adipose, inc.

Chapter 1 - clarice - 1

Clarice was excited. She had been assigned to twelve years in jail for some lousy fraud charges, and now she had the chance to make it all go away. Just twelve months in this stupid "Adipose, Inc" place. It'd go by like a dream. She hadn't bothered to read the fine print or, hell, much of anything before signing up. And today was finally it.

The prison bus she had been seated on for hours rattled to a stop. Pleasantries were exchanged at the front, and Clarice looked up to see the guard who had come to get her.

Damn, she was porky. Thick thighs and three chins. Her shirt might've fit two sizes ago, but now clearly showed her rolls of belly fat. She probably spent all day sitting on that oversized ass cramming donuts into her face.

Clarice sneered internally. Pathetic.

Clarice herself was a bit on the smaller side, 5'3". She had no double chin but a fair bit of softness to her stomach and thighs. Her tits were nothing to write home about and she knew it, on the lower sides of C's. Just about a fistful. This did not stop her from looking down on others.

The fat guard walked over to Clarice, and she noticed the slight waddle to her walk.

"Please come with me, miss, right this way."

Clarice put a smile on her face. "Yes, of course, thank you so much for having me."

"It's no trouble at all, sugar, now what's your name?"

"Clarice Williams."

"Uh-huh. And I'm Maureen. Pleasure to meet you."

Maureen put her hand on the small of Clarice's back to help her down the steps, and Clarice couldn't help but notice how warm and firm it was.


Clarice was shown to her cell, and left to explore. Maureen explained that she'd be brought out once it was dinnertime for her meal. There was free time, but the boss (Maureen called her the mistress, oddly enough, but Clarice wrote it off) thought it'd be best for her to get settled in.

The room was clean and austerely beautiful, with gray tiled flooring and peaceful blue walls. There was a queen-sized bed, a toilet, then a table, chair, and tube above it with a large red button beside.

Curious, clarice pressed the button, and a donut came out of the tube. Then another, and another, and another-

There were ten donuts on the table and Clarice couldn't help the whimper that came out of her. She shouldn't eat this. Ohhh, she shouldn't eat this but it smelled so good-

Clarice moaned when the first bite hit her tastebuds. It was all game over from there.


"Oof." Clarice sat back in her chair and rubbed her distended middle. She had eaten all the donuts, and pressed the button once more, and eaten all of them...

She was just glad there was no one to see her.

The speaker system hummed cheerfully, and a man's voice spoke out. "Dinnertime~!"

"No," Clarice said in horror, but it was too late.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years

How did you do that with so few words!

Erotic and horror-filled (and donut-filled).

Nicely done.
Rickeb 4 years
Please continue. With a 20 doughnut first snack,She should become a SSBBW in no time,and nearly immobile in a year. That is unless they extend her prison time.