adrian 1 - the birthday

Chapter 1 - part 1 - the birthday

This is the story of Adrien, a young 20 years old boy, 1m71, pretty chubby at a weight of 300 lbs, and shy.

Single, philosophy student, Adrien is really conscientious about his future. It however doesn’t keep him from being anxious… Really anxious… The deadline to finish his thesis getting closer and closer, the big boy was close to burn out. “Roll on to the holidays…” he thought.

On May 26th, Adrian celebrated his birthday. 21 years old. He decided to spend some time with his best friend, Thibault, at the mall. To face the heat from the lobby’s glass wall, the two boys headed to the ice-cream shop.

- Phew, what a heat! Adrian started, shaking his shirt, already stained in sweat.

- With your natural insulator, no wonder why you’re hotter than us!

Thibault poked his best friend’s belly. He liked to tease him that way. He loves his big belly.

- Are you joking? I’m not as fast as you might imagine!

- Ah! You’re the one who says it! said Thibault with an accomplice blink. Well, I’ll buy for you, it’s your birthday, I want to make you happy!

Adrien turned red, touched by the gesture.

Thibault ordered a Babel Tower for his friend. It’s the biggest ice cream available in the shop. It is a genuine tower made out of over 10 layers of ice creams in various flavours, interspersed by, alternatively, chocolate and caramel cakes. This 5kg monster contained over 7,000 calories!

Usually, this meal is meant for a group of 15 people. Obviously, Thibault ordered it discreetly.

Roughly 10 minutes later, the waitressed arrived, holding the huge iced desert and 2 sodas to the boy’s table.

- And here is… The Babel Tower! the waitress said. She however was surprise to only find 2 people around the desert. Enjoy!

- Thank you! the 2 boys answers in unison.

Adrien was impressed by the desert, that was almost 50 cm high.

- I… I’d like… No… Thibault stuttered.

- Yes? his friend answered.

- I… I want you to eat the Babel Tower, for me.

- You mean… Entirely?

- Exactly. You’re a big boy, you need to eat!

Adrien instantly turned red. His friend’s comments about his weight seemed to be true compliments.

- And I love to see you eat! Thibault added. You should know that now!

Adrien was now red as a peony. Thibault knows everything about Adrien’s secret. Though, he couldn’t stop blushing. Adrien is a gainer, he loves to eat but he wants to gain weight. Thibault, finding it exciting, encouraged his best friend on the way to morbid obesity.

After an embarrassed smile, the big Adrien grabbed the spoon and started to taste it. He munched in the caramel cake that instantly melt in his mouth.

- Mmm… That’s so good… the chubby boy said in a groan. Are you sure you don’t want to eat some? Just to taste it? It’s really good!

- My fat boy, instead of talking, I recommend you eat.

- Oh… Yes… Indeed…

Adrien went back to the desert; the Babel Tower was a true sweet orgasm. He increased the eating pace.

As for Thibault, seeing his best friend taking care of his obesity, and looking to grow even more, made him really happy. He isn’t necessarily part of the gaining/feederism community but he always like round men, a real Admirer. This is moreover why his boyfriend, Marco, is obese, a big 23 years old, 1m84 and 160kg fellow.

After 10 minutes, Adrien stopped eating. He released a sigh.

- Already full? Thibault asked.

- No… I’m fine, just feel like my brain is freezing, that’s kinda uncomfortable.

- Oh… How bad… I would have loved to rub your beautiful fat.

Adrien got red again?

- Come on big fella! Stop being shy with me! It’s not as if I didn’t know your little secret already… And you know I love to encourage you, to pamper you, watching at you walking, the only will I have is to massage your belly. You know, there’s a reason why I’m with Marco! I feel the same thing with him.

- Haha… You’re right… It’s just that I have feelings inside of me…

Thibault, with a naughty look, said in an interested expression:

- I know how you must feel just by watching you eat, we can feel your joy to eat, your will to eat, and to obviously get rounder and rounder!

- Hihihihi…

- Right, now, have a sip and eat, your ice cream will melt!

- Right away!

The chubby man had a few sips from his soda before resuming his gorging. Thibault noticed that his friend’s shirt got tighter and tighter. Adrien was eating, eating, eating… His friend was over the moon.

- Keep going, you’re on the right path! the admirer encouraged.

The fat boy answered with a smiled and kept eating. The buttons of his shirt starting to spread little by little against this growing belly. Thibault sneaked his hand on his friend’s belly, from under the table, rubbing it softly. He put his little hand down his shirt which got tighter and tighter.

“It was so good to feel a man getting filled…” he tough.

In less that 30 minutes, the whole Babel Tower had been swallowed.

- Wow! Thibault exclaimed. I’m so proud of you!

- Phew… Adrien ran his hand over his belly to massage everything. Thank you, my friend! I can’t move anymore!

- Are you kidding me? You’re not immobile!

- Ahah, naughty boy…

- Indeed!

The admirer discreetly rubbed his friend’s belly who groans.

- Thanks for everything… I think that it’s the best birthday I could ever dream of!

- Haha but you haven’t seen everything yet!

- What do you mean?

To be continued…

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So, Adrian is my first story in English. I wrote the french version at first, but I wanted to share it in english. The story has 3 chapters (much longer than the first part)

You can read the two others parts and all of my others stories on my (gainer) Patreon.

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