chapter 1the beginning

Martha had always enjoyed eating,but was always worried about what people might think if she got fat-she often fantasised about letting go,letting her weight balloon out of control,when she was a young girl she would often stuff cushions up her dress,pretending she was so fat she she couldn't walk-everyone would laugh,thinking she was just being a funny little girl but the reality was her sexuallty was dawning-when she was 13yrs old her uncle Gene took her to see the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-all the way through the film Martha felt like "something"was going to happen-she was excited but was,nt sure why-it came to the part of the "invention"room and her heart started beating faster,she felt funny as she gazed at the screen-Violet Beauregarde had snatched the chewing gum from Willy Wonka,s hand-the greedy little girl that she was-all that food in one little gum,Martha,s heart was racing-she knew that naughty Violet was going to change due to her greed-Martha,s groin was getting wet-she didn't fully understand what was happening but she felt nice,warm.As Violet exclaimed "Blueberry Pie and Ice cream!-I can feel it running down my throat"Martha placed her hand on her crotch-uncle Gene completely oblivious as to what was happening-a young girls sexual awakening,as Violet started to swell up like a balloon Martha was transfixed-she started fantasising it was her that was blowing up like a balloon-she was a naughty girl.By the age of 20 Martha was at university studying to be a chef-it was there that she met Martin-a quiet shy guy-he was studying chemistry and physics-it truly was love at first sight,by now Martha was a chubby,voluptious young woman who enjoyed the fullness of her fattened college body-her mom would complain about how much weight she was gaining-but secretly,Martha loved it-she just needed to find her soulmate.Martha and Martin finally named the date for their wedding after months of true love-Martha knew this was the man for her,once as soon as she got that ring on her finger she knew she could expresss to martin how she really felt,what she really wanted,not just in love,but sex-little did she know just how much Martin was truly going to love her the way she had always dreamed.The Wedding came and went-it was a lovely ceremony but if truth be told all Martha and Martin wanted to do was get Married.On the last day of their honeymoon Martha admitted to Martin her sexual fantasy-she wanted to get so fat-to blow up like a balloon!-to her relief,Martin said he wanted to make her so happy and if she really wanted to be so fat he wanted to be with her throughout those beautiful years.As a chemist Martin had been working hard on a protein pill secretly for the last 3yrs-the aim being to help combat the food difficulties of the world-the only problem being when they tried it out on mice and rabbit,s was huge weight gain-Martin asked Martha if she would be willing to try the pill out-Martha knew this was the chance she had been waiting for all of her life-she had met the man of her dreams.As Martha sipped down the first pill on sunday the 20th of November-she knew her life was going to change-she was going to change.By the 21st Martha had burst out of her 38dd bra,she had developed a double chin and her thighs had gotten fatter-Martin watched in amazement as his beautiful wife lapped up the changes that were happening to her.22nd of November,Martha,s skirt has burst off of her swelling body,Martha has started to orgasm constantly-as Martha had requested Martin put on the scene from willy wonka where violet bearegarde blows up like a balloon-Martha is now literally blowing up,the juices are flowing from from her pussy,her once firm 38dd,s have now ballooned to well over 90ee,her panties ripped to pieces as her belly swells to enormity,martin now finds himself with an enourmous hard on-he needs to satisfy his beautiful wife-he enters the room,there is a moments ceassation for Martha as Martin moves towards her,she has literally ballooned to such an enourmous size,juices constantly flowing from her pussy-the only thing she wants now is for Martin to lick her out-he moves slowly towards her,slowly working his way through the mounds of fat,Martha groaning in anticipation,her beautiful soulmate is about tomake her lifelong fantasy come true-as Martins tounge licked Marthas pussy,she screamed with delight-Martha continued to swell until she was so fat all she could do was wait for Martin to look after her-and he did,his beautiful wife
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