adrien"s dilemma

chapter 1

Adrien loved working at Wu Labs. He was the practice manager for Dr. Vivian Wu, the company's founder, CEO and lead researcher. The high tech company's mission was to "end starvation and malnutrition through increased caloric efficiencies and practices". Adrien was a new and thin, kind of cocky manager that didn't really fit in with his other male counter parts. Andrien quickly noticed that he was by far the thinnest and most fit of any of his male colleagues. Besides himself, the other men in the office carried from merely chubby to down right obese.
Adrien was the only male employee that wasn't overweight.

As he secretly liked the appearance of fat men, Adrien loved going to work. Adrien dared not ask any of them if they were gay as he knew it could cause an him an HR nightmare or even his job. Yet, he still had his suspicions as he was caught gawking at the exposed belly of one of his fattest coworkers, Bob. Bob noticed, Vivien noticed and so did everyone else as his erection showed in the front of his pants. He was so embarrassed. But that's when he made his fatale mistake.... To cover up his own insecurities, he began making fun of Bob's fat body. Everyone laughed, even Bob. That was everyone except Dr. Vivian Wu.

Adrien and his boyfriend Derek were both really kind of cruel when it came to fat shaming. Derek was the worst, but his bad habits along with his good workout habits both rubbed off on Adrien. He'd grown from a thin and wirey frame to a think but athletic one. On the dark side though, he'd likewise grown into a bit of an asshole. At work he constantly made snide remarks about his various coworkers. A few seemed bothered, most ignored him and to Adrien's surprise, many of them seemed to relish the sharp lashings being uttiered from his bitter tongue.

Adrien naively thought his boss was onboard with his rude behavior as she never stopped him from doing so. In reality, she thought he was handsome enough, and some of her piggies liked being called names, so in return, she tolerated him.

That all lasted until the day Adrien opened his mouth and made fun of some huge behemoth of a waddling man that came into the office. This time he was out of control, all types of slurs were dropped including , "hog, lazy fat ass, disgusting pig," and many others. He grabbed faux fat in front of himself and waddled around behind the man's back.

Adrien should have known something was wrong because no one, not even the ones that usually blushed, not even they would acknowledge him, even in the slightest.

Adrien soon discovered why, as Dr. Vivian Wu's wrapped her long and manicured fingers around his enormous waist, right up on his huge saddlebags. In the next moment she was kissing him passionately. She then pulled him in, locked the door and pulled down the shades.

Adrien began to panick. He grew cold as he realized that the man whom he so mercilessly had tormented and made fun of was none other than Dr. Wu's husband.

Adrien grew nervous and thought he might actually hurl the the moment the door opened. He quite honestly expected to be fired, humiliated, or both. However much to his surprise, the big man walked out with a smile and even winked at Adrien on the way out.

He felt so relieved, that was until he opened the his next email labeled "Making fun of the fat man", with file attached.
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Rickeb 4 years
You still have to tell us how he becomes the fattest man with the biggest breasts,fattest belly and widest hips in the office.
Growingsofter 6 years
I'm confused?