At that point, she noticed the shoes she was wearing did not, in fact, have laces. Aghh, better stand up before anyone else realizes.

“So what’s your name?” she could hear Katie asking as she got up.

“I’m Ben,” replies skinny guy, “And this is Scott.”

Scott raises his over-sized forearm off the table in a half assed wave.

After more about ten minutes of talking, the conversation shifted to what they all did for a living. Mia shuddered a little at the thought that they were talking about that, she felt like a real adult and like a drab cliché simultaneously.

“I work at a law firm right now. It has its perks I guess,” Scott says dripping with false modesty.

“Wait how old are you?” Mia asks
“We’re both twenty-three,” Ben replies.

“Hey us too! Well she’s twenty-two actually, but same difference,” Katie said with an absurd amount of enthusiasm.

“You already finished law school and got a job?” Mia asks, as she was aware that law school generally takes three years. She hoped it was clear that she was calling bullshit, not being impressed.

“I didn’t finish it. But it isn’t really necessary to be so by-the-book, when you know the right people,” Scott replied in the same faux-nonchalant tone.

“The right people?” Katie asked her eyes wide, “Do you know any celebrities?”

Scott grinned with only one side of his mouth, “Yeah I’ve met a couple. We were actually at this guy we know’s yacht party out in Malibu last month and guess who was there?”

Mia frowned at him, as she tuned him out distracted by her own thoughts. His cockiness was simultaneously disgusting and compelling to her. Disgusting, because she knows it likely stems from the type of over-privileged upbringing she disliked so much. Compelling, because it’s so rare for a man of his size to act that way. Compelling also, because of how enticing it made the idea of dominating him, breaking him down, and taming him.
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