all the practice i can get

Chapter 1: Pre-Season

“Nice pass,” said the wide receiver, running the pass into the end zone.

“A few more of those long bombs and we will have to change your nickname to ‘Brandon the Cannon’, yelled the coach from the sidelines.

A whistle blew from somewhere downfield signaling the end of practice.

“Hit the showers!”

Brandon Birch was the starting quarterback for a well-known D3 football club. He could have easily made it onto any D1, but an ACL tear from high school made him a ‘bad investment’, according to all the scouts.

At 6’0’’ and 210 Brandon was lean and fit, hard muscled and a real talent on the field. He was mentoring Taylor Reed, in the same class year as himself. Taylor was the backup. A real talent on the field, but Brandon just seemed to have the competitive edge that the coach was looking for. He was a respectable 5’11 and 175. Not a big guy on the field, but he had a great running game.

“Way to kill it out there Bran,” said Taylor over the shower stall.

“I think my running game is a bit off. This knee…” Brandon shouted.

“Nah, you’ll be fine. Those trainers are working wonders for that knee. And your throwing game is amazing – had a good offseason training?”, inquired Taylor, shutting off the taps and grabbing for a towel.

“Yeah, pretty good. I got lazy for a few weeks after the end of last season…” said Brandon who also shut off the water.

“Oh, yeah. Right.” Said Taylor offhand, his mind wandering to last season.

The team had played their best game ever, but went down to a bad call in the opening round of the playoffs. The team had never done that well in the history of the school and the team partied like rockstars, even though they lost.

Taylor remembered that Brandon had began skipping practices and hitting the cafeteria a bit too much. Nothing major, but he had easily packed on 10-15 pounds of pure delicious fat. His firm stomach lost it’s six-pack edge and there was a definite softness in his pecs. Nothing a coach would pick up on per-se; but to Taylor, it was heavenly.

“You ready to grab some chow? I’m starving,” said Brandon stepping out of the shower and headed towards the lockers.

“In a min…” said Taylor, being knocked out of his long-remembered fantasy.

Taylor waited for a few seconds for his erection to subside. With a shower room full of his fellow teammates, even an small erection was something to avoid being caught on the vicious end of a joke for the rest of the season. But the mere thought of a fatter Brandon always had him horny these days. Ever since they began secretly dating last season. The two had shared many third-base encounters, they had never sealed the deal. But Taylor had to admit, the last time he went down on Brandon after the end of the season, running his hands down that fatter belly nearly made his climax.
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Kaka 3 months
I love the gradual gain and their friend dynamic and how they’re both jocks
I hope someone besides Taylor notices soon
Kaka 3 months
One of my favorite stories in a while I hope you continue posting
Runningsoft 3 months
Hey thanks - always looking to write quality for this audience.
What things do you enjoy about the story? This helps me with future stories. DM if you have a detailed answer.